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Nothing's stronger than a determined woman.

— To Noelle Silva in Ultime-Volcano Mountain Trail

Mereoleona Vermillion 「メレオレオナ・ヴァーミリオン Mereoreona Vāmirion」 is a noblewoman and the first daughter of the Clover Kingdom's House Vermillion, one of its royal families.[4][1] She was also the temporary captain of the Crimson Lion squad[5][6] and the Royal Knights squad.[7]


Mereoleona is a woman with blue eyes and long, wavy vermilion colored hair. Like her brothers, she has red markings around her eyes, and like Leopold, she has one sharp, pronounced canine tooth.

Mereoleona's attire consists of a white tunic, covered by a long, dark blue shirt with long sleeves and high collar. The shirt is decorated with fabric with vertical stripes design on its edges and collar and along the sleeves, which she keeps rolled up to her elbows. In order to keep the shirt together, she wears a purple sash around her waist. She wears white trousers. On top of her attire, she wears a long red cape.

As a member of the Crimson Lion squad, Mereoleona wears the squad's signature robe that only covers her torso. The robe has intricate designs at the lower front edge and is complemented with a scarf. A pair of ropes are protruding from between the scarf and the robe at the front and a stone is decorating each end. Lastly, the squad's insignia is located at the center back of the robe.

Six months after the elves' attack, Mereoleona has cut her hair short.[8]



Loud, brash, fearsome, and powerful, Mereoleona is a powerhouse with a short temper to match. She is often aggressive in her demeanour towards most others, giving her an intimidating figure. Rarely one to stand on ceremony, she is more interested in actions and practice instead of words and patience. Despite this, Mereoleona shows a deep understanding in how to motivate others, even those she had just met.[9] She respects anyone who is willing to become stronger and does not judge others based off their upbringings or lineage, much like her brothers.

She dislikes the Royal Capital and often hates the politics within it. To remove the headache, she left to battle on her own and explore the remote areas of the kingdom and instead spends most of the year out in the wilderness, hunting wild animals and basking in natural mana which has given her familiarity with potent training spots.[10] Despite her objections to becoming a captain herself,[11] she takes over when Fuegoleon Vermillion is incapacitated,[5] and leads the Royal Knights in an attack on the Eye of the Midnight Sun, hoping to avenge her brother.[12]

She is also shown to have a lack of modesty or natural view of nudity, as she did not hesitate to order everyone (both men and women) to strip down and bathe together in the hot spring, and smiled at the men's "enthusiasm" when she heard them trying to peek at the women.

Enthusiasm and aggression along with a thirst for combat, has given Mereoleona an aura of terror and awe. Some of the strongest characters in the series are terrified when she shows up unannounced, thinking she is there to pick a fight. Yami Sukehiro, tried to run away the second he learned she was in Black Bulls base and abandon his squad to her wrath; Noelle Silva's sometimes haughty attitude evaporates on the spot when she sees her; and Zora Ideale described Mereoleona as a wild and indominable beast. What Mereoleona longs for most are strong opponents that she can go all out against. Her thirst for battle is so extreme, her face contorts into a demon like smile and her power explodes the more cornered and outmatched she is, much to the chagrin and terror of her opponents. This combined with her unwavering determination has earned her the title of the "Uncrowned Undefeated Lioness".


Mereoleona was born as the first daughter of House Vermillion.[1] She is trained by Acier Silva, whom she is never able to defeat, despite her strength and elemental advantage.[13]

Even before receiving her grimoire, average-level Magic Knights were unable to stand against her. Eventually, everyone was too afraid to spar with the royal genius, some even believing that she didn't need to train to get stronger and that she was just looking for an excuse to go on a rampage. It didn't bother her that much, believing that it didn't matter if no one wanted to spar with her when no one could keep up with her anyway. Instead, she spent her time climbing to new heights of strength by fighting inhuman monsters and overcoming the harsh natural environments of Grand Magic Zones.[14]

Hot-Blooded Tuesday

Mereoleona and Fuegoleon's duel destroys the Vermillion Estate.

The day before she would receive her grimoire, Mereoleona and her younger brother, Fuegoleon, have a fight after she disparages the Magic Knights. The resulting blaze destroys part of the Vermillion Estate, and the confrontation becomes known as "Hot-Blooded Tuesday".[15]

Years later, Mereoleona refuses the captaincy of the Crimson Lion squad, allowing Fuegoleon to become captain.[16]

After the assassination attempt on Fuegoleon and his subsequent coma, Mereoleona takes over as captain and, at Julius Novachrono's request, attends the annual Star Awards Festival.[5]

Mereoleona erupts

Mereoleona yells at the Crimson Lions.

After the Crimson Lions place fifth,[17] Mereoleona berates them for letting Fuegoleon down and decides that they should all further train in hot springs.[18][19] When she hears Asta exclaim about the idea of the training camp, she grabs him with a paw of fire and invites him to come along. Yuno goes to leave, but she grabs him, too, since she wants to see the power of the two best rookies.[20]

As Yami Sukehiro is praising himself, Mereoleona shows up and Yami laughs at Asta being caught, before she grabs him as well for training. She goes on to grab Charlotte Roselei and Noelle Silva and carries them all off to the Ultime-Volcano Mountain Trail.[21] She encourages them to reach the summit and the hot spring there, but none of them are excited.[22] She then kicks Asta and Leopold onto the trail because they are distracted.[23]

When Noelle begins to doubt herself, Mereoleona notes how the girl has changed and challenges her to be like her mother, which motivates her. When Asta collapses from exhaustion, Mereoleona tells him to go home as he lacks the magic and the determination to climb the mountain, and speculates that luck let Asta reach the second-place rookie and could let him become Wizard King. However, Asta disagrees and is motivated to continue.[24] However, he struggles to come up with an answer and makes a joke of it, which incites Mereoleona to threaten sending him home. She then leaves him to struggle.[25]

Mereoleona punches Asta

Mereoleona punches Asta out of the air.

After Asta accesses his Anti Magic and loses control of the transformation, he shoots straight to the top of the volcano, where Mereoleona is waiting for him. She releases her mana and jumps at him while he warns her to run away. Pointing out that lionesses are the hunters of their prides, she leaps midair to Asta's left and punches him, sending him crashing into a rock. She compliments him for improving and then demands that he strip to enter the hot springs.[26]

After everyone reaches the summit, Mereoleona sends back those who did not arrive before sunset, and invites the rest to soak in the hot springs. Sol Marron divides the pool, and the women all undress and enter one side. Mereoleona drinks sake as she soaks and offers some to Charlotte, who refuses, which Mereoleona finds insulting. Charlotte then faints after thinking about Yami naked, leaving Mereoleona confused.[27] Mereoleona notices Noelle and is reminded of Noelle's mother, Acier. She compares the two, highlighting Acier's strengths that are Noelle's weaknesses, but points out that Noelle will surpass her mother with her own strength.[28]

Mereoleona comes for Black Bull

Mereoleona barges into the Black Bulls' base.

Several days after the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Mereoleona barges into the Black Bulls' base. She presents Yami with a gift of alcohol and then carries off Asta, Noelle, and Luck Voltia. In the Royal Capital, Mereoleona addresses the assembled Magic Knights and announces that they are the Royal Knights squad, and she is their captain. After counting heads, she realizes someone is missing. As Zora Ideale drops in late, Mereoleona attacks him, but he counters it, which impresses her.[29]

After yelling at the distracted Black Bulls, Mereoleona orders everyone to change into their new robes.[30] She then introduces three additional Knights who were chosen: Siren Tium, Cob Portaport, and Nozel Silva. She questions Nozel's decision to join, but King Augustus Kira Clover XIII explains that a royal captain is needed for the Royal Knights. Mereoleona then announces that the Eye of the Midnight Sun's hideout is the dungeon in the Gravito Rock Zone.[31]

After gathering the squad beneath the dungeon, Mereoleona explains the layout and divides the squad into five teams, choosing Asta and Zora for herself. Zora tosses a rainbow stink bug at her, but she catches it and smashes into his face. When Zora questions why she would take two commoners, she explains that she respects strength, not social status.[32] She then tells the teams to head for the center room and to use whatever means or magic they wish.[33]

Mereoleona burns two Astas

Mereoleona attacks both Asta and Rhya.

As her team enters the dungeon, they are confronted by three mages, and seeking revenge for her brother, Mereoleona incinerates them with her flaming aura as she dashes past them and declares that she will defeat Licht.[12] As the group makes their way deeper, Rhya joins the group disguised as Asta, so Mereoleona burns both of them. Rhya drops his disguise and confronts Mereoleona; however, she quickly smashes through his Dark Cloaked Avidya Slash and punches him directly.[34]

Rhya is forced to keep retreating and attacking from long-range, but Mereoleona repeatedly smashes through the spells and closes the distances.[35] Without hesitating, Mereoleona punches Rhya's copy of the Demon-Slayer Sword and then unleashes a Calidus Brachium Barrage, using Mana Zone to hit from every angle.[36] She continues the barrage as Rhya falls back.[37] Unable to escape, Rhya activates his self-destructive magic, but Asta nullifies it before Mereoleona's strikes could set it off. After Asta punches Rhya and demands to hear his story, Mereoleona grabs the boy and threatens him for intruding. She declares that the Eye of the Midnight Sun must be crushed, but Asta counters that they should strive for a world of understanding each other, which impresses Mereoleona with the audacity.[38]

Suddenly Rhya begins glowing and stands back up, with his injuries healed. He attacks with both Light and Dark Magic spells, and Mereoleona is forced to defend herself and a surprised Asta. Mereoleona remarks that this proof against peaceful coexistence, but Asta counters that he will find a new path. Mereoleona tries to capture Rhya in another Calidus Brachium Barrage, but he dodges the punches and attacks back with Spatial and Light Magic. One of the attacks manages to graze Mereoleona's shoulder. The fight is interrupted when Lira falls through the ceiling atop his Four-Headed Lindworm.[39]

Mereoleona questions if their comrades have been turned into other people. Lira attacks with the Lindworm, and Mereoleona counters two of the magic blasts.[40] After Asta's Anti Magic fails to free Rill and more possessed Royal Knights appear, Zora and Asta agree to retreat, so Mereoleona smashes a hole in the wall, throws Asta and Zora through it, and collapses the wall to cover the hole. She then counters Rhya's and Rill's spells before challenging the five elves by herself.[41][42]

Mereoleona challenges five elves

Mereoleona takes on five elves.

The five elves coordinate to attack in series. Their combined Angel Flapping proves too numerous for Mereoleona to counter. Lira paints a giant that is too large for Mereoleona to burn away, and when she tries to dodge the punch, Rhya warps the fist to a different angle and Miniature Garden of Illusory Snow dulls Mereoleona's reactions, enabling the punch to connect and knock her down. Rossa tries to trap her in a sandstone prison, which infuriates Mereoleona. While she is distracted, Rhya ambushes and slashes her while the other elves rain more feathers down on her. She survives and fires a punch at Rhya.[43] Mereoleona keeps fighting but after taking more injuries, she decides to unleash Calidus Brachium Purgatory, which engulfs the entire room in fire. The elves use up most of their magic to defend, and Mereoleona is also exhausted but remains standing. The elves combine their remaining magic into a final spell, but Asta and Zora return[44] and defend Mereoleona, reflecting the spell back at the elves. Although the spell misses, Asta and Zora grab the unconscious captain and run.[45] Rhya chases them, and Asta throws Mereoleona over to Zora and is taken.[46]

After escaping the dungeon, Zora and Mereoleona regroup with the remaining Royal Knights. Mereoleona rests against a tree, and Nozel uses Eilia's Booth on her and the other injured.[47] Nozel receives a distress call from his squad, so he creates a vessel to convey the Royal Knights all back to the country.[48] As they reach the edge of the kingdom, Mereoleona's injuries are healed but she remains unconscious.[49] Along the way to the capital, Nozel drops Mereoleona off so she can finish resting.[50]

As soon as she wakes up, Mereoleona rushes to Clover Castle and, alongside her awoken brother, swiftly defeats the elves attacking the Black Bulls.[51] Before the gate to the Shadow Palace closes, Mereoleona goes with Fuegoleon and Mimosa Vermillion, while Nozel carries Asta and Noelle and while the Black Bulls and Kirsch Vermillion fight off more possessed Golden Dawns.[52]

Mereoleona punches Vetto

Mereoleona punches Vetto.

Once they pass through the gate,[53] the group is separated and scattered to different parts of the palace, and [54] Mereoleona encounters Vetto[55] and they fight, evenly exchanging blows and enjoying the fight.[56] She drops her guard, letting Vetto punch her jaw, so that she can charge a counterattack. She punches Vetto in the jaw,[57] knocking him unconscious, and then leaves him lying on the floor.[58]

Mereoleona later reunites with some of the other Magic Knights in the Shadow Palace. She attempts to push back the devil's magic that is flooding down from the topmost chamber, but her magic has no effect.[59] When Licht and Lemiel Silvamillion Clover send out protective auras to the elves, Nozel pulls Mereoleona and Jack to safety in the light.[60] Fana leads the group up toward the topmost chamber and the exit, and when the protective light disappears, Valtos saves the Magic Knights and elves and warps them up to the topmost chamber.[61]

The humans and elves return to Clover Castle, and Mereoleona wishes to fight the still rampaging elves.[62] Mereoleona then watches as William Vangeance, Licht, and Asta work together to dispel the Reincarnation Magic and exorcise the elf spirits.[63]

Since her magic proved useless against Zagred's magic, Mereoleona returns to training in the Ultime-Volcano Mountain.

Six months later, after Yami and William are kidnapped by the Spade Kingdom, Nacht Faust invites her to join the mission to rescue the two captains. Mereoleona agrees to go but is more interested in fighting the ones who captured them.[64]

Mereoleona fights revived demon

Mereoleona fights the revived demon.

Mereoleona is stationed in the capital of the Spade Kingdom in preparation for the invasion. When Zenon Zogratis unleashes a giant demon on the castle town, Mereoleona comes to the Resistance's aid and punches the demon.[65] The punch is not enough to defeat the demon, so Mereoleona assimilates a large amount of Fire Magic into her body, which greatly enhances her strength. After blocking the demon's attacks and knocking it onto its back, Mereoleona unleashes Calidus Brachium Purgatory: Abyss, pummeling the demon into the ground and engulfing it in flames.[66] She is gloating over the demon when the roots of the Tree of Qliphoth burst forth from the castle.[67] As a horde of low-ranking devils bursts from the castle, she recognizes the feeling of their magic power. The demon stands back up and forms a pair of wings, which excites Mereoleona, who is looking forward to the challenge.[68]

Mereoleona defeats demon

Mereoleona defeats the demon.

As the fight continues, her Hellfire Incarnate spell grows in power, and she eventually overpowers the demon and destroys its head and shoulders, killing it. She then flies over to face the devils pouring out of the castle.[69] However, when the second gate to the underworld opens, Lucifero absorbs the devils into a giant monstrous body. Although Lucifero's Gravity Magic presses the Spirit Guardians and Resistance members to the ground, Mereoleona remains standing.[70] She and Fuegoleon then combine their magic to stop one of Lucifero's tentacles from crushing the Resistance members.[71]

After Asta slices the monster and destroys the Qliphoth Advent Ritual, Mereoleona and most of the other captains meet up and relax over their victory. However, Lucifero compresses the monster's remains into a body, through which he manifests in a half-complete form. He then forces the humans to prostrate themselves before him.[72] Asta attempts to fight Lucifero, but once Asta is sent crashing into the ground, the captains rally around him and prepare to fight Lucifero.[73] Mereoleona and Jack simultaneously unleash barrages, but Lucifero blocks all of the attacks. He catches Mereoleona's punch and crushes the bones in her left forearm before punching her away.[74] Despite her injuries, Mereoleona refuses to give up and attacks again, and Lucifero knocks her back again.[75] Asta manages to cut off the tip of one of Lucifero's horns, which infuriates the devil. Mereoleona punches Lucifero to distract him while Dorothy and Charlotte pull away the injured Asta. As the captains pass along the Black Bull, keeping him away from the devil, Lucifero punches Mereoleona, sending her flying, but Dorothy's magic catches her. When Nozel's Mercury Magic temporarily restrains Lucifero, then Mereoleona, Fuegoleon, and Salamander blast him with their combined magic power. However, Lucifero emerges unscathed, knocks Mereoleona aside, and throws Fuegoleon into Rill, knocking out both captains and breaking Twilight of Valhalla.[76]

Mereoleona's arm dissolves

Mereoleona's arm dissolves.

As her spell continues increasing her magic power, Mereoleona joins Yuno in fighting Lucifero.[77] Their continued attacks are unable to injure the devil, but they refuse to give up. After Adramelech refuses Lucifero's order to take over the fight, Mereoleona mocks the King of Devils and attempts to punch him, but her part of her arm disappears due to her body becoming too much like mana. Yuno then teleports her out of the way of Lucifero's counterattack, and she collapses as she struggles to maintain her body's form.[78] She lies there for the rest of the battle.[79]

A year and three months later, Mereoleona and the Crimson Lions stand guard within the Noble Realm, where the country's citizens have been housed.[80] On Judgment Day, the Crimson Lions are confronted by Moris Libardirt, who has been turned into a Paladin, and Mereoleona looks forward to burning Moris.[81]

Mereoleona attempts to land a punch on Moris only for her arm to be completely disintegrated by Moris's enhanced Modification Magic. She then immediately activates her Hellfire Incarnate spell to create a new arm from mana and uses it to burn several of Moris's tentacles. Moris expresses excitement upon seeing her new spell form but states that her body will not be able to keep up for long. The other Crimson Lions give her the same warning, but she rebuffs them and continues her assault. Moris prepares to attack Mereoleona but two of her fellow Crimson Lion comrades sacrifice themselves to prevent this, much to her shock. Several more of the Crimson Lions sacrifice themselves to protect Mereoleona so that she can continue her assault. Moris states that Lucius will re-create all of them, but Mereoleona tells him to shut up and states that the Crimson Lions won't submit to a nobody like him. Mereoleona's flames increase in power, and she performs a new spell: Calidos Brachium Purgatory: Flame Burial. She then swears that in tribute to her fallen comrades, she will burn Moris and herself to ashes.

The last of Mereoleona's Crimson Lions sacrifice themselves to allow her to continue her assault as Moris mocks them before telling Mereoleona that he'll show her some real human shields. He then reveals his second magic attribute given to him as a paladin as earth magic and casts March of Holy Fools, summoning an army of humanoid earthly puppets from the ground. Mereoleona attempts to burn these creatures but they quickly regenerate from her attacks. Moris continues to taunt her and states that he can relate to her desire to aim for the top. Moris's army begins to overwhelm Mereoleona as he explains that he struggled to overcome the world's natural laws until God chose him and granted him the magic he needs to succeed in his research. Mereoleona's body begins to lose its form as it becomes to close to mana while Moris laughs, stating that she has reached her human limits.

Mereoleona has a flashback to her earlier years where she tried asking a group of magic knights to spar with her but they refused out of fear of not being able to keep up with her and believing she just wants someone to let loose on. This led Mereoleona to believe she was better off training alone to get stronger. She trained in harsh magic regions that allowed her to identify the walls of human limitations and though she climbed these walls by training and fighting many fearsome monsters, she soon realized that she cannot go any farther on her own. She then has another memory of the Crimson Lions begging her to train them. Even though she tells them they cannot possibly match her strength, they still ask her for the chance to try.

Fuegoleon arrives with Salamander to provide assistance but Mereoleona smirks and states that she wasn't waiting for him and that she is constantly surpassing her limits. A new spell begins writing itself in her grimoire as the ground beneath them begins to crack. Mereoleona uses Ultimate Flame Magic: Excelictus Leonum, a spell that seemingly resurrects the spirits of her fallen Crimson Lion comrades to fight alongside her. Moris is completely shock at the spell while her resurrected comrades express confusion but Mereoleona tells them that just because they're dead doesn't mean that they can take it easy and that they still have to follow her. Her comrades charge into battle with against Moris and his puppet army. Moris continues to be shocked and attempts to use his dismantling power on Mereoleona but the attack is ineffective as her body has now completely transformed into mana with no physical form. Moris panics as Mereoleona's attacks begin to overwhelm his regeneration abilities. He states that no human should be able to surpass natural law but Mereolona rebuffs him by stating that her comrades taught her the shape of the human soul. Moris repeats that he was chosen by God but Mereoleona rejects his God and tells him that all they did was help fuel their evolution. Mereoleona lands one final blow on Moris that burns away almost his entire body.



Battle Prowess


  • Fire Magic: Mereoleona uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate the element of fire. She usually shapes the fire into a lion's paw.[82][83][84]
  • Reinforcement Magic: Mereoleona uses this form of magic to increase her physical abilities.[85] Her skill is great enough to protect her from being burned while bathing in lava.[86][87]


  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Mereoleona is extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat, easily able to overpower any opponent she encounters. Zora Ideale notes that she is more of a fighter than a mage.[88] She employs it as her main style of fighting, and also uses her magic in conjunction with her hand-to-hand prowess for more deadly strikes.[85] Princia Funnybunny also regarded that she could not beat Mereoleona in a fist fight.
  • Immense Strength: Mereoleona possesses tremendous physical strength, as shown when she sends Asta flying into a rock with a single punch despite him being in his Black Asta form.[84] Her physical strength is great enough to fight on par with Vetto.[89] While using Hellfire Incarnate, she is strong enough to knock aside the arms of a giant demon and push the demon onto its back.[90]
  • Immense Speed: Mereoleona possesses tremendous raw speed, as shown when she outmaneuvers Asta in midair while he is in his Black Asta form.[91] She is so fast that she is able to parry Rhya's spells with great ease, with him stating that her reactions are on par with Vetto.[92] Zora states that her speed is monstrous.[93]
  • Immense Endurance: Mereoleona possesses extraordinary endurance, as shown when she takes the combined assault from five elves with no signs of being in pain and continues to fight.[94] Even after using up all her mana to use her ultimate attack, she remains standing and wanting to continue fighting.[95]
  • Enhanced Mana Sensory: Mereoleona is extremely skilled in sensing mana, as shown when she instantly realizes that Rhya cannot copy Asta's Anti Magic and punches straight through his copy of the Demon-Slayer Sword with no hesitation.[96]
  • Immense Magic Power: As a royal and captain of a Magic Knights squad, Mereoleona possesses an immense amount of magic power.[97][1][98] Her magic power is so massive that Rhya states that it is not just from her being a royal, but because it is a completely unknown human strength.[99] According to Vetto, Mereoleona may be the strongest human in the Clover Kingdom.[100]
  • Mana Zone: Mereoleona can control all the mana in an area around her to increase her spells' power and range, to predict opponents' attacks,[101] and to maneuver in mid-air.[91]
  • Ultimate Magic: Mereoleona has learned to push past her human limits and recreate the elves' magic technique for fully embodying her magic.[102]


Cleverness Courage
5 5 5 4 4 5
Volume Magic Type Power Magical Wisdom Stamina Vitality
15 1300 Attack 5 3 2 2 5


  • Grimoire: Mereoleona possesses a three-leaf clover grimoire that contains various fire-based magic spells.[103]





Fuegoleon Vermillion

Mereoleona cares about her younger brother, Fuegoleon, despite their conflicting views on Magic Knights and training.[15][104] When Fuegoleon is incapacitated, she steps out of her comfort zone and replaces him as captain in order to seek revenge.[105] She also thinks highly of his abilities and power, rating him as the strongest.[106]

Leopold Vermillion

Mereoleona is very rough with Leopold and will physically harm him if he talks back to her or argues. She believes he is weak without Fuegoleon so she forces him to train at the hot springs in order to get stronger. However, like Fuegoleon, Leo respects and admires his sister's strength and tenacity and aims to surpass her one day.

Noelle Silva

Mereoleona has known Noelle ever since she was a little girl. She cares deeply for Noelle and respects her a lot for becoming a stronger woman despite her inability to control her magic and being deemed a failure by her own family. Mereoleona never insults Noelle and sees her mother inside her. She encourages Noelle to continue to get strong like her mother and motivates her when she begins doubting herself.

Acier Silva

Mereoleona was very close to Acier and was trained by her. She was never able to beat her despite being extremely powerful and possessing the elemental advantage over her own Steel Magic; due to this, Mereoleona admired her a lot. After she died, Mereoleona often refers to her when talking to Noelle and uses her as motivation for her to get stronger.


Mereoleona is very interested in Asta after seeing him place as a top rookie during the star awards. At first, she thinks he only got that far due to luck and berates him for having no magic. After Asta proves her wrong and climbs the volcano, Mereoleona realizes he is not all talk or made it as far as he did due to luck. During their invasion on the Eye of the Midnight Sun's base, Mereoleona takes Asta with her personally due to her interest in him. When facing the five elves, she throws Asta away so he can escape while she fights the others. She is also willing to fight Lucifero herself in order to protect Asta[73][107] because she looks forward to Asta's future as her "prey", indicating that she wishes to fight him one day when he is strong enough.[108]

Yami Sukehiro

Mereoleona and Yami Sukehiro argue easily and he even goes as far as calling her "Anegoleon" 「アネゴレオン」, which annoys her.[109] Despite their clashes, they both have great respect for each other and admire each other's strengths. She personally visits the Black Bulls base to deliver a gift to Yami as thanks for visiting her brother, Fuegoleon, in the infirmary.[110]

Notable Quotes

  • "Nothing's stronger than a determined woman." 「覚悟を決めた女は最強だ "Kakugo o kimeta onnna wa saikyōda"[111]
  • "Among lions, the females are the ones who hunt!!" 「獅子において狩りをするのは雌 (メス) だぞ!! "Shishi ni oite kari o suru no wa mesuda zo!!"[91]


  • Mereoleona's favorite things are drinking sake in hot springs and wild game cuisine.[2]
  • Assorted Questions Brigade Rankings:
    • Mereoleona is the seventh smartest captain.[112]
    • Mereoleona is the third best drinker.[112]
    • Mereoleona is the second most disliked by animals.[113]
    • Mereoleona has the worst skill and taste in art.[114]
  • Mereoleona's grimoire design is the background for Volume 14's cover.
  • Mereoleona ranked #7 in the second popularity poll, #5 in the third, #16 in the fourth, #12 in the fifth, and #10 in the sixth.
    • In the VIZ popularity polls, Mereoleona ranked #4 in the third, #5 in the fourth, and #8 in the fifth.
  • Mereoleona won the fan poll held to determine who would be the final playable DLC for Black Clover: Quartet Knights.


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