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Even though you are abysmally inferior to us, sometimes you cast spells that go beyond our expectations. Humans truly are intriguing.

— To Secre Swallowtail in Power Differential

Megicula 「メギキュラ Megikyura[1] is a highest-ranking devil and has taken over Astaroth's position in the Tree of Qliphoth and the underworld, after the latter's mysterious disappearance.[2] Megicula has contracted with Vanica Zogratis, a member of the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad.[3] The living world's Curse Magic is derived from Megicula's Curse-Warding Magic,[4] and the devil has personally placed lethal curses on Acier Silva[5] and Princess Lolopechka.[6]


Megicula has a pair of large curved, ram-like horns that sprout from the top of their head, and a thinner pair of upward pointing horns that sprout from their forehead. Megicula has long, pointy ears and long, wavy, light-colored hair that seems to turn into mist. Megicula's three eyes have slit pupils and dark patches around them.

Megicula's petite body is black from the neck down and pale from the neck up, with a black star pattern around the neck. The numerous tentacles all over its body are light-colored, and the long ones have a dark-colored spot at the tip. Megicula has a pair of bat-like wings that are covered with multiple large eyes and a long, thin tail with a heart-shaped tip. While partially manifested, Megicula has a thick, light-colored, tail-like structure connecting to Vanica's body, which is covered in a dark-colored material.

When Megicula takes control of Vanica's body, the hair on Vanica's right side lightens in color, her right pupil becomes slit-like, and a dark-colored mark appears around her left eye. The mark is a circle with several dots along its length.[7]



Megicula is shown to possess a highly inquisitive, curious and intellectual interest in conducting various experiments with magic. The devil is genuinely delighted to learn of Secre Swallowtail's Arcane Stage Sealing Magic and its effectiveness in almost sealing the devil's own magic despite the immense power difference between them. The devil also expresses interest upon seeing the effects of its Curse Magic on Undine. Megicula's most favorite and interesting test subjects are humans due to them continuously surprising it.

Due to the devil's inquisitive nature, Megicula is highly unpredictable and whimsical. The devil viciously and cruelly experiments on any sentient beings, using its Curse-Warding Magic to see what kind of effects it would have on them. Once the devil's curiosity is satiated, the devil immediately loses interest and kills them off without a second thought. This whimsical mindset is shared with the devil's current host, Vanica Zogratis and thus the devil gets along with her greatly.


Some time in the past, members of the Agrippa Family entered into a pact concerning Megicula.[8]

After Astaroth's mysterious disappearance from the underworld, Megicula takes over the other devil's position in the Tree of Qliphoth and the underworld.[2]

Megicula curses Acier

Megicula curses Acier.

Once Vanica Zogratis becomes Megicula's host, she wants to test her new power and seeks out Acier Silva. After Acier lethally wounds Vanica, Megicula curses Acier and advises Vanica to retreat.[9][10] Once Acier succumbs to the curse, Megicula physically manifests in Vanica's body.[11]

Megicula curses Lolopechka

Megicula curses Lolopechka.

Years later, Megicula, within Vanica, enters the Heart Kingdom, fights the Spirit Guardians, and curses Princess Lolopechka. The devil then returns to the Spade Kingdom.[12] The Princess and Undine recruit Asta and some other Magic Knights to help save her and defeat the devil.[6][13]

Six months later, Megicula and Vanica return to the Heart Kingdom in order to kill Lolopechka.[14][15] When Vanica draws on 70% of Megicula's power during her fight with Lolopechka, Megicula's Decaying World spell activates, so when Secre Swallowtail manages to seal Vanica, the arrays are weakened, allowing the devil to break them easily. Megicula takes partial control of Vanica's body, binds Secre, and destroys Lolopechka's Ludic Sanctuary, injuring Noelle Silva, Secre, and Lolopechka and cursing Undine. Megicula is delighted in successfully overcoming Arcane Magic and cursing a spirit. Lolopechka screams out in anguish over Undine and in pain from her curse, and Megicula apologizes for getting near the Princess and causing the curse to react. Vanica decides to kill Lolopechka when she sees that the Princess is unable to continue fighting. However, Noelle stands back up and refuses to allow that. Noelle charges through Vanica's attack and refuses to give up, which shocks Megicula and Vanica. Noelle then drives her lance through Vanica.[16]

After a follow-up attack injures her, Vanica decides to take Lolopechka hostage instead of killing the Princess. Megicula advises that killing the Heart Kingdom's knowledge would be more advantageous, but Vanica wants to motivate Noelle to become stronger. Vanica then flies back to the Spade Kingdom.[17]

A few days later, Megicula's personality emerges again when Charlotte Roselei modifies the curse on her Briar Magic into an anti-curse magic.[18] Shortly after, the first gate to the underworld opens, and Vanica is able to access 100% of Megicula's power.[19]

Megicula manifests out of Vanica

Megicula partially manifests out of Vanica's body.

After Noelle defeats Vanica, Megicula partially manifests itself out of Vanica's body and stops Noelle from killing Vanica. Megicula reveals that it can manifest its body in the living world by sacrificing three powerful mages of the same sex—Acier, Vanica, and Lolopechka. Wanting the humans to kill each other, Megicula alters Lolopechka's curse, turning her into a devil.[20] Megicula explains its own process for reaching the living world and forces Lolopechka to continue fighting Gadjah. Noelle tries to attack the devil, but Megicula's power is too strong. When Charlotte tries to weaken the curse power, Megicula forces Vanica's body to create spikes of blood that destroy the briars and Rill's protective painting, pinning down both captains. Megicula claims victory after Lolopechka gravely injures Gadjah and Noelle's Saint Valkyrie Dress comes undone.[21] Megicula claims that no one can help them since Decaying World covers the area and will stop any magic. However, Gadjah converts his lifeforce into magic in order to cast Apocalypra Astrauza, an Ultimate Magic spell that, to Megicula's surprise, overcomes Decaying World. As the spell disintegrates the devil's body, Megicula's heart is revealed to be located in the head. Noelle tries to create a Saint Stage sword in order to strike the heart,[22] but Megicula's highspeed recovery curse completely restores its body.

Charlotte and Rill fight Megicula and Dark Disciples

Megicula's reanimated Dark Disciples fight Charlotte, Rill, and his valkyries.

The devil re-curses Undine to prevent Noelle from using Saint Stage again. Noelle refuses to give up, so Megicula slowly destroys parts of Noelle's armor, while questioning why humans continue struggling against those who are stronger, to which Noelle counters that never giving up is humanity's strength. Megicula decides to detonate the devil power in Lolopechka, planning to wipe out the humans in the castle and fully manifest itself. However, Asta flies in and nullifies the building magic power, much to Megicula's annoyance.[23] Recognizing the risk that Anti Magic poses, Megicula tries to kill both Lolopechka and Vanica, but Charlotte's briars disrupt the curse runes. Megicula is surprised and confused that Charlotte is still alive and that her magic power is increasing, and Rill explains the secondary effects of his Twilight of Valhalla spell, which Megicula finds fascinating. The devil then resurrects a hundred Dark Disciples, imparts them with devil power, Blood Magic, and Steel Magic, and sends them to attack Rill and Charlotte.[24] The two captains create stronger spells to take on the Disciples, so Megicula fuses some of the Disciples into giant, fully-armored soldiers capable of blocking the spells. One of the giants threatens Noelle, but it is destroyed by Luck Voltia in his Lightning Battle Fiend form.[25]

Noelle cuts apart Megicula's heart

Noelle destroys Megicula's heart.

Luck and a revived Gadjah then charge through the Disciples and destroy Megicula's body, leaving the devil's heart exposed again. Noelle flies to it and tries to stab the heart, but the devil's Decaying World stops the sword. As Megicula's body regenerates, the devil creates several blood spikes with which to strike Noelle. Suddenly, Nozel swoops in, protects Noelle with silver shields, and prepares to exact his revenge on the devil.[26] Nozel begins barraging the devil with Silver Spears, so Megicula coats itself with Steel Magic and counterattacks with Blood Magic. However, Nozel's magic overwhelms the devil and destroys its body. After that, Noelle cuts through the devil's heart. As it disintegrates, Megicula admits that it was wrong about humanity's strength. Its Malevolent Femcantation spell also dissolves, freeing Acier's captive soul.[27]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Curse-Warding Magic: Megicula uses this magic attribute to create powerful curses.[28] Megicula is able use malevolent curses to harm enemies and weaken enemy spells, as well as use beneficial curses for healing and other forms of combat support, including the ability to manifest from across worlds. Megicula's power is even able to overcome arcane magic and affect spirits.[29]
  • Blood Magic: Due to having control of Vanica's soul, Megicula is able to use this magic attribute to generate and manipulate blood.[30]
  • Steel Magic: Due to having control of Acier Silva's soul, Megicula is able to use this magic attribute to generate and manipulate steel.[30] It can coat its whole body in steel in order to block attacks.[31]


  • Immense Magic Power: As a devil, Megicula possesses tremendous magic power and is so strong that not even a Stage Zero-ranked mage of the Heart Kingdom can kill it.[32] Lolopechka considers Megicula to be more powerful than Zagred,[33] a devil with more mana than the strongest elves and Captain Class Magic Knights.[34]


Volume Magic Type Power Magical Wisdom Stamina Vitality
30 3000 Devil 4 5 5 5 5

Notable Quotes[]

  • "Even though you are abysmally inferior to us, sometimes you cast spells that go beyond our expectations. Humans truly are intriguing." 「私達に圧倒的に劣るというのに... 時に予測を超えた魔法を山してくる... やはり人間アナタたちは興味深い Watashitachi ni attōteki ni otoru to iunoni... Toki ni yosoku o koeta mahō o dashitekuru... Yahari anata-tachi wa kyōmibukai[35]
  • "I was wary, but even so... I thought there was no way I'd lose to humans. Is that why I let myself take an interest... in the power of human emotions...?" 「警戒はしながらも... やはり人間に負けることはないと思っていた... だから私は興味を持ってしまったのか... 人間の想いの力というものに... Keikai wa shinagara mo... Yahari ningen ni makeru koto wa nai to omotte ita... Dakara watashi wa kyōmi o motte shimatta no ka... Ningen no omoi no chikara to iu mono ni...[36]


  • Megicula ranked #44 in the fourth popularity poll and #53 in the sixth.
  • The mark that appears around Vanica's eye when Megicula takes over, resembles a marking that appears for users of the Mendelian Peas, a Eureka from Hungry Joker, Tabata's previous series.


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