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The Massacre of the Elf Tribe took place in a secret location within the Forsaken Realm of the Clover Kingdom. Zagred orchestrated the massacre in order to corrupt Licht's four-leaf clover grimoire into a five-leaf clover grimoire that the devil could use.[1]


One day, Tetia sneaked out of the Clover Kingdom's royal palace and was caught up in a magical tornado. Licht and her brother came to her aid, stopping the tornado, and Licht caught the falling Tetia. The three quickly became friends, and Licht and Tetia fell in love with each other.[2]

Licht and his pregnant fiancee

Licht and Tetia hope their children will unite their two races.

After Tetia became pregnant with twins,[3] Licht and Tetia decided to marry with the hope that their children will help unite elves and humans.[4] In cooperation with the elves, Lemiel developed a magic tool that would absorb magic and evenly distribute the magic power to all peoples, helping to eliminate the imbalances of power.

Tetia and Lemiel told their family about the upcoming marriage but kept secret the location and date of the ceremony. At the same time, Zagred was looking to create a five-leaf clover grimoire, so the devil possessed a minister's body and turned the royals' opinions against the union and the elves.[5]

Massacre of the Elf Tribe[]

On the day of the wedding, Zagred had the King summon Lemiel to the palace. There, the devil restrained the prince so he could not interfere and could be blamed for the attack. Meanwhile, the King and the rest of the royals stole the magic siphon and took it to the wedding venue.[6]

Licht getting married

The elves celebrate after the wedding.

At the wedding, Licht and Tetia exchanged vows beneath a pavilion. As the elves celebrated the union, a barrier formed around the venue, stopping the elves from escaping while spears of Light Magic rained down on them. The elves were unable to fight back since the magic siphon was absorbing their magic power and funneling it to the human royals, who were watching from an overlooking cliff.[7] The elves suspected that Lemiel had betrayed them because of the spears of light and his absence;[8][9] however, the spears were actually imitations created by Zagred's Kotodama Magic.[10] The humans gloated as their magic power swelled and the elves died. They did not regret that Tetia was among the victims.[11]

Back in the palace, Secre Swallowtail discovered that the magic siphon had been stolen and believed that the prince had taken it somewhere, but then she discovered Lemiel bound in place. Lemiel had her break the restraints and then flew himself and Secre to the wedding location.

Licht falls into despair

Licht is overcome with despair.

Licht held his wife's body and was overcome with despair from the death, destruction, and seeming betrayal. The overwhelming despair corrupted his four-leaf clover grimoire, turning it into a five-leaf clover. Hovering over Licht's shoulder, Zagred waited to take over the elf's body once he turned into a dark elf. Lemiel reached the venue, and Licht regained hope and resisted the devil's attempts to take his body. However, Licht could not stop the negative mana filling him so he used the magic stones to transform his body into a demon, which prevented the devil from taking the elf's body. As he transformed, Licht asked Lemiel to kill him.[12] The last thing Patolli saw before he died was Licht casting the Forbidden Magic spell.[13]

While Lemiel fought the monstrous Licht, Secre noticed that Tetia and one of her twins were still alive, so Secre sealed their wounds before flying off to help Lemiel.[3] She took the magic stones and the magic siphon with her. She reached the battle in time to pass the siphon to Lemiel, who used it to absorb a large attack that the demon was charging. Although the siphon shattered in the process, the attack was stopped, and Licht briefly gained control of the body and stopped it. In that moment, Lemiel created a giant sword and plunged it into the demon, killing Licht.[14]


A demon remains outside of Hage

The demon's skeleton remains on the outskirts of the Clover Kingdom.

The giant body collapsed on the outskirts of the kingdom, and its flesh dissolved, leaving behind the skeleton. Atop the skull, Zagred attempted to take the five-leaf clover grimoire, but Secre used the magic stones to seal him in an Eternal Prison. As result of her using the stones, she sprouted Weg. Before the seal completed, Zagred pulled the magic stones to him and cast Noad Nephesh, suspending the elves' souls and setting them, along with himself, to reincarnate in the distant future. Lemiel, who had been grievously wounded in the battle, arrived to check on Secre. Despite the risk of using the magic stones again, she decided to seal the prince into a statue so that he may be there in the future to stop the devil and to protect the peace.[15]

The Clover royals posthumously awarded Lemiel the title of Wizard King for defeating the demon and saving the Clover Kingdom.[16] The subsequent generations of Clover royals inherited the stolen magic power,[17] furthering the imbalance of power which Lemiel had hoped to eliminate.[18]

Years later, when Secre reawakened as an anti-bird,[19] she searched for Tetia but was unable to find her. Tetia and one of her children had survived, and their descendants live in the secluded village, Elysia.[3]

Five centuries later, Patolli was reincarnated in William Vangeance's body but did not awaken until William was 16 years old.[20] Because of his incomplete memories and the corrupting effects of the Reincarnation Magic, Patolli sought revenge on all humans and decided to create the Eye of the Midnight Sun and revive the elves in order to destroy the Clover Kingdom.[21][22] At the same time, Zagred was freed from his imprisonment and waited for Patolli to gather the magic stones and open the Shadow Palace.[10]


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