Mana Skin 「マナスキン Manasukin」 is a basic Reinforcement Magic spell.


The user creates a coating of mana that protects them. It is a basic technique that most Magic Knights have used unconsciously at one point or another. Proper training allows a mage to use it consciously and to greater effect.

Environments with strong and wild concentrations of mana, like Grand Magic Zones and dungeons, make it difficult to maintain the technique as the coating has to adjust constantly to the changing mana.[1]

Elves' overflowing magic naturally forms a similar defensive barrier around them.[2][3]

Secre with the magic tool's mark

There is a special magic tool that applies a special marking to aid in the creation and maintenance of a mage's Mana Skin. This white flame marking relies on the bearer's magic, so if the mage loses control of their magic, the spell will dissipate.[4]



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