For the similar magic technique in controlling ambient mana, see Mana Zone.

Mana Method魔言術式マナメソッド Mana Mesoddo, literally meaning: Rune Formula」[1] is the Heart Kingdom's unique magic technique for controlling natural mana.


Over the centuries, the citizens of the Heart Kingdom have adapted to the country's strong natural mana[2] and developed this unique magic technique to channel that mana into spells, increasing their strength and abilities.[3] Since it uses natural mana, the technique is best suited to magic attributes that can be found in nature, such as the four major elements and plant-based attributes.[4][5]

Leopold's giant array

The user forms runes out of natural mana and arranges them to form instructions for their magic to follow, such as "pursue the target" or "grow bigger". These arrangements can be applied directly to a spell or be formed into a larger magic circle. Simple instructions only require simple arrangements, but larger, more complex designs can create more powerful spells and effects. At their peak, these arrays focus the mana of nature and generate the real element. For example, Lightning Magic becomes True Lightning Magic and generates real lightning.[6][7]

Mages of the Fifth Stage and below are too weak to form the runes properly, and only mages of the Third Stage or higher are skilled enough to use the technique in combat scenarios.[8]




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