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Magna Swing vs. Dante Zogratis is a fight that occurs in the Spade Kingdom Castle.


After watching Asta reflect the freezing sun back at the fused Lilith and Nahamah,[1] Magna Swing and Zora Ideale infiltrate the Spade Kingdom castle. They reach Dante Zogratis's chamber and interrupt his attack on Jack the Ripper, with Zora obscuring vision with a cloud of ash while Magna's Exploding Fireball hits Dante in the chest. Unfazed by the attack, Dante disparages them for being weak peasants, but Magna proclaims that they are going rescue Yami. When Dante claims that the two of them together would not be able to defeat him since they do not have Anti Magic or other Arcane Stage magic, Magna corrects him, saying that he, Magna, would be fighting Dante alone. Dante laughs and threatens Magna for mocking him. Trembling, Magna remembers when he and Zora could do nothing but watch as Dante and Zenon Zogratis attacked the Black Bulls and abducted Yami. Dante decides that he will not use his magic and will allow Magna to attack him however he wants.[2]


Magna throws another fireball, which hits Dante in the chest and sets up Soul Chain Deathmatch. Dante is confused by the chain and is further confused when his magic power is reduced. Magna receives the split magic power and is impressed by the sheer amount of power that is in half of Dante's strength. Magna creates a knuckleduster on his right hand and punches Dante in the face. Dante is surprised that Magna's attacks now hurt him, and Magna explains that the chain connecting them evenly splits their total magic power. He then declares that he will crush Dante.[3] Magna also warns Dante about what would happen if Dante tried to break the chain.

Dante pummels Magna

Dante uses his magic against Magna.

Magna creates another knuckleduster and punches Dante in the stomach, which causes Dante to cough up blood. Angry, Dante punches Magna's face with Heavy Infighting. Magna mentions how Dante said that Magna could attack all he wants, but Dante tells Magna to shut up while calling him a thief. Dante uses his Presence of the Demon King spell, but due to their equalized magic power, Magna withstands it and punches Dante's chest. Dante then heals his injuries and gloats that his Body Magic negates everything Magna does. Dante unleashes a barrage of punches and tells Magna to regret his defiance. Magna manages to dodge one of Dante's punches and lands a punch of his own to Dante's nose, slamming Dante to the ground.[4]

Furious at getting punched in the face and landing on his back, Dante pulls himself up off the floor and then slams several chunks of the floor into Magna. While Magna is busy punching the blocks, Dante crafts one into a sword and swings it down. Magna manages to dodge the swing but is hit from the side by another block. Although Magna lands another punch on Dante's shoulder, Dante simply heals the injury and points out that despite Magna's spell bringing them to the same magic power level, the fight is still unequal because Dante can heal while Magna's injuries grow more numerous. When Dante claims that someone like Magna could never entertain him, Magna silently agrees but refuses to give up. Magna then punches aside Dante's hand and steps in closer, and the two exchange series of blows to each other.[5]

Magna and Dante exchange final blows

Magna knocks Dante unconscious.

Afterward, Magna is left covered in injuries, whereas Dante's wounds heal. Dante gloats that reality is unfair so Magna's struggle was always going to be pointless. As Dante prepares to finish Magna, his magic runs out and his connection to Lucifero disappears. Magna laughs at Dante's confusion and notes that Dante has never been concerned about his magic usage due to his overwhelming amount. Stunned at his own inability, Dante starts to point out that Magna cannot use magic now either, but Magna silences him with an uppercut. Desperate not to lose, Dante punches Magna's cheek, but at the same time, Magna lands his own punch, which knocks Dante unconscious. As Dante falls to the floor, the chain connecting them crumbles, and Magna lets out a triumphant yell.[6]


Luck Voltia, Asta, and Nacht arrive outside the chamber and stare in shock that Magna has defeated Dante.[7] In the underground chamber, part of the Qliphoth Advent Ritual's rune array disappears.

After the Magic Knights leave the chamber, Dante regains consciousness, and his Body Magic is out of control, warping and twisting his body. Jack returns to stop Dante.[8]


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