Magna Swing and Luck Voltia vs. Vetto is a fight that occurs in the maze within the Seabed Temple.


Vetto wonders who his next pry will be, when Magna and Luck stand back up and tell Vetto that they will no longer break.[1] Vetto expresses that he can't wait for them to completely fall into despair. Magna thinks about how they will be defeat after one more hit, which Luck tells Vetto to attacks with another blow like the one before. Magna wonders what Luck is thinking about for saying that, which Vetto says that he will do.[2]


The fight begins when Vetto charges and attacks, which Luck evades and counters.[3] Luck says that Vetto leaves himself open after attacking, which Vetto is unharmed and compliments Luck's abilities. Vetto and Luck continues to clash. Magna watches the two clash, and thinks about when he first met Luck and how much trouble Luck has been to him.[4] Magna decides to join in and uses a spell to hit Vetto. Luck compliments Magna and thinks about when he first met Magna and how he caused trouble for Magna to increase his capablities.[5] Vetto tosses Luck at Magna and that he is done playing now. Magna tells Vetto to bring it on, while Luck says that he is done with his warm up. They continue to clash with Vetto easily slams them to the ground. Vetto tells them that the weak are devoured by the strong, which Magna and Luck say that they can't despair because to won't be able to face Asta again.[6] Magna and Luck continues to battle Vetto and attack with a Union Spell at point-blank range. Vetto easily defends against the attack and defeats Magna and Luck.


Vetto tells them that they are nothing but insects and goes to finish them off.[7] Asta arrives and blocks the attack, which Vetto is glad to see him. Vetto says that he is going to manifold the pain that Asta inflicted onto Licht.


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