Magic Emperor 「魔法帝 Mahōtei」 is a title held by the strongest Magic Knight of the Clover Kingdom. The holder of this title also leads the Kingdom's Order of the Magic Knights.[1] The title is vacant following the death of Julius Novachrono.[2]. The first magic emperor is named Lumiere.



The title of Magic Emperor was originally given to honor the mage who managed to defend humanity against a demon. Over time, the title was passed down for generations within the Clover Kingdom. It becomes a title that signifies the holder as the strongest mage within the Kingdom.[3] Additionally, the holder of the title is also officially recognized and acknowledged as the leader of the Kingdom's Order of the Magic Knights.[1]


As the leader of the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights, the Magic Emperor holds a pivotal role in the Kingdom's military affairs. Furthermore, the Magic Emperor's military authority is equal to that of the King of the Clover Kingdom.[4]

One of the duties of the Emperor is organizing the movements and activities of the Magic Knights in their duties as the protectors of the Kingdom. This could consist of delegating missions to Knights, or personally going to the battlefield in an effort to defend the Kingdom against foreign invasions.[5][6]


Achieving the title of Magic Emperor is an effort of high significance. It is because for every generation of Knights, only one mage could have the privilege of holding the title. However, the weight of the title does not translate to the exclusivity of the title to a certain group of Knights, such as those of noble birth. Every Knight within the organization has the opportunity to become the Magic Emperor.[7]

It is because the only sole requirement that a Knight must possess to become the Emperor is merit. To be acknowledged as the strongest Knight within the Kingdom, a mage must possess a list of merits or achievements that could support it.[7] That is the reason why the title of Magic Emperor is not an exclusive title, but part of the five ranks within the Magic Knights organization that every Knight could aim to achieve.[8]


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