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Maggie 「マギー Magī」 is a commoner who lives in Tiulyu, a town in the Clover Kingdom.[1]


Maggie is an elderly woman with long, blonde hair that is kept under a magenta headscarf.

Maggie wears a magenta dress with white frills and a pink shawl tied around her shoulders.


When some Magic Knights are searching Tiulyu, Maggie mishears Gauche Adlai calling for Marie. She approaches Gauche and Gordon Agrippa and is flattered that Gauche called her an angel. However, the two Black Bulls explain the misunderstanding.[1]

When some Black Bulls return to the town, Gordon escorts them to Maggie's house so they can ask her for information on Bow Nocde and Dazu Tayak. She is happy to talk but is disappointed that Gauche is not with them.[2]


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