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Luck Voltia vs. Svenkin Gatard is a fight that occurs in a town in the Heart Kingdom.


After defeating one of the Spirit Guardians of the Heart Kingdom, Svenkin Gatard gloats over the defeated foe about how strong he is.[1] Svenkin decides to continue attacking the citizens of the Heart Kingdom, but suddenly Luck Voltia arrives and rescues the citizens that Svenkin was going to attack.


Svenkin greets Luck and comments about how Luck should just run away, which Luck says that he will not run. Luck attacks Svenkin, but Svenkin's body easily absorbs the attack. Svenkin compliments Luck's speed and manages to land a blow on Luck. As Luck is sent flying away, Luck manages to regroup and launches his Thunderclap Crumbling Orb spell at Svenkin. Svenkin manages to withstand the spell, and then he explains how he possesses Skin Magic and what his magic is capable of.[2] Luck tries to attack again, but Svenkin easily counterattacks and lands a blow on Luck.

Svenkin tells Luck that he should know the difference in their power and that Luck should run away, which Luck says that he is not going to run away from a fight like this. Luck then asks why Svenkin is attacking the Heart Kingdom, which Svenkin says that he is going everything for Vanica Zogratis. Svenkin too asks why Luck is protect the Heart Kingdom's citizens even through he is from the Clover Kingdom, which Luck replies that he is a Magic Knight.

Luck pierces through Svenkin

Luck pierces through Svenkin's toughest defense.

Svenkin tries to get Luck to surrender, but Luck at Svenkin and uses multiple arrays to get behind Svenkin. Luck kicks Svenkin but Svenkin uses his magic to soften his skin to block the spell. Svenkin explains how his magic allow his skin to automatically defend himself.[3] Svenkin grabs a hold of Luck's leg, but Luck manages to get away. Svenkin uses his Skin Fort spell to launches blasts at Luck. While jumping around, Luck thinks about how he has to get faster. Svenkin thinks about how he will finish Luck off once he stops moving, but is shocked when Luck manages to damage Svenkin along with lifting him onto a roof. Svenkin wonder if Luck's speed is faster then his skin detection ability, and decides to harden his skin enough so that Luck cannot dent him. As Luck uses multiple arrays, Svenkin becomes worried and says that Luck will not be able to defeat him. Luck uses his True Lightning Magic spell, Keraunos, to punch through Svenkin. Falling to his knees, Svenkin thinks about how Luck turned himself into a spear of lightning to punch right through him.[4] Luck lands on a roof and thanks Svenkin for the fun fight.

Svenkin stands back up as Vanica's curse on Svenkin heals his injuries. He laughs and praises Vanica and her "power of love."[5] When Vanica decides to kidnap Lolopechka and leave the Heart Kingdom, she detonates the devil power in her Disciples. Svenkin's body swells due to the building magic power before he becomes a massive explosion.[6]


Gadjah and Magic Knights block Disciple explosions

Luck blocks Svenkin's explosion.

Luck manages to survive the explosion and uses all of his power to save the citizens of the Heart Kingdom that were close by the explosion. Afterward, the elves take Luck and the other Magic Knights to Elysia and heal their injuries.[7]


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