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Luck Voltia, Asta, and Noelle Silva vs. Lotus Whomalt is a fight that occurs during an exploration of a newly emerged dungeon.


Asta interferes Luck vs Lotus

Asta interferes the fight.

When Luck Voltia, who has been fighting Lotus Whomalt for a while, is restrained and about to be killed by the latter, Asta interferes and saves his squadmate just in time.[1] However, Luck declines Asta's assistance and quickly charges towards Lotus yet again, who easily evades Luck's attack as he launches a counterattack. Luckily, Asta once again interferes and neutralizes Lotus' attempt to put Luck down.[2]

At that moment, Asta clearly states to Luck that he recognizes the latter as his comrade. He also says that as Luck's comrade, he will always assist him in every predicament regardless of Luck's approval. Seeing his squadmate's determination, Luck agrees to fight as team rather than fighting by himself.[3]


The Black Bulls struggling to break free

Black Bull members unable to escape.

Lotus confines all of the Black Bulls inside a veil of thick smoke.[4] Due to the regenerative property of the smoke, all three of them are struggling to break free before the smoke starts to suffocate them. While they are being confined, Luck is able to sense Lotus' whereabouts within the smoke but is unable to land a direct hit on him. He commends Lotus' sensory abilities for being able to sense all of them while hiding within the smoke, before he notices something.[5]

Asta attacks Lotus

Asta attacks Lotus.

On the other side, Lotus constantly monitors his opponents, whom he sees as sparks of light. Suddenly, a barrage of attacks comes towards him. He evades all of them to the side while concluding that his opponents have become desperate. To Lotus' surprise, Asta suddenly comes out of the smoke and swings his sword at Lotus. The attack manages to break Lotus' arm and several of his ribs.[6]

Luck then reveals his plan: he guided Lotus to a certain direction by firing several Lightning Magic spells, and Noelle stealthily launched Asta towards Lotus by suppressing her magical power as much as possible to avoid Lotus' detection.[7]


After receiving Asta's attack, Lotus commends the Clover Kingdom for having a boy who carries a huge sword and does not have any magical power in their ranks. Subsequently, as he fully understands that he is no longer able to fight, Lotus immediately escapes while taking his subordinates with him. While one of them is healing him, he puts his hope on Mars to complete the mission.[8]

On the other side, as the Black Bulls fail to capture Lotus, they decide to return to their original objective of conquering the dungeon and head towards the center of the dungeon.[9]


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