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By rights, no living thing should ever be born without magic power. You are the world's 'flaw.' For the sake of a just future, flaws must be eliminated.

— To Asta in The World's Savior and Its Flaw

Lucius Zogratis 「ルシウス・ゾグラティス Rushiusu Zoguratisu[2] is the eldest of the Zogratis siblings[3] and the host of the devil Astaroth.[4]

Quick Answers

What is Lucius Zogratis's magic attribute? toggle section
Lucius was born with Soul Magic.
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What is Lucius Zogratis's plan? toggle section
Lucius plans to kill and recreate everyone and rule over them all as the Final Wizard King.
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How does Lucius Zogratis use his Soul Magic? toggle section
Lucius uses his Soul Magic to manipulate souls, altering their life, spirit, and magic power. He can also purify devil power and incarnate devils in humans.
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What other magic attributes does Lucius Zogratis use? toggle section
Lucius was born with Soul Magic but has gained additional attributes: Time and Gravity Magic from devils and Body, Blood, and Bone Magic from his siblings.
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What is Lucius Zogratis's fighting style? toggle section
Lucius uses physical attacks amplified by Gravity Magic and teleportation. He also nullifies Time Magic spells and uses his Soul Magic to alter souls.
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Lucius is a tall man with short, messy, black hair. One of his notable features is a dark-colored sun-like mark on the right side of his forehead.

Lucius wears a furry robe with dark-colored straps across his chest. Beneath the robe, he wears a pair of pants and dark-colored boots. A dark-colored fur cape and light-colored fur mantle are draped over all this and held at his neck by another dark-colored strap with a circle in the middle.

While growing up in the Spade Kingdom, Lucius is in a wheelchair and wears a shawl over a dark-colored, long-sleeved shirt.



Lucius seems to hold human supremacist views, and consider humans to have the most brilliant magic in the world. He is fanatically devoted to his goal of remaking humans into their "true" forms using devil power and his siblings' magic. Lucius is also megalomaniacal and suffers from a severe messiah complex, deeming himself the only person capable of ruling over humanity successfully. He usually carries himself with aloofness and is almost never seen without a smug, mildly amused smile on his face.


Lucius was born with two souls in his body—the other being Julius Novachrono. Among the rest of the Zogratis family, Lucius shows the best potential as a devil host and manages to become the host for Astaroth.[4] Due to Zenon's great potential, Lucius offers to turn his younger brother into a devil host as well, but Zenon turns down the offer. Years later, after the death of his friend, Zenon returns to his brother, wishing to become a devil host.[5] Lucius then explains his plan to use their devils' powers to remake humanity with undying bodies in order to create peace.[6]

At some point, Lucius travels to the Clover Kingdom, hides himself, and lets Julius Novachrono take over his body.

Lucius stops Damnatio

After taking his true appearance, Lucius stops Damnatio.

Several years later, after Lucifero's defeat, Damnatio Kira confronts Julius about discrepancies with Astaroth and Time Magic, at which point Lucius returns, takes over Julius' weak body, and incapacitates Damnatio. Adramelech then arrives with Lucifero's heart.[7]

Lucius later travels to the lowest level of the underworld and fights the other half of Lucifero. After being defeated, the King of Devils is in disbelief that he lost, and Lucius points out that humans are better. Lucius then extracts Lucifero's heart and consumes it.[8] Around this time, Lucius also takes control of the remaining devils in the underworld, including the highest-ranking devils.[9] In addition, Lucius collects his younger siblings and Moris Libardirt.[10]

A year and three months later, Lucius drops in on Asta after his special awards ceremony and declares that Asta has reached his final destination.[11] Lucius stops time for everyone in the tower and approaches Asta. When the Black Bull uses Anti Magic to free himself, Lucius retreats from the Anti Magic. He then introduces himself, claiming that Julius is dead and reveals that he has Gravity Magic after absorbing Lucifero. He also explains his plan to kill and recreate everyone and to rule over them all as the Final Wizard King; however, since Lucius had not foreseen a magicless person, he is intent on removing what he sees as a flaw. After uniting with Liebe and negating the Time Magic, freeing everyone else, Asta challenges Lucius.[12]

Lucius strikes down Asta and Liebe

Lucius defeats Asta and Liebe.

As their fight carries them further into the city, Lucius tries various Time Magic spells, but they are all nullified by Anti Magic. Finding that his Soul Magic is also ineffective, Lucius shifts to using physical attacks amplified by Gravity Magic. Asta and Liebe, who faced this fighting style against Lucifero, quickly counter and negate Lucius's teleportation. Lucius then demonstrates his ability to purify devil power, transforming into something neither human nor devil. He also teleports and takes Lily hostage, holding his finger to the side of her head. After explaining how his Soul Magic works, Lucius transforms Lily into a Paladin, imparting the purified power of Beelzebub into her. While Asta is distracted by Lily's request for Asta to die, Lucius uses his hand to slash open Asta's chest.[13][9] Asta falls onto a rooftop and refuses to give up, but Lucius calls his bluff. Noelle Silva, Secre Swallowtail, and Mimosa Vermillion try to interfere, but Lily stops them and Lucius explains what he did to the nun, as well as his intention to rule as the Magic Great Emperor.[14] Once Lily teleports Asta away, Lucius celebrates the flaw's removal and announces that in seven days, judgment day will bring about a holy war to establish his world. As the Magic Knight Captains arrive, Lucius and Lily teleport away.[15]

Later, Lucius welcomes back Adramelech whom he sent to the Clover Kingdom's border to distract Yuno Grinberryall, the Golden Dawns, and the Black Bulls. Adramelech delivers the news that Yuno was able to defeat a large group of high-ranking devils in an instant. Lucius then states that in the thousands of futures that he foresaw, the only one in which the Magic Knights have an advantage lies with Yuno. Lucius declares that he will crush Yuno for the sake of world peace.[16]

A few days later, Lucius has connected his siblings to his throne, containing their bodies and grimoires in orbs made from intertwined branches sprouting from the throne's back. He calls Moris to him and, using his siblings' combined magic attributes, recreates the magic scholar's body, as well as altering his soul so the scholar would use his magic and research for Lucius's world peace. Afterwards, Lucius sends Lily, Heath Graice, and Yrul to stop a bad future that he has foreseen in the distant Hino Country.[17]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Soul Magic: Lucius uses this magic attribute to manipulate souls, thereby altering their life, spirit, and magic power. He has to physically touch the target in order to alter their soul, and often targets their head.[18][19] He also developed a method of using this magic attribute to purify devil power and to incarnate devils in humans.[20][9]
  • Time Magic: Lucius uses this magic attribute to manipulate time. He can decelerate it to the point of stopping,[8] as well as rapidly accelerate it.[21] He also uses this magic attribute to have a foresight that allows him to envision multiple timelines.
  • Body, Blood, and Bone Magic: In preparation for Judgment Day, Lucius assimilates his siblings' magic attributes into himself. He uses the combination of these three attributes with his Soul Magic to recreate the bodies of humans and convert them into Paladins,[23][24] as well as to create a multitude of physical clones of himself.[25]


  • Immense Magic Power: As a devil host, Lucius possesses an immense amount of magic power. After consuming Lucifero's heart, Lucius's magic power reserves has been greatly enhanced.[26] His magic power is vast enough for him to create multiple clones of himself, as well as to easily destroy and levitate portions of the Royal Capital.
  • Immense Speed: With enhancements from Time Magic, Lucius is extremely fast, managing to evade Asta's attacks and ki-sensing ability.[27]
  • Immense Strength: With enhancements from Gravity Magic, Lucius possesses incredible physical strength, allowing him to destroy a brick roof with one punch.[28] He was also able to stop Yuno's Spirit of Zephyr with a single hand.
  • Genius Intellect: Most likely his most prominent trait is his tactful intellect and immense knowledge of magic. He was the mastermind behind the takeover of the Spade Kingdom and its residents. He is also very charismatic, having convinced many high ranking devils to join him in his crusade.
  • Devil-Possessed: Lucius is host to the devil Astaroth, who grants him immense power and access to Time Magic.[4] Of his family, Lucius has the greatest aptitude and highest potential as a devil host.[4] With his Soul Magic, he can purify devil power to create a holy power, as well as impart this power onto others.[29]


  • Grimoire: Lucius possesses a grimoire with two overlapped spades that contains various soul-based magic spells.[30] When Lucius uses purified devil power, the dark parts of the grimoire's cover turn white.[31] When Lucius uses Time Magic spells, the grimoire reverts to its coverless appearance.[8]


Notable Quotes[]

  • "By rights, no living thing should ever be born without magic power. You are the world's 'flaw.' For the sake of a just future, flaws must be eliminated." 「本来魔力を持たない生命体など生まれてはならないんだ 君はこの世界の〝欠陥〟なんだよ 正しい未来のために〝欠陥〟は排除しないとね Honrai maryoku o motanai seimeitai nado umarete wa naranai nda Kimi wa kono sekai no "kekkan" na nda yo Tadashī mirainotameni "kekkan" wa haijo shinaito ne[32]


  • Lucius ranked #48 in the sixth popularity poll.
  • Lucius's favorite thing is the salvation of humans.[1]


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