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Lucifero 「ルチフェロ Ruchifero」 is a highest-ranking devil and one of the three rulers of the underworld,[1] residing on the lowest level.[2] The devil has contracted with Dante Zogratis, a member of the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad.[3]


Lucifero is a large black figure with four wings, four horns, long hair, and pointed teeth.


Like most devils, Lucifero looks down on those it considers weaker than itself, like low-ranked devils and humans. As such, Lucifero holds little regard for their feelings, using and killing them as it sees fit.[4]


Lucifero seizes Liebe's body.

After discovering that Liebe has reached the living world, Lucifero attempts to take over the low-ranked devil's body. Liebe's foster mother, Richita, tries to stop Lucifero, so the devil plunges Liebe's left arm through her. However, she refuses to give up and succeeds in forcing Lucifero out. Lucifero laughs and promises to return one day.[4]

During his fight with Asta, Dante Zogratis asks Lucifero about Asta's devil, but Lucifero claims to not know the devil and considers him to be a low-ranking devil due to his spell-erasing power.[3]

A few days later, the first gate to the underworld opens, and Dante is able to access 100% of Lucifero's power that was granted to him.[5]

Battle Prowess



  • Immense Magic Power: As the strongest devil connected to the Tree of Qliphoth,[2] Lucifero possesses immense magic power[8][3] that threatens to destroy the living world if released.[2]
  • Devil Possession: Lucifero has the ability to take control of the bodies of low-ranked devils, regardless of where they are.[4]


  • Lucifero is the Italian pronunciation of Lucifer.
    • In the Italian epic poem Divine Comedy, Satan is imprisoned in the lowest circle of Hell and is referred to as Lucifer.


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