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Lolopechka, Noelle Silva, and Secre Swallowtail vs. Vanica Zogratis and Megicula is a fight that occurs in the Royal Palace of the Heart Kingdom.


After infiltrating the Heart Kingdom, Vanica Zogratis and one of her Dark Disciples break into the Royal Palace's underground chamber. Mimosa Vermillion and Undine quickly defeat the Dark Disciple. Princess Lolopechka then questions why Vanica attacked the citizens of the Heart Kingdom, and Vanica admits that it was to help motivate Lolopechka to fight her. When Noelle Silva boasts that they have defeated all of the Disciples, Vanica reveals that her Disciples have been cursed with immortality and will keep resurrecting until she is defeated. Lolopechka, Noelle, and Mimosa then prepare to fight.[1]


After donning her Valkyrie Dress, Noelle unleashes Sea Dragon's Roar. Vanica's Red Beast easily blocks the spell, toward which Vanica is dismissive. When Noelle is distracted by Mimosa's fight with the Dark Disciple, Vanica lashes out with her Blood Magic, but Undine raises a wall of water, defending the Magic Knights. As the fight continues, Vanica lets slip that Zenon and Dante Zogratis are hunting down the World Tree Magic and Dark Magic mages. Lolopechka researches the two magic attributes in her inherited memories and learns about the Tree of Qliphoth. Realizing that the fate of humanity is at stake, Lolopechka resolves to stop the Dark Triad's plan, so the Princess traps Vanica in her Ludic Sanctuary spell, which weakens Vanica's Blood Magic and bolsters Noelle's Water Magic.

Noelle then shifts her armor into its Mermaid Form and drives her lance into Vanica's abdomen.[2] Vanica gets excited to fight someone else, along with Lolopechka, and attacks with 50 percent of the devil's power.[3] Lolopechka notices how powerful Vanica still is and warns Noelle, which Noelle is able to evade Vanica's attack and continues to attack Vanica. Vanica continues to increase her power, which Noelle notices the power increase and asks if this is the power Vanica used to kill her mother. Vanica does not know what she is talking about, and comments about how she does not care about the past and just want to have fun now. Noelle continues to clash with Vanica, while Vanica continues to increase her power. Vanica decides to use her full power and unleashes her full power of 70 percent.

Lolopechka and Noelle notices their chance and calls for Secre. Secre suddenly appears and uses her Eternal Prison on Vanica, but they notice that the spell is not working. Megicula then takes control of Vanica's body and uses his magic to destroy both Eternal Prison and Ludic Sanctuary. Lolopechka wonders how this could have happened, which Megicula tells her that his spell, Decaying World, was activate and it stop their spells. As Lolopechka start to ride in pain, Vanica comments about how boring this is and decides to finish Lolopechka off. Noelle gets back up to stop Vanica, but Vanica says that she is done with Noelle. As Noelle charges, Vanica hits Noelle with a spell but Noelle says that she is not done yet. Vanica notices that Noelle is uses her armor to avoid a lethal blow, which Noelle uses to chance to land a blow on Vanica. Vanica comments about how that attack did not work, which Noelle replies that she is not finished. Noelle attack with her Sea Dragon's Roar spell at close range, but Vanica counters it her Red Beast spell.


Vanica comments about how useless Noelle's attack was, but suddenly notices something. Vanica asks for Noelle's name, which Noelle tells her that she is a member of the Clover Kingdom's royal family. Vanica then remembers Noelle's mother, Acier, and decides to take Lolopechka hostage, in order to make Noelle stronger for their next fight.[4] Vanica activates the Exploding Life spells within her Dark Disciples, and explains what the spell does to those near by. Vanica then leaves with Lolopechka, as her Dark Disciples explode.


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