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Weekly Shōnen Jump 「週刊少年ジャンプ Shūkan Shōnen Janpu」 is a weekly magazine where the Black Clover manga series is being published. The company publishes over 48 issues across 52 weeks each year. Each issue is published every week and usually arrives at stores on Monday. Additionally, the magazine also takes a break in specific weeks, usually on Japanese national holidays when they cease any publication. In order to prevent the decrease of their readers' interest, Jump would publish Double Issues. The company promotes this type of issues as an issue that covers two consecutive weeks while the magazine is on hiatus. Unfortunately, the term Double Issue does not translate as an issue that contains twice the amount of content.

In Weekly Shōnen Jump, there is also the Reader's Vote in which the readers are encouraged to fill in a form and vote for three series that the readers regarded to have the best story of the week. This votes is then being put into consideration to measure the series' popularity and ranking establishment. Unfortunately, the information is highly classified and never been published for the readers' view. However, usually the information can be depicted from the magazine's ToC (Table of Contents). In the ToC, the popular series are usually placed at the front so that readers could go straight to them while the not so popular are placed at the back.

After several weeks, editors of the magazine held the Serialization Meeting where they decide the upcoming new series to publish and series that are to be cancelled due to their low popularity.

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