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Magic Knights Entrance Arc[]

No. of Chapters 10 No. of Episodes 13
Duration February 16, 2015 - April 20, 2015 (Manga)
October 3, 2017 - December 26, 2017 (Anime)
Asta and Yuno are orphans raised in Hage. When they reach 15 years of age, both of them received their respective grimoire and enter the Magic Knights squads. Asta goes to the Black Bull squad while Yuno chooses the Golden Dawn squad.
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Dungeon Exploration Arc[]

No. of Chapters 11 No. of Episodes 6
Duration April 27, 2015 - July 13, 2015 (Manga)
January 9, 2018 - February 13, 2018 (Anime)
Asta, Luck Voltia, and Noelle Silva of the Black Bull squad are assigned to explore and conquer a dungeon along with Yuno, Klaus Lunette, and Mimosa Vermilion of the Golden Dawn squad. A conflict arises when they encounter the mages from the Diamond Kingdom.
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Royal Capital Assault Arc[]

No. of Chapters 16 No. of Episodes 8
Duration July 20, 2015 - November 9, 2015 (Manga)
February 20, 2018 - April 10, 2018 (Anime)
Asta and Noelle Silva are invited to an awarding ceremony by Julius Novachrono along with Klaus Lunette, Yuno and Mimosa Vermilion after completing the dungeon exploring mission. During the banquet, the Royal Capital is being invaded by an army of the undead.
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Eye of the Midnight Sun Encounter Arc[]

No. of Chapters 19 No. of Episodes 12
Duration November 16, 2015 - April 4, 2016 (Manga)
April 17, 2018 - June 3, 2018 (Anime)
This arc revolves around the kidnapping of children from Nairn, which is manipulated by Sally, a member of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. It causes a conflict between the group of rogue mages and Clover Kingdom's Order of Magic Knights.
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Seabed Temple Arc[]

No. of Chapters 18 No. of Episodes 12
Duration April 18, 2016 - August 22, 2016 (Manga)
July 10, 2018 - September 25, 2018 (Anime)
The Black Bulls get assigned a special mission from the Wizard King: to retrieve the magic stone in the Seabed Temple before the Eye of the Midnight Sun does. The head priest of the temple challenges the Magic Knights to a game in order to obtain the stone. But in the middle of this challenge there is an interruption...
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Witches' Forest Arc[]

No. of Chapters 27 No. of Episodes 15
Duration August 29, 2016 - March 13, 2017 (Manga)
September 25, 2018 - January 8, 2019 (Anime)
After the Black Bulls managed to retrieve the magic stone and get back to the surface, Asta's arms gets checked by a healer, who says that his arms may never be the same again. Hearing this the team splits up to try and find a cure for Asta, and Vanessa goes to a place she never thought she would return to.
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Royal Knights Arc[]

No. of Chapters 48 No. of Episodes 31
Duration March 20, 2017 - March 19, 2018 (Manga)
January 15, 2019 - August 13, 2019 (Anime)
Following Asta's recovery and fights against the Diamond Kingdom as well as the Eye of the Midnight Sun, the Black Bulls attend the Star Awards Festival. After the event, Asta, Yuno, Yami, Charlotte, and Noelle attend a training session with the Crimson Lions led by their interim captain, Mereoleona Vermillion. Asta and some of his comrades enter a tournament with other Magic Knights to become a part of the Royal Knights, a squad that will be assigned the duty of attacking the Eye of the Midnight Sun's Base. During the tournament, a suspicious young man calling himself Xerx Lugner enters the tournament on Asta's team.
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Elf Reincarnation Arc[]

No. of Chapters 79 No. of Episodes 62
Duration March 26, 2018 - November 11, 2019 (Manga)
August 13, 2019 - December 22, 2020 (Anime)
With the Royal Knights having been selected, they begin their attack on the base of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. During the battle, things do not go as planned when many of the Knights turn against each other when the Elf Tribe is reincarnated into them.
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Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle Arc[]

No. of Chapters 32 No. of Episodes 10
Duration November 18, 2019 - August 11, 2020 (Manga)
January 5, 2021 - March 9, 2021 (Anime)
Following the six months of training, Asta and the other members of the Magic Knights begin to work along side the mages of the Heart Kingdom in their fight against the Spade Kingdom and the Dark Triad, as well as the devils.
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Spade Kingdom Raid Arc[]

No. of Chapters 71 No. of Episodes 3+
Duration August 24, 2020 - April 25, 2022 (Manga)
March 16, 2021 - March 30, 2021 (Anime)
The Clover and Heart Kingdoms organize their forces to raid the Spade Kingdom and retrieve the captured captains and princess, as well as to stop the Dark Triad from unleashing devils onto the continent.
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Arc 11[]

No. of Chapters TBA No. of Episodes TBA
Duration August 1, 2022 - TBD (Manga)
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