Unnamed 1st Arc

Illustration Event Outcome
15-year-olds receive their grimoire.png Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony Asta and Yuno receive their grimoires
Magic Knights entrance exam venue.png Magic Knights Entrance Exam Asta and Yuno enter the Magic Knights
Asta initiation test.png Black Bull Initiation Ceremony Asta becomes a full-fledged Black Bull member
Noelle's Magical Rampant.png Noelle's Magical Rampage Noelle accepts her Black Bull membership
The villagers imminent execution.png Asta's First Mission Black Bulls defeat the Eye of the Midnight Sun, recover a magic stone, and earn a gold star

Dungeon Exploration Arc

Illustration Event Outcome
Black Bulls vs. Golden Dawns.png Blood Brothers Reunion Asta reunited with Yuno for a moment
Treasures of the dungeon.png Hidden Treasures: the Sword and the Wind Asta and Yuno find powerful magical artifacts

Royal Capital Arc

Illustration Event Outcome
Magic Knights awarding ceremony.png War Merits Conferment Ceremony Several top-tier Magic Knights are being promoted to higher ranks
Asta declares his ascension to Emperor.png Declaration of Ascension Several top-tier Magic Knights are aware of Asta's ambition
The undead invade the royal capital.png The Undead Invasion Several Magic Knights are forcefully transported away from the Royal Capital
Fuegoleon defeated.png Assassination of Fuegoleon Vermillion Fuegoleon survived the attempt, but lost an arm and a magic stone

Blind Date Arc

Illustration Event Outcome
Black Bull blind date.png Black Bull Blind Date Asta meets Rebecca while Finral and Luck are rejected
Baro drains child's mana.png Rescue the Children Mission Black Bulls save the children and defeat the Eye of the Midnight Sun
Captains together in the dungeon.png Captain's Meeting: Finding the Traitor Gueldre Poizot is revealed as a traitor and arrested

Seabed Temple Arc

Illustration Event Outcome
Chapter 62.png Temple Battle Royale Black Bulls win and Vetto dies

Witches' Forest Arc

Illustration Event Outcome
Diamond Kingdom force against Kiten.png Invasion of Kiten Golden Dawn and Black Bull squads defeat Diamond Kingdom
Asta's friends drop in.png Helping Asta: Searching for a Cure Asta's arms are healed
Witches' Forest Invasion.png Invasion of the Witches' Forest Black Bulls defeat Eye of the Midnight Sun, Diamond Kingdom, and the Witch Queen

Hot Springs Training Camp Arc

Illustration Event Outcome
Star Awarding Festival.png Star Awards Festival Golden Dawn ranks first; Black Bull ranks second
Magic Lava Creature.png The Hot Spring Training Camp Asta trains Anti Magic abilities; Yuno, Noelle, Leopold, and Sol train Mana Skin

Royal Knights Arc

Illustration Event Outcome
Royal Knights Selection Exam.png Royal Knights Selection Exam

Reincarnation Arc

Arc 10

Arc 11

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