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Sister Lily Aquaria 「シスター・リリー・アクアリア Shisutā Rirī Akuaria[1] is a former noblewoman[2] and nun who serves as a caretaker at the orphanage in Hage.[3]

Prior to Judgment Day, Lucius Zogratis transforms Lily into a Paladin and makes her the devil host of Beelzebub.[4]


Lily is a relatively pale-skinned woman with dark blue hair. Her bangs are parted a little to the right side and cover most of her left brow. She also has kind teal eyes that are lined with long lashes, and a black beauty mark under her left eye.

Lily wears a nun's habit and a gold cross on a gold bead necklace.

After having her soul altered, Lily wears a lighter-colored habit made of a thicker fabric. She also wears a wide, dark-colored belt with her grimoire pouch hanging from the left side.

While using purified devil power, Lily grows a pair of ram-like horns that curve around themselves and a pair of wings. A halo appears over her head, and lines appear running up her neck to her cheeks and from her ears to her eyes. Her clothes are turned light-colored and covered in light-colored designs.[5]



Lily is a stern but kind young woman who is takes care of the young orphans, cooking and cleaning for them. She also scolds them when they are misbehaving, particularly Asta when he demands that she marry him.


Growing up in the Noble Realm, Lily witnesses the magic-based discrimination amongst the classes and is saddened by it, so she leaves to become a nun, hoping to help bring equality to the Clover Kingdom. However, she finds much of the same discrimination in the church. When her prayers for change go unanswered, she heads out to the Forsaken Realm and takes up the position as caretaker at the church orphanage in Hage.[2]

Lily heals Asta

Lily heals Asta's injuries.

One day, when they are young, Yuno returns to the church with a heavily injured Asta and Lily heals the boy's injuries. Lily notices a change in the boys after that day: Asta always runs off by himself and returns dirty and Yuno no longer cries.[6]

Lily goes to Theresa Rapual's church in Nairn for training and, some time later, tells her about Asta.[7]

Asta proposes to Lily, but she quickly refuses and he insists even after she forcefully silences him with a spell. He finally stops when Yuno interrupts him.[8] Yuno then helps Lily with the laundry, spin-drying it with his Wind Magic.[9] When Asta is disheartened by his own lack of magic, Lily approaches him and suggests that attaining a grimoire might trigger his abilities. The boy then runs off and Yuno tells her not to worry.[10]

The following March, many of the villagers gather to watch the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony.[11] Lily and the others from the orphanage are shocked when Asta does not receive one, but Yuno receives a four-leaf clover. Lily grows concerned for Asta after Yuno refuses to acknowledge him as a rival.[12]

Six months later, Orsi Orfai and Lily visit Drouot and ask about Asta's grimoire, but the old man admits to being clueless about it.[13]

Lily defends her family

Lily defends Orsi and the children.

Several months later, the villagers of Hage are left confused after the kingdom is saved from the Arrows of Judgment and the demon skeleton shines with light. They watch as a dungeon rises over the skeleton and passes overhead. A possessed Purple Orca member then attacks the villagers.[14] Lily fights back but her magic is too weak. When the elf attacks her, Nash jumps in front of her. The pair are saved by Yuno and Asta.[15][16]

After the elf is defeated, Lily and the children rush to thank Yuno and Asta.[17] Asta inquires if Lily was hurt and then professes his love. The village thanks the two boys and bids them farewell as they leave to fight more elves.[18]

A few days later, Lily reads the newspaper article about Asta's trial and is in disbelief that he is a treasonist and a devil user.[19]

Six months after the elves' attack, Lily discovers an injured man lying outside the church and asking for Yuno.[21] Lily and Orsi move Ralph into a bed to recover and send a message to Yuno. Lily meets Yuno outside and brings him in to Ralph. She and Orsi listen as Ralph reveals that Yuno is a prince of the Spade Kingdom.[22] She is concerned for Yuno after Ralph shows him memories of the past. An emergency call from the Golden Dawn base interrupts the conversation,[23] and Yuno rushes off to defend his squad from the attack.[24]

A few days later, a demon attacks the Clover Kingdom, and Lily and the others watch as Asta protects the kingdom.[25]

Asta's last proposal to Lily

Asta proposes to Lily for the last time.

A year and three months later, Lily and the others attend a special awards ceremony for Asta, and enjoy the banquet afterwards.[26] Asta invites Lily out onto a balcony, where he proposes to her for the last time. She gently refuses again, which he finally accepts. When he repeats his vow to become Wizard King, she smiles and voices her support. Lucius Zogratis then appears beside them on the balcony.[27] They initially mistake him for Julius, but Asta realizes he is not, at which point Lucius stops time for everyone.[28] When Asta nullifies the Time Magic spell, Lily is perplexed by the sudden change in events and witnesses Asta's declaration to surpass the Wizard King.[29]

During Asta and Lucius's fight, Lucius demonstrates his ability to purify devil power on himself and then abducts Lily in order to demonstrate his Soul Magic on her. Lucius imparts devil power into her and then purifies it, transforming her into a horned, winged being cloaked in white. Lily requests that Asta die for the sake of world peace, which stuns him. Taking advantage of the distraction, Lucius slashes Asta across the chest.[30] When Noelle Silva, Mimosa Vermillion, and Secre Swallowtail try to interfere, Lily disperses Noelle's Sea Dragon's Roar and traps them in Sacred Mana Domination. Lily marvels at the power Lucius has given her. She then teleports Asta away, again asking him to die for the sake of peace. When the captains arrive, Lily teleports herself and Lucius away.[31] They return to Lucius's throne room and hear a report from Adramelech about Yuno.[32]

A few days later, Lucius sends Lily, a revived Heath Graice, and Yrul to the Hino Country[33] to handle an uncertain future that threatens their peace. As they drop down to Goshu, they find the town deserted. After Heath shatters the torii gate in the black sea, Lily has Yrul awaken and purify the five-headed dragon so that they can unleash it on the country.[34] They are confronted by five of the Ryuzen Seven, and seeing Ginnojomorifuyu Kezoukaku's terror at facing the dragon, Lily offers to give her a painless death. However, when Ginnojomorifuyu draws her sword, she suddenly leaps through the air and slashes Lily's cheek and horn, which surprises the Paladin.[35] Lily attempts to catch Ginnojomorifuyu in a spatial cube, but Ichika Yami uses Black Star to pull Ginnojomorifuyu aside. Although impressed by Ichika's magic, Lily questions if they should be focusing on her instead of the dragon as one of the heads smashes through the town and attacks Ginnojomorifuyu. Another head fires a blast from its mouth, destroying some of the nearby mountain range. Lily suggests that the dragon will destroy everything, but Ichika counters that they have an all-seeing Shogun on their side.[36] Lily is amazed as the five Ryuzen Seven each destroy a head of the dragon.[37]

Lily then appears next to Ichika and questions if the five warriors can evade her next spell. She opens portals next to all five warriors, and large ice spikes burst from the portals and strike down the five warriors, heavily injuring them.[38] While Ginnojomorifuyu and Ichika are preoccupied with Yrul's Bogeyman spell, the other three Ryuzen Seven stand back up and prepare to continue fighting. As the five-headed dragon restores itself completely, Lily informs the warriors that Lucius will bring them true happiness and peace after they die.[39]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Water Magic: Lily uses this magic attribute to manipulate the element of water.[40]
  • Spatial Magic: As the incarnation of Beelzebub, Lily uses this rare magic attribute to manipulate space. She creates spatial cubes that allow her to dominate and negate the mana trapped within them.[41]
  • Union Magic: As a Paladin, Lily combines Beelzebub's Spatial Magic with another person's magic or her own Water Magic to create more powerful spells.[42][43]


  • Magic Power: As a noblewoman,[2] Lily possesses a considerable amount of magic power.[44] When she is transformed into a Paladin, Lily receives an incarnated devil, further increasing her magic power.[4]
  • Devil-Possessed: As a Paladin, Lily is host to one of the highest-ranking devils, Beelzebub, who has been incarnated inside her and purified. This grants her incredible magic power, access to the devil's magic, and a nearly immortal body[4] due to its magically enhanced regeneration.[45]


Volume Magic Type Power Magical Wisdom Stamina Vitality
33 600 Sister 2 3 3 3 3


  • Grimoire: Lily possesses a three-leaf clover grimoire that contains water-based spells.[40] After becoming a Paladin, her grimoire also contains space-based spells.[46]



Being one of the people who raised and looked after Asta, Lily cares deeply for him and his well-being and is usually supportive, yet stern of the young boy. Asta has repeatedly proposed to marry her, often several times at once, which she has flatly denied just as many times despite his insistence prompting her to use magic at times to draw a line.

At 18 years old, Asta proposes to her for the last time. Much differently than previous instances, Lily took the proposal request more seriously, ultimately rejecting it politely by stating she views Asta as family.


Looking after Yuno, Lily cares deeply for him and often gives him chores, in which she trusts him to get the job done and correctly.

Lucius Zogratis[]

After being purified, Lily became one of Lucius' Paladins. As her soul was altered, she starts to see Lucius as the hero and is willing to do anything in his sake.

Appearances in Other Media[]

In the anime, Lily serves as a teacher at Hage's magic school.[20]


  • Lily ranked #11 in the first popularity poll, #26 in the second, #20 in the third, #43 in the fourth, #56 in the fifth, and #50 in the sixth.
  • Lily is the fourth best chef in the series.[47]
  • Lily's favorite things are hot cocoa and the church's children.[1]
  • Lily is a reference to a lily pad or Nymphaeaceae, a common type of flower that floats on top of water.
  • Aquaria is Latin for "of or pertaining to water", a reference to Lily's Water Magic.
  • Lily's grimoire design is the background for Volume 33's cover.


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