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Liliane Vaude 「リリアンヌ・ヴォード Ririan'nu Vōdo[1] is a noblewoman of House Vaude. She is the second wife of Ledior Vaude, the mother of Langris Vaude[2] and Finral's stepmother.


Liliane is a woman with long blonde hair pulled back into a bun.



After Ledior Vaude's wife dies, he marries Liliane and they have a son, Langris.[2] Liliane favors Langris over Ledior's first son, Finral and frequently praises Langris while harshly criticizing Finral.[3]

Clover throne room

Liliane and Ledior meet with King Augustus.

Several days after the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Liliane and Ledior are brought before King Augustus Kira Clover XIII to answer for Langris's behavior. Liliane is shocked that Langris would be considered a traitor. They are interrupted by a mage alerting them to the attack on the Royal Capital.[4]

A group of possessed Golden Dawns infiltrate Clover Castle, and Ratri, who has possessed Langris, makes his way to the throne room. Liliane panics when the elf attacks and defeats Ledior. When the elf turns his attention towards Augustus, Ledior claims that something is wrong with Langris, to which Liliane agrees.[5] Finral Roulacase arrives, teleports over to his father, and creates a portal for his family to escape. Liliane worries about Langris while Yami Sukehiro ushers her through the portal.[6]


Finral's Mother
Finesse Calmreich


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