Licita 「リチタ Richita」 was the mother of Asta[1] and the foster mother of Liebe. She died protecting Liebe from Lucifero.[2]


Licita was a slim woman with green eyes and medium-length, ash blonde hair and a single strand protruding upwards from the center of her head. Her son Asta resembles her.

Licita wore a white shirt with sleeves that reached just past her elbows. Over this she wore an open, dark-colored vest and two belts. One belt held her grimoire pouch on her left side, while the other held a smaller pouch on her right hip. She also wore dark-colored pants that stopped at midcalf and a pair of light-colored shoes.


Licita was a compassionate and straightforward woman. She said what was on her mind, and did not hesitate to help a child in need, despite the fact that said child was a devil.

She felt regret for having to abandon her son Asta at Hage Village.[3][1]


Licita was forced to live on the outskirts of a village due to her strange body that drained magic and lifeforce from others. After giving birth to Asta, she abandoned him in a basket on the doorstep of Hage's church.[2][1]

Licita and Liebe's life together

One day, she found Licht's five-leaf clover grimoire and, a few days later, happened to find a devil lying exhausted and injured in the woods. She brought the devil back to her house and took care of him, adopting him as her son and naming him Liebe. The pair live a carefree and fun-filled life together, until Lucifero discovers that there is a devil in the living world and attempts to take over Liebe's body. Refusing to let another child go, Licita grabs onto Liebe and absorbs Lucifero's magic power. Lucifero takes control of Liebe's left arm and plunges it through her chest; however, she manages to force Lucifero out of Liebe's body. As she dies, she puts Liebe into the five-leaf clover grimoire so he can grow up safe from Lucifero.[2]

Battle Prowess


  • Unnamed Magic: Licita used this magic to store mana-less objects and creatures inside of other objects, allowing her to carry large amounts of stuff without having to worry about weight, size, or shape. She typically used little bottles.[4]


  • Magic and Lifeforce Absorption: Licita's body passively absorbed the magic power and lifeforce from other people and creatures near her.[5]


  • Grimoire: Licita possessed a grimoire that contained various spells.[4]


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