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Leopold Vermillion vs. Sivoir Snyle is a fight that occurs in the Heart Kingdom.


After defeating Floga, one of the Spirit Guardians of the Heart Kingdom, Sivoir Snyle shoots at the citizens until Leopold Vermillion arrives at the battlefield.[1]


Sivoir is hiding in a forest while using his Catoblepas's Evil Eyes to spy on Leopold, who is hiding among the rocks near the other shore. Sivoir successfully shoots the Magic Knight again and is impressed with how resilient Leopold is. He watches Leopold change position and notes that Leopold's protective magic is dropping with each hit. Sivoir fires another shot, which hits Leopold's chest and knocks him back. Leopold looks over and sees the unconscious Floga and is reminded of his training. Another shot hits the right side of Leopold's head. Leopold deduces where Sivoir is and fires Profound Spiral Flames at the location, but Sivoir dodges the attack and shots Leopold's left shoulder. Sivoir gloats that he has never been wounded or felt pain and that straight forward attacks will never hit him.[2]

Leopold hits Sivoir directly

Leopold finds and attacks Sivoir.

Another shot hits Leopold and he realizes that Sivoir's position has changed but the distance has not changed much. Sivoir's eyes then spy the giant magic circle that Leopold has been buying time to create. The array encompasses a large area. Before Sivoir can escape, the array generates a large burst of flames, engulfing the Disciple and the forest around him. Sivoir howls at the pain of being injured for the first time, and the sound leads Leopold right to him. Leopold slams Sivoir into the ground with another spiral of flames, while telling him not to enter a battle if he is not prepared to be injured.[3]

Sivoir stands back up as Vanica Zogratis's curse on Sivoir heals his injuries. He is furious with Leopold, who refuses to back down.[4] When Vanica decides to kidnap Lolopechka and leave the Heart Kingdom, she detonates the devil power in her Disciples. Sivoir's body swells due to the building magic power before he becomes a massive explosion.[5]


Gadjah and Magic Knights block Disciple explosions

Leopold blocks Sivoir's explosion.

Leopold manages to survive the explosion and uses all of his power to save the citizens of the Heart Kingdom that were close by the explosion. Afterward, the elves take Leopold and the other Magic Knights to Elysia and heal their injuries.[6]


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