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Ledior Vaude 「レデオール・ヴォード Redeōru Vōdo[1] is a nobleman and the head of House Vaude. He is the father of Finral Roulacase and Langris Vaude.[2]


Ledior is a middle-aged man with short blond hair, sideburns, mustache, and goatee.

Ledior wears a dark green coat with light green stripes and matching pants. Over the coat he wears a brown belt. He also wears a pair of capes tied at his neck: one is a full-length green cape, and the other is a green half-cape with a lifted collar.


Ledior takes pride in his family's reputation and wants his sons to do the same. As such, he is disappointed in Finral's weakness and disowns him in favor of Langris, who shows more talent.[3]


Ledior was born to House Vaude, a noble family with a history of offensive Spatial Magic. As an adult, Ledior marries and has a son, Finral. After Finral's mother dies, Ledior marries Liliane and has a second son, Langris.[2] While his sons are still children, Ledior arranges with House Kira for Finesse Calmreich to marry his heir.[4]

Years later, Langris has become vice-captain of the Golden Dawn squad while Finral is a member of the Black Bull squad, the lowest-ranked squad, so Ledior appoints Langris as his heir instead of Finral.[3]

Clover throne room

Ledior and Liliane meet with King Augustus.

Several days after the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Ledior and Liliane are brought before King Augustus Kira Clover XIII to answer for Langris's behavior. Ledior denies that Langris or anyone in his family is a traitor. Augustus considers revoking the arranged marriage, but Finesse begs him not to punish Langris and Finral. They are interrupted by a mage alerting them to the attack on the Royal Capital.[5]

A group of possessed Golden Dawns infiltrate Clover Castle, and Ratri, who has possessed Langris, makes his way to the throne room. Ledior tries to block an attack from the elf but is unable to counter all of it and is severely injured as a result. When the elf turns his attention toward Augustus, Ledior claims that something is wrong with Langris and begs his son to stop. Finesse hugs Langris and asks him to stop. The elf throws her off, and before Ratri can kill her, Finral counters the attack, which surprises Ledior.[6] While Ledior stares in amazement at Ratri's automatic defense, Finral teleports over to his father and creates a portal for his family to escape. Ledior tries to argue for Finral to escape with them, but Finral refuses to leave his brother. Yami Sukehiro then picks up Ledior and throws him through the portal.[7]


Finral's Mother
Finesse Calmreich

Battle Prowess[]



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