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Komari Imari 「伊万里小鞠 Imari Komari」 is one of the Ryuzen Seven of the Hino Country.[2]


Komari has long, wavy hair that is dyed a light color. It is loosely pulled back in two bunches, and her bangs are swept to the side and held in place by two flower barettes. She has a single, lightning bolt-shaped strand protruding upwards from the center of her head, and two similarly shaped strands hanging down from her temples. She also has dark-colored skin and long, dark-painted fingernails.

Komari wears a floral, sleeveless one-piece suit that ends in shorts. A light-colored sash wraps around her waist and is tied with a bow on her left side. The ends of the sash are knotted, and a small doll hangs from the bow. Under the suit she wears a short-sleeved fishnet shirt. Her wristbands and leg warmers match the floral pattern of her suit; on her right wrist she has a dark-colored bracelet, which resembles the ties holding her hair. She wears a pair of dark-colored slippers.


Komari is energetic and wishes to liven the attitude of every situation, as well as the whole country. Even though she is a ninja, she dresses flashily and alters her appearance with makeup and hair dye, making her stand out more. She refers to others by nicknames she has given them.[3]


Komari, Jozou Hanegatsuji, and Daizaemon Ōoka meet up with Ryuya Ryudo and Ichika Yami to train Asta. The three quickly beat up the foreigner, knocking him unconscious. While Humito Mikuriya heals Asta, Komari questions if Asta's hair color is natural and normal for his country since hers is dyed. Jozou criticizes her appearance and attitude, but Komari insists that Jozou and the country need to liven up. When Humito suggests that her fashion sense might spread, Komari is delighted but then creeped out by Daizaemon's reaction. Ryuya thanks the three for coming and has them continue training with Asta.[4]

Later that night, when three Paladins arrive in the country, Ryuya sends Komari and four of the other Ryuzen Seven members to evacuate Goshu in preparation to fight the Paladins and the awakened five-headed dragon.[5] The Ryuzen Seven gather on the rooftop of the regional lord's palace[6] and are approached by Lily Aquaria.[7] When the dragon attacks, Komari uses Diamond Yasha Princess ☆ Fivefold Dance and Zetten to destroy sections of one head and neck. At the same time, the other Ryuzen Seven members deal with the other heads.[8] Lily and Heath Graice then unleash a combined spell that strikes down all five warriors, heavily injuring them.[9] Despite their injuries, Komari, Daizaemon, and Jozou refuse to give up, preparing to continue fighting, but are taken aback as the five-headed dragon restores its heads.[10]

Asta decapitates five-headed dragon

With the Ryuzen Seven's help, Asta decapitates the dragon.

After Asta's Anti Magic also fails to permanently injure the dragon, the Ryuzen Seven still refuse to give up, and Ryuya and Fujio Tenmanyashiki encourage and bolster them from the palace rooftop.[11] While Ryuya uses his Tengentsu to analyze the dragon, Fujio reinvigorates the other Ryuzen Seven and communicates Ryuya's commands to them. Komari uses her Fivefold Dance to knock back one of the dragon's heads. When Jozou falters due to his injuries, Komari shouts in worry, but Ichika interrupts the dragon's attack, saving Jozou and knocking the head up into the air. With the five heads in position, Asta severs all five simultaneously, killing the dragon.[12]

Battle Prowess[]



  • Ki: Komari is able to manipulate her own ki, increasing it to enhance her physical abilities.[14]
    • Zetten: Komari is capable of manipulating her ki to concentrate her magic power in her body and subsequently release it in a series of strikes.[14]


  • Scroll: Komari possesses a scroll that contains various lightning-based spells. The backside is decorated with a thundercloud design.[15]


Ryuya Ryudo[]

Komari is loyal to Ryuya and calls him "Ryu-ryu" 「リュウリュウ Ryūryū」.[16]

Jozou Hanegatsuji[]

Komari and Jozou Hanegatsuji clash over their opinions on appropriate fashion and attitudes. She calls him "Jozocchi" 「ジョゾッチ Jozotchi」.[17]


  • Komari's design is based on the gyaru fashion subculture, including her lightened hair color, darkened skin color, and decorative fingernails.
  • Komari's favorite things are udon, flashy things, and cute things.[1]


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