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Klaus Lunettes, Letoile Becquerel, and Yuno vs Foyal Migusteau is a fight that occurs in the Golden Dawn base.


Zenon Zogratis and his two Dark Disciples, Gaderois Godroc and Foyal Migusteau, attack the Golden Dawn base. The Dark Disciples easily tank the Golden Dawns' attacks,[1] and Foyal traps ans kills several of the Magic Knights in the base's courtyard with his Mist Magic.[2]


Klaus Lunettes' steel walls protect himself and two other Golden Dawns. When Foyal approaches, Klaus strikes out at the Disciple but the lance hits another illusion. Foyal mocks them as he bombards and destroys the defense with water bullets. Letoile Becquerel remarks how she can barely protect herself from the mist with her Compass Magic. She flashes back to the training the Golden Dawn had to do in order to try and harness the magic left behind when the Elf Tribe possessed their bodies and were exorcised by Asta, Licht, and William. She thinks to herself that the training was not enough especially as they have been effortless beaten back by the Dark Disciples.

Klaus defeats Foyal

Klaus strikes the real Foyal.

Foyal commends Klaus on being able to withstand his attacks despite getting injured in the process. Klaus refuses to given up to the enemy while Foyal prepares to finish him off. However, Yuno Grinberryall breaks through the mist after defeating Gaderois which interrupts Foyal. Recognizing the danger posed by Yuno, Foyal uses his spell Sealing Spectral Hands to grab Yuno who was unable to dodge due to his injuries from his previous. However Yuno's intervention combined with Foyal's diverted attention, allowed Letoile to rush towards him with Another Atlas which dispelled the mist in the room. Using the advantage he has now, Klaus attacks the Dark Disciple with Blazing Spiral Lance, defeating him with one hit.


Klaus, Yuno, and Letoile start to chat on Yuno's regard to Klaus and prepare to help the rest of their squad when Zenon comes down from the upper floor with William impaled on his Bone Magic. Zenon, unscratched from his fight, wonders why the Golden Dawn has not been not wiped out.


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