Klaus Lunettes, Letoile Becquerel, and Yuno vs Foyal is a fight that takes place inside of the Golden Dawn Base.


Zenon, Gaderois, and Foyal all attack the Golden Dawn Base in order to capture William Vangeance and decimate all of the magic knights in it. While Zenon confronted WIlliam (and Alecdora), Gaderois and Foyal fought the rest of the squad in the entrance and the interior, respectively. Before Yuno arrived, Foyal had already killed and severely injured multiple magic knights including Hamon Caseus while Klaus and Letoile being the only ones who could withstand his assault.


Klaus and two other Golden Dawn members were protected by a defensive barrier as Foyal taunted them saying his status as a Tier 0 mage makes him unbeatable. As Foyal launches large attacks at Klaus and his two compatriots, Letoile remarks how she can barely protect herself from the mist. She thinks back on the training the Golden Dawn had to do in order to try and harness the elven magic left behind when the Elf Tribe possessed their bodies. She thinks to herself that the training was not enough especially as they have been effortless beaten back by the


Klaus, Yuno, and Letoile started to chat and prepare to help the rest of the squad when Zenon came down from the upper floor with William impaled on his Bone Magic. Zenon, who was not even injured from his fight, wonders about the fact that the Golden Dawn was not wiped out.

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