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Kiten 「キテン」 is a border town of the Clover Kingdom[1] and a key in the defense against the Diamond Kingdom's forces.[2]


Kiten is a town along the border of the Clover and Diamond Kingdoms,[1] as such it serves as a key in the defense against any Diamond Kingdom invasion.[2] The town is also rich in natural resources, thus generating more interest from rival countries.[3] It has a large wall surrounding the entire town with several towers along its length. A large magic barrier can be raised to further protect the town. It blocks external attacks but allows attacks launched from inside to pass through. The barrier also requires fifty Magic Knights to power and maintain it.[4]


Great Tree Mistilteinn

Kiten after William Vangeance's spell

During an attempted invasion, three of the Diamond Kingdom's Eight Shining Generals and their men attack the town and defeat the Purple Orcas guarding the town. Fourteen Golden Dawns arrive and defeat the Diamond Kingdom forces. William Vangeance's Great Tree Mistilteinn is grown from the town's and invaders' mana and is left towering overhead.[5]

Notable Events[]


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