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Kikka 「キッカ」 is a town in the Common Realm of the Clover Kingdom.[1]


Location of Kikka

Kikka is one of the castle towns of the Clover Kingdom, due to its close proximity with the Noble Realm. The town is close enough that the citizens have a vivid view of the Kingdom's palace from it. Kikka is a well-developed town with paved roads and many large stone-based houses. The amount of houses established in Kikka suggests that it has a considerably large population.[2]

One of Kikka's prominent features is its strong trading center. Various merchants, from foods to weapons, come to Kikka for business, which makes Kikka's market one of the liveliest markets within the Kingdom. Many people, including the Magic Knights, come to Kikka for their errands.[3]

Notable Venues[]

  • Magic Knights Colosseum: This large stone stadium is where the Magic Knights hold their exams.[4]
  • Black Market: The market is one of the hidden locations within the town. Generally, people are aware of its existence, but the nobles tend to avoid entering the place. The market houses merchants who sell goods, which are not allowed to be sold at a regular market. Additionally, the black market also features a casino where people could gamble in various games.[5]


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