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Kiato and Kahono vs. Vetto is a fight that occurs in the maze within the Seabed Temple.


Kahono notices her brother and yells asking why he is asleep and what about the promise that he made with her. Kiato wakes up and thinks about how he would be dead if he did not lower the impact of Vetto's punch with his magic. Noelle Silva is surprised that Kahono has a brother, and Kahono reveals that they share the same dream of going to the surface. Kiato says that he cannot be sleeping right now.[1]


Kahono and Kiato defeated

Vetto defeats Kiato and Kahono.

Kahono combines her Song Magic with Kiato's Butoh Magic and swordsmanship to attack Vetto.[2] As he defends, Vetto compliments the spell, and Kiato and Kahono reveal that their magic comes from their way of serving their god and that they have used their magic to entertain the people and creating bonds with the people, which will not be broken by Vetto.[3] Vetto says that he does not care and rips Kiato's leg off. Vetto charges at Kahono, telling her that insects should not dream so big, and crushes her throat. Gifso tries to help his grandchildren but Vetto easily destroys the Monster Toys.[4]


Vetto picks Kahono up by the hair and asks how the taste of despair is after having their dreams crushed. Kahono stares back defiantly, which displeases Vetto. He decides to rip her limb from limb, but Noelle tells him to let Kahono go.[5]


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