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Karna Freese 「カルナ・フレーズ Karuna Furēzu」 is a noblewoman of House Freese and the daughter of Freese the Seer.[1]


Karna possessed

Karna possessed by her father

Karna is a beautiful woman with long brown hair and purple eyes. Her hair is braided in the back of her head, and her bangs hang down and cover most of her forehead. She wears a pair of purple teardrop-shaped earrings.

She wears a backless, sleeveless white dress with a red corset belt. In addition, she dons a purple cape with yellow, oval-shaped ornaments. Karna sports light blue thigh-high stockings that contain a section of yellow at the top. Karna wears short red-heeled boots that adorn the shade of white at the heel cap. Karna's dress possesses a buckled, red neck collar at the top.

While possessed by her father, Karna's eyes turn red and her hair turns blonde. However, her clothing attire remains the same.



When their family's estate is attacked, Freese the Seer sends Karna away in the future with his magic.

Sixteen years later, she is found by Yami Sukehiro and, after recovering, joins his group. One night, they rob a mansion, and Karna finds her father's necklace. She is then possessed by the vengeful spirit of her father.[1]

Battle Prowess[]



  • Grimoire: Karna possesses a three-leaf clover grimoire that contains various moonlight-based spells.[1]
  • Time Magic Tool: Karna possesses a necklace that contains her father's soul. Through this necklace, her father is able to take control of her body.[1]


  • Karna's grimoire design is the background for the covers of all six volumes of the Quartet Knights spin-off manga.



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