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Kabwe Carillon 「カブエ・カリョン Kabue Karyon」 is a guard for the Clover Kingdom's Magic Parliament and a member of the Devil Banishers.[2]


Kabwe is a thin man with short, reddish-brown hair that is swept to the right side.


Kabwe is an angry man and seeks revenge for the death of his nephew. He views the world in terms of light and dark,[2] and his strong sense of justice fuels his rage against anything he believes to be evil or unjust.[1]


Kabwe's nephew dies during the elves' attack on the Clover Kingdom.

A few days later, after the elves are exorcised, the trial for convicting Asta and Secre Swallowtail as a devil's servants and the ones behind the mass possession and destruction, is interrupted and its judgment is postponed for six months. Kabwe is upset and vents to Damnatio Kira before the chairman dismisses him. While Kabwe walks down the street, Bow Nocde and Dazu Tayak approach and recruit him into their group of vigilantes, the Devil Banishers.

At the Black Bulls base, Kabwe watches as Bow gases Asta and Secre, incapacitating the two Black Bulls. Noelle Silva interferes, and one of the vigilantes uses a root to whip Noelle's wand out of her hand. The vigilantes run off with their captives, but Noelle catches up and manages to knock down the man carrying Asta. Before Noelle can attack again, Kabwe turns himself and the others invisible, allowing them to escape with Secre.[2] The Devil Banishers bring their captive to Bow's house and place her next to their other captive, Marie Adlai.[3]

When Magic Knights arrive in Tiulyu, Kabwe suspects that one of their captives has a tracker and uncovers the monitoring bracelet which Secre took from Asta. Dazu takes the bracelet and attaches it to a bird as a diversion for the Magic Knights. When the Devil Banishers consider killing the captives immediately, Dazu convinces them to hold off and to use the captives to lure in Asta. Kabwe devises a plan for the public execution of all three.[1] The announced execution in Lehart is an attempt to lure out Asta. When the Black Bulls and other Magic Knights interfere, Kabwe and the other Devil Banishers run. Asta follows them into a side street, where they are waiting for him. Once they convince Asta to give up his grimoire and to be handcuffed, Kabwe suggests executing their three prisoners there in the street, but the others refuse. Asta takes that moment to free Marie. A team from the Golden Dawn squad arrives, so the Devil Banishers are forced to retreat but take Asta's grimoire and Secre.[4]

Back in Bow's basement, Bow serves poisoned water to the three Parliament guards. Kabwe considers killing Secre, but Dazu talks him out of it. After Siona Caverly and Onoby Sinho die, Dazu reveals to Kabwe that the group is actually the Devil Believers, who worship devils and wish to use their power. Kabwe is then stabbed and left behind in the basement. Before he dies, Kabwe calls Damnatio and informs the captains of the group's true intentions.[5][4]

Battle Prowess[]



  • Grimoire: Kabwe possesses as three-leaf clover grimoire that contains various permeation-based spells.[2]


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