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Julius Novachrono vs. Eye of the Midnight Sun is a fight that occurs at a hideout of the Eye of the Midnight Sun.


The Eye of the Midnight Sun members arrive outside their hideout. One of the member reprimands Rades Spirito for going wild as they did not need to do that to accomplish their goal. Rades tells the guy to shut up and that it was his toys that were broken out there, and Sally adds that Catherine is still at the capital. Valtos tells her that they cannot bring Asta along, but Sally says that Asta is her new test subject, as she wants to examine his Anti Magic. When Asta wakes up, Sally tells him that he wants to be a part of her experiments. The group enters their base and are greeted by the Wizard King, Julius Novachrono.[1]


The group rushes to kill Julius, who easily kills two of them. He says that he had to do it since capturing all of them would be difficult. Another member tries to attack Julius but Julius easily kills him. Rades starts to panic, and Julius says that they attacked the Clover Kingdom and that they came prepared to kill without being killed.[2] Julius then tells them that he will let one of them live and that it is first-come, first-served. Sally and George attack Julius, who easily dodges their attacks. He then restrains all of them, surprising himself with how easy it was.[3]


Julius notices Asta when he is freed from being held captive. Asta thinks about how powerful Julius is, and Julius tells Asta that this is just the base of the mountain that he is trying to surpass.[4] Julius then asks the captured group about the sephirot and the jewels within it. Julius notices some mana coming, and Licht appears, glowing with light, and manages to steal the sephirot and rescue his comrades, except George.[5]


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