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Judgment Day 「審判の日 Shinpan no Hi」 is the holy war that Lucius Zogratis is planning to wage against the world in order to establish himself as the "Magic Great Emperor"[1] by recreating the human race and taking control of the world's magic.[2]


In preparation, Lucius Zogratis enters the underworld in order to retrieve and consume the rest of Lucifero's heart,[3] as well as to take control of the remaining devils in the underworld, including the highest-ranking devils.[4]

A year and three months later, Lucius ambushes Asta in the Royal Capital in an attempt to eliminate him and his Anti Magic as obstacles for the holy war.[5] Failing to affect Asta with Soul Magic, Lucius instead converts Sister Lily into a Paladin,[6] making her a warrior for his holy war. Lucius then grievously injures Asta and has Lily teleport Asta's body away from his allies.[7] Afterwards, Lucius returns to his base and sits in his throne,[8] beginning the 7-day process of combining his siblings' magic attributes into his own.[2] He also recreates the bodies of various humans and converts more humans into Paladins.[9]

When he is teleported away, Asta washes ashore in the Hino Country and is saved by Ryuya Ryudo.[10] In order to better fight Lucius and the Paladins, Asta undergoes training to master Zetten.[11] When Lucius senses that the future of the Hino Country is destabilizing, he is unaware of the cause but sends three Paladins there to prevent it from disrupting his plans.[9]

The Clover Kingdom evacuates all of its citizens into the Noble Realm and bolsters the defenses, with the Magic Knight squads stationed at various points within the Realm. The Heart and Spade Kingdoms are also warned about the impending attack and make their own preparations.[12]

Judgment Day[]

As the attack begins, Lucius Zogratis and the resurrected Morgen Faust appear in the city and confront Yuno Grinberryall, William Vangeance, Jack the Ripper, Yami Sukehiro, and Charlotte Roselei. Morgen then blows a hole through Jack's abdomen. Meanwhile, Moris Libardirt and Acier Silva confront the Crimson Lions and Silver Eagles, respectively, and a host of flying figures circle in the air above the Noble Realm.[13]



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