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Jozou Hanegatsuji 「刎ヶ辻浄蔵 Hanegatsuji Jōzō[1] is one of the Ryuzen Seven of Hino Country.[2]


Jozou unmasked

Jozou's face and hair

Jozou is a slender man whose appearance is hidden beneath his mask and dark-colored clothes. His most notable feature is the hannya mask, which has an X-shaped scar on its forehead.

Underneath his mask and hood, Jozou has shaggy, light-colored hair[3] and multiple large scars running across his face.[4]


Jozou is a dour person who takes his role as a ninja seriously, preferring stealth over the flashiness and loudness of his comrades.[5]


Jozou, Daizaemon Ōoka, and Komari Imari meet up with Ryuya Ryudo and Ichika Yami to train Asta. The three quickly beat up the foreigner, knocking him unconscious. While Humito Mikuriya heals Asta, Jozou criticizes Komari's appearance and demeanor, which she reciprocates. When Humito suggests that Komari's fashion sense might spread, Jozou hates the idea. Ryuya thanks the three for coming and has them continue training with Asta.[6]

Later that night, when three Paladins arrive in the Hino Country, Ryuya sends Jozou and four of the other Ryuzen Seven members to evacuate Goshu in preparation to fight the Paladins and the awakened five-headed dragon.[7] The Ryuzen Seven gather on the rooftop of the regional lord's palace[8] and are approached by Lily Aquaria.[9] When the dragon attacks, Jozou uses Killing Kakara Blade and Zetten to slice up one of the heads. At the same time, the other Ryuzen Seven members deal with the other heads.[10] Lily and Heath Graice then unleash a combined spell that strikes down all five warriors, heavily injuring them.[11] Despite their injuries, Jozo, Daizaemon, and Komari refuse to give up, preparing to continue fighting, but are taken aback as the five-headed dragon restores its heads.[12]

Ichika saves Jozou

Ichika saves Jozou from a dragon head.

After Asta's Anti Magic also fails to permanently injure the dragon, the Ryuzen Seven still refuse to give up, and Ryuya and Fujio Tenmanyashiki encourage and bolster them from the palace rooftop.[13] While Ryuya uses his Tengentsu to analyze the dragon, Fujio reinvigorates the other Ryuzen Seven and communicates Ryuya's commands to them. After the others knock their dragon heads into position, Jozou falters in his attempt due to his injuries, but before the fifth dragon head can blast him, Ichika interrupts the attack, saving Jozou and knocking the head back into the air. With the five heads in position, Asta severs all five simultaneously, killing the dragon.[14]

The next evening, the Ryuzen Seven, Asta, and the returned citizens of Goshu enjoy a banquet, celebrating the dragon's defeat.[15] Jozou, who has removed his mask, has too much to drink and becomes depressed, wallowing in his perceived failings.[4] The next morning, the Ryuzen Seven meet up with Asta and offer to continue training him, which he accepts.[16]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Wind Magic: Jozou uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate wind.[17]


  • Ki: Jozou is able to manipulate his own ki, increasing it to enhance his physical abilities.[18]
    • Zetten: Jozou is capable of manipulating his ki to concentrate his magic power in his body and subsequently release it in a series of strikes.[18]


  • Scroll: Jozou possesses a scroll that contains various wind-based spells. The backside is decorated with a cloud design.[17]


  • Jozou's favorite things are soba and the moon on a beautiful night.[1]


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