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Jien Du 「ジエン・ドゥ」, originally Elger Werkzeug 「エルガー・ヴェルクツォイク Erugā Verukutsoiku」, is a mysterious mage and a former vice-captain of the Clover Kingdom's Grey Deer squad of the Magic Knights.[1][2]


Jien is a man with shaggy, black, medium-length hair that hangs down and covers half of his face.

Jien wears a white collared shirt underneath a purple robe. Over this, he wears a black, long-sleeved coat with gold trim. A black belt wraps around his waist forming an x-shape, and his grimoire pouch hangs on the right side. He also wears a pair of black gloves with gold trim and a pair of black boots. On top of everything, he wears a short, black, hooded robe.



Elger marvels over magic tool

Jien's magic tool obsession

Jien is obsessed with seeing new and interesting magic—a trait he shares with Julius Novachrono—and with collecting relics.[2]


After a relic is stolen, Julius Novachrono reaches out to Jien and requests his help in locating the stolen relic. Julius sends Asta, Noelle Silva, Klaus Lunettes, and Mimosa Vermillion to visit Jien's forest home. Jien sets up a series of traps and tests for the Magic Knights.[2]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Magic Transcription Magic 「魔法転写魔法 Mahō Tensha Mahō」: Jien uses this form of magic to copy and transfer an opponent's magic to his staff.[3]


  • Staff: Jien possesses a magic tool shaped like a staff with a gold cross at the top. He uses it with his magic to replicate others' magic.[3]


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