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Jester Garandros 「ジェスター・ガランドロス Jesutā Garandorosu」 is the 16th Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights.[2]


He possesses lilac, fluffy hair and orange eyes with a constant smirk. His attire consists of white fur at the top that is decorated with numerous badges and pointy, brown shoes.


Jester has a frivolous attitude and tends to look down on others who he deems are below him. However, he has a calculating and strategic side.[2]


Jester was born into a noble family, growing up privileged without any hardships. Due to his exceptional amount of talent in magic, Jester became a Magic Knight. From there he befriended another knight named Tenor, who came from a remote village near the Diamond Kingdom as well as a knight named Raid, who came from the Common Realm.

Strangely, despite their different social statuses, the three knights got along very well and became close friends, pushing each other to improve together. After some time, Jester was made a Magic Knights captain, coming at the same time as his friend Tenor's village was attacked by the Diamond Kingdom. Although wanting to help, Jester could not intervene, because at the time any action from the Clover Kingdom's forces near their border would be seen as an act of war towards the Diamond Kingdom. Because of this, the Clover Kingdom did not want to risk going to war again with the Diamond Kingdom, and forbade the knights from interfering.

Despite this, Jester and his friends went out on their own to save the village. They were successful, but Tenor died as a result of protecting his home. The loss of his friend pushed Jester to climb the ranks and to become the Wizard King, so he could prevent another incident like this from ever happening again. After achieving great success as a captain, Jester was appointed as the 16th Wizard King. However, years later, Tenor's village was once again under attack, and Jester personally went to deal with the situation.

As he arrived, Jester was shocked to learn that the attack on the village was actually an elaborate trap, which was set up by his own friend, Raid. Jester was confused, and shocked to learn that his own friend would do this, and was even more shocked to learn that whole time Raid was actually a spy for the enemy, who was now ordered to assassinate Jester. In spite of this betrayal, Jester still saw Raid as his friend, but ultimately decided to finish what he started and ended the attack on the village, this time having personally killed his only remaining friend in the process.

Jester would later come to blame the loss of his friends on the current state of the opposing kingdoms, and the wars that were always waged between them. In an attempt to solve this issue, Jester decided the only way to end the wars between the four neighboring kingdoms was to rule all four kingdoms, leading to what became known as the Conquest of the Four Kingdoms campaign, which gained support from some, but lead others to officially view Jester as a "Mad King".

Despite his plan, Jester continued gaining support, as achieving it would bring the nations under one banner, and foster growing peace between the warring kingdoms and the villages and territories effected by these wars. However, Jester's growing influence greatly upset the royals of the Clover Kingdom, who set a trap to get rid of him once and for all. In the process of creating a unified world of peace, Jester unfortunately lost his life before ever completing his goal.

Centuries later, the 27th Wizard King, Conrad Leto would use the combined power of his Key Magic and the Elsdocia sword to revive Jester, along with Princia Funnybunny and Edward Avalaché, to assist him in destroying the Clover Kingdom and build a new, better Kingdom, a plan to which Jester was more than happy to assist in.

Battle Prowess[]


  • Barrier Magic: Jester uses this magic attribute to create barriers and construct weapons. The user can also surround their own body with their magic, allowing them to handle even dimensional-cutting spells.[3]


  • Immense Magic Power: As the former Wizard King and one of the strongest Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom, Jester possesses an immense amount of magic power.
  • Master Swordsman: Jester is very talented with the sword, being able to clash evenly with Yami Sukehiro, a renowned swordsman in his own right.


  • Grimoire: Jester possesses a three-leaf clover grimoire that contains various barrier-based spells.[3]


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