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I just want to take the ones who are considered strong, and slash them to ribbons.

— To himself in Undying Bodies

Jack the Ripper 「ジャック・ザ・リッパー Jakku Za Rippā」 is the captain of the Clover Kingdom's Green Mantis squad of the Magic Knights[3] and a former commoner.[4]


Jack the Ripper

Jack's coloring

Jack is a tall, lean man with gold eyes and loose, medium-length black hair. On the left side of his face, he has a thin, red scar (or birthmark) running from his forehead down to his chin, passing over his left eye and ends at the left side of his mouth. He possesses very sharp facial features, such as sharp eyes and a slit-like mouth.

Jack wears a light green shirt that only covers the upper half of his torso, leaving his abs uncovered. He wears form-fitting black pants, with green portions (the same green color as his shirt) that cover from the halfway point of his shin up to the halfway point of his thigh on both legs. He wears shoes with the same green color as his shirt. Jack wears two small wristbands on each wrist, and two straps on his waist that cross together to form an x on his front, which carries the pouch that his grimoire is in. He wears his Green Mantis robe on top of everything, which has four long leather strands that drape down.

Six months after the elves' attack, Jack has begun combing back the hair on his left side. His squad robe is held by a chain, which leaves it more open in the front. The back of the squad robe has been redesigned to look more like insect wings and has a four-pointed star at the center of the back.[5]



Jack is always grinning[6] and enjoys fighting and cutting things.[7][1]

He has a habit of running his tongue along his magic blades.[8]


Jack avenges his father

Jack kills the monster that killed his father.

Jack was born in the Common Realm of the Clover Kingdom to a family of small game hunters. When Jack is 13 years old, his father is killed while hunting, so Jack hunts down the monster that killed his father. Afterward, Jack decides to join the Magic Knights.[9]

After defeating a foreign invasion, Jack returns to the Royal Capital with Julius Novachrono and other captains of the Magic Knights. They are welcomed with joy and cheers from the Noble Region's citizens.[10]

Several months later, he attends the Magic Knights Entrance Exam[11] and afterwards requests Yuno and passes on Asta to join his squad. He successfully recruits Sekke Bronzazza.[12][13]

Three captains to the rescue

Jack, Nozel, and Charlotte defend Yami.

Jack, Nozel Silva, and Charlotte Roselei save Yami Sukehiro from the combined attack of Rhya, Vetto, and Fana.[14] He squares off against Vetto, but when Fana melts Nozel's Silver Spears, Jack teases him and suggests switching opponents, which Nozel refuses.[15] Like the others Jack is surprised when Asta makes it through the battlefield unscathed and lands a hit on Licht.[16][17]

When Patolli's mana is unleashed, Jack tries to attack Patolli but the attack is absorbed.[18] When the Third Eye seals Patolli's mana and leaves, Jack thinks about how strong they are and says that they are worth slicing up.[19]

Sometime later, Jack is waiting in a room within the Magic Knight headquarters with most of the other captains. While waiting Jack talks with Yami and Gueldre Poizot about the situation with the Eye of the Midnight Sun and about the stars that they all received. When Rill Boismortier tries to defuse the situation with an impression of Fuegoleon Vermillion, Jack gets angry and tells him to not get carried away just because Rill is the youngest captain in history.[20]

Captains together in the dungeon

Jack and the captains arrive for the interrogation.

After William Vangeance arrives, Marx calls the captains to the dungeon. There, they listen to Catherine and George name Gueldre as the traitor.[21] Jack says that he knew that Gueldre had his hands in some dirty stuff.[22] When Gueldre runs, Jack activates his magic but is disappointed when Gueldre is captured before he could attack.[23] Jack then watches along with everyone else when they look into Gueldre's mind and find everything that he had done. Julius tells the captains to keep what they have found out a secret. The captains later leave and return to their squads.[24]

At Julius' request, Jack and the other Magic Knight captains attend the Star Awards Festival.[25] He is mildly upset when his squad places sixth again, and teases Rill Boismortier for placing last.[26] After King Augustus Kira Clover XIII takes the stage, Jack laughs at Asta and Yuno's blunt response to the king's announcement. As the ceremony ends, Jack is planning to use the Royal Knights Selection Exam to boost his squad's reputation.[27]

Jack and Nozel annoyed with Yami

Jack annoyed with Yami's gloating.

After the ceremony, Yami greets the other captains and brags about his squad's placement over theirs, for which Jack warns him about getting cocky. The other captains then leave, refusing to celebrate with Yami.[28]

A week later, Jack selects Sekke from his squad's rookies to participate in the exam.[29]

Several days after the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Jack receives an alert from Marx Francois that Julius is fighting Licht.[30] Jack makes his way to the capital and assists Yami in fighting the elves at the gates of Clover Castle.[31] With Finral Roulacase's assistance, the two captains defeat the remaining elves. Afterward, Jack threateningly compliments Finral, and Yami threatens him back.[32] The three then notice the arrival of the floating dungeon, and Jack looks forward to the challenge. The remaining Royal Knights also arrive[33] and the group splits into three, with Jack, Yami, and Finral heading to defend the Kira Estate.[34]

Finral warps back Yami and Jack

Jack and Yami return to attack Ratri.

Jack and Yami defeat the elves spread out through the estate and catch up to Finral who went on ahead to the throne room. Finral then warps them over to attack Ratri, but the elf's magical defense erases Jack's blade and forces them back.[35] When Ratri prevents the king's escape, Jack wildly slashes at the elf. Although the cuts do not reach Ratri, they destroy the wall behind the king, dropping him out of the building. Ratri attacks with a volley of Archangel Shootdown, and Jack is forced to dodge some when Finral is unable to counter all of them.[36] As the attacks continue, Jack's magic adapts and is able to cut apart Ratri's Spatial Magic. Jack and Yami attack together and destroy Ratri's defense. Ratri keeps up his attack and forces the two captains out of the room, but Finral warps them back in.[37] Jack slices through Ratri's counter, while Yami tries to knock the elf out. Ratri remains conscious and Yami pulls Jack and Finral out of the counterattack. Jack watches as Ratri destroys the throne room and as Finral warps the elf over to himself and punches him.[38]

Jack and Yami then look up at the dungeon and consider attacking it.[39] They are stopped when the Apostles of Sephirah summon the Shadow Palace.[40] A group of elves fly down from the dungeon to attack the remaining humans but are stopped by the Black Bulls base.[41] Jack and Yami follow the elves entering the Shadow Palace and leave the Black Bulls to handle the remaining elves.[42]

Jack finds his way to the room where Fana and Noelle Silva are fighting. He slashes at the elf, who regenerates, which entices the captain.[43] During the fight, Jack watches as Fana's magic is drawn to power Licht's spell.[44] When their fight resumes, Jack gets closer and closer to adapting his blades to sever Fana's regeneration. Suddenly Zagred's magic floods down from the opening in the ceiling right above Fana. Nozel saves the elf[45] and then pulls the Magic Knights over to his mercury platform, just as Licht and Lemiel Silvamillion Clover send out protective auras to the elves.[46]

After Zagred is defeated, the magic does not disappear, and Fana leads the Magic Knights to the topmost chamber where the exit is.[47] When Lemiel's magic gives out and the protective light disappears, Valtos saves the Magic Knights and elves with his Spatial Magic.[48] The humans and elves return to Clover Castle, and on the way back, Jack promises to cut up Fana.[49] Jack then watches as William, Licht, and Asta work together to dispel the Reincarnation Magic and exorcise the elf spirits.[50]

A few days later, Jack is overseeing the clearing of rubble. He threatens Rades Spirito and Gueldre when they stop working to discuss Asta's trial.[51]

Six months later, after the Golden Dawn's and Black Bull's bases are attacked and their captains are abducted, the remaining captains gather for a meeting and are briefed on the Dark Triad's plot. Jack mocks Yuno's appraisal of the Dark Triad's strength. Dismissive of the situation, Jack decides to leave early, and Nozel warns him not to think about attacking the Spade Kingdom on his own, which infuriates Jack and sparks an argument among Jack, Charlotte, and Nozel. Fuegoleon tells them to control themselves, but they are all interrupted by the sudden arrival of Nacht Faust and Asta.[52] Jack and three other captains stand to attack the strange intruder, but Nacht summons four masked creatures to hold them. After Julius vouches for Nacht's identity as the Black Bull's vice-captain and a spy in the Spade Kingdom, Jack remembers seeing Nacht as a Grey Deer, but Nacht says that that man is gone. The captains stand down and listen as Nacht explains the Tree of Qliphoth's ritual and structure. Afterward, Nacht expresses his desire to build a team around Asta and his Anti Magic in order to rescue Yami and William and to destroy the Tree of Qliphoth.[53]

Jack suggests that the team be selected from the captains, and when Yuno requests a place, Jack points out that Yuno lost already. Yuno reveals that he is a prince of the Spade Kingdom, and Jack accuses him of being a spy. Yuno counters that they are all suspicious of William and proclaims that he will be the one to save William. Jack senses the magic swirling around Yuno and tries to get him to sit down, but Sylph interrupts Jack, declaring that Yuno will not lose again. The meeting is adjourned after Nacht announces that the team will leave on the morning of the third day.[54]

Jack slashes Dante

Jack's blades adapt to Dante's regeneration.

Three days later, Jack, Sekke, and the other Magic Knights selected for the Spade Kingdom invasion gather at the Magic Knights Headquarters.[55] When Nacht informs them that Asta will be late, Yuno and Jack claim to be the ones to defeat the Dark Triad before Asta arrives, but Nozel asserts that it will be the squad as a whole who will defeat the Dark Triad.[56] After infiltrating the castle,[57] Jack, Fuegoleon, and Nacht split off to face Dante Zogratis. Fuegoleon trails behind to handle the Dark Disciples along the way, while Jack and Nacht continue on to fight Dante.[58] Jack unleashes a flurry of flying slashes, but they are ineffective against Dante's rapid regeneration. In response, Dante uses Presence of the Demon King to force Jack and Nacht to their knees. As the gravity increases, Jack slams into the floor, while Nacht uses a devil to withstand the pressure. Both Nacht and Dante insult Jack for failing to counter the gravity, which irritates Jack.[59] While Nacht defends him from Dante's attacks, Jack creates blades on his back and hones them to cut through Gravity Magic. Once they have adapted, Jack stands up and sprouts blades all over his body. He then wildly slashes with all the blades and eventually manages to seriously wound Dante.[60]

Jack's celebration is cut short when the roots of the Tree of Qliphoth burst from the castle[61] and the first gate to the underworld opens. Two devils appear in the chamber, and Lilith attacks Jack, who is sent crashing into and frozen to a wall.[62][63] Drawing on 100% of his devil's power, Dante pulls Jack towards himself and then pummels the captain with Heavy Infighting, which shatter the blades on Jack's body.[64] After the beating, Jack stands back up despite his heavy injuries and continues his fight with Dante.[65] Although Jack's magic keeps adapting, Dante's magic is still able to repair the damage. Jack refuses to give up, but Dante has grown bored of the fight and prepares to kill Jack. When Magna Swing and Zora Ideale interrupt Dante's attack, Jack tells them to go away, but Magna takes over fighting Dante.[66] Jack watches in disbelief that a peasant could use magic like Soul Chain Deathmatch, and Zora warns him against helping him out since it could disrupt Magna's spell.[67]

After Magna defeats Dante, Jack is intrigued and reflects on his decision to recruit only commoners into his squad. They then head out to stop the rest of the Dark Triad, but Jack returns to the chamber when Dante regains consciousness. Jack notes that Dante's Body Magic is out of control. Refusing to let Dante tarnish Magna's victory, Jack slashes Dante[68] and eventually manages to incapacitate him.[69] Shortly after, the second gate to the underworld opens and Lucifero partially manifests through the combined bodies of the lower-ranked devils. As the monstrous form bursts out of the castle, the Black Bull base recombines with remnants of the castle in order to fight the monster.[70]

Captains rally around Asta

The captains rally around Asta.

After Asta slices the monster and destroys the Qliphoth Advent Ritual, Lucifero compresses the monster's remains into a body, through which he manifests in a half-complete form. He then forces the humans to prostrate themselves before him.[71] Asta attempts to fight Lucifero, but once Asta is sent crashing into the ground, Jack and most of the other captains rally around Asta and prepare to fight Lucifero.[72] Jack and Mereoleona simultaneously unleash barrages but Lucifero blocks all of the attacks. The devil then delivers a strike that sends Jack crashing into the ground.[73] Despite their injuries, Jack and the other captains refuse to give up.[74] Asta manages to cut off the tip of one of Lucifero's horns, which infuriates the devil. The captains rescue Asta and pass along the injured Black Bull, keeping him away from Lucifero. After the devil knocks Charlotte and Dorothy aside, Jack throws himself into Lucifero, who spins and knocks the captain into the ground again.[75] Jack lies unconscious for the rest of the battle.[76]

A year and three months later, Jack and the other Captains attend a special awards ceremony for Asta.[77] During the banquet afterward, Yami approaches Jack and Charlotte for conversation, but Charlotte leaves in a hurry, confusing Jack and Yami.[78] Shortly after, Lucius Zogratis stops time for most of the tower, including the captains.[79] After Asta and Liebe negate the spell,[80] their fight with Lucius takes them further into the city. The captains chase after but are too late to stop Lucius from grievously injuring Asta and teleporting him away, and the Magic Knights watch as Lucius and Lily Aquaria escape.[81]

The captains return to the ceremonial hall and, upon Yuno's arrival, hear a recount of the events from Secre Swallowtail, Noelle, and Mimosa Vermillion, as well as Nacht's report that he cannot locate Asta's shadow. Yuno also recounts the unusual circumstances of his recent mission to investigate devil activity. The captains discuss all of the revelations, and Jack compares Julius's situation with the elves'. Yuno declares that he will defeat Lucius and become the Wizard King.[82]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Slash Magic: Jack uses this magic attribute to generate blades of mana.[8] He usually forms the blades on his forearms but can form them all over his body.[83] As he fights, the blades adapt to his opponent's magic, improving his cutting ability,[84] even to the point of slicing through offensive Spatial Magic[85] and Gravity Magic and countering enhanced regeneration.[86][87]


  • Enhanced Strength: Despite his lean build, Jack possesses tremendous physical strength as shown when he clashes evenly with Vetto.[89]
  • Enhanced Speed: Jack is extremely fast, being able to keep up with Vetto's level of speed.[89]
  • Enhanced Endurance: Jack possesses tremendous levels of physical endurance, as shown when he stands back up after being pummeled with devil-boosted gravity attacks.[65]
  • Immense Magic Power: Despite being a commoner, as a captain of a Magic Knights squad, Jack possesses an immense amount of magic power.[90][89]

Cleverness Combative
4 4 5 4 4 5


  • Grimoire: Jack possesses a three-leaf grimoire that contains various slash-based spells.[91]




Yami Sukehiro[]

Jack has a very antagonistic and often competitive relationship with Yami Sukehiro, as the two are often seen arguing with one another. Despite this however, the two men are also occasionally drinking buddies and rivals as well. The two of them seem to turn every task they do together into a contest, whether it be fighting, drinking, or even selling food. Nevertheless, the two have been shown to work well together in a fight and they both acknowledge each other as worthy opponents.

Morgen Faust[]

Jack was well acquainted with Morgen Faust, as the two met before when, him and Yami were members of the Grey Deer Squad. Not much of their interactions were shown, but he knew Morgen enough to almost be incapable of believing that the same person he knew changed so much and became a completely different person and a Devil host.

Nacht Faust[]

At their first encounter, from meeting during one of the Captains' Meeting to discuss the Spade Kingdom, Jack mistook Nacht for Morgen, having not met the older twin brother before.

Sekke Bronzazza[]

Despite accepting Sekke Bronzazza into his squad, Jack has very little expectations of him, often only seeing him as something worth cutting, and has repeatedly shown little concern over what he does, or even where he goes.

Notable Quotes[]

  • "If I'm going to fight you, it has to be when you're at your best. Otherwise it would be no fun to rip you to pieces." 「やるんならテメーが万全の時にやるっつーんだよじゃねえと裂き甲斐が無え...!! Yaru n'nara temē ga banzen no toki ni yaru ttsūnda yo janē to saki gai ga nē...!![8]
  • "I just want to take the ones who are considered strong, and slash them to ribbons." 「オレはただ目の前の強いとされている奴を裂くだけ Ore wa tada me no mae no tsuyoi to sa rete iru yatsu o saku dake[92]


  • Jack the Ripper was the popular name for an infamous but unidentified London serial killer.
  • Jack's favorite things are rambling incoherently at bars and the pleasant feeling of cutting things.[1]
  • Questions Brigade Rankings:
    • Jack is the eleventh smartest captain.[93]
    • Jack is the fifth best drinker (same as Yami).[93]
    • Jack is the third worst singer.[94]
    • Jack has the fourth worst skill and taste in art.[95]
  • Jack ranked #22 in the first popularity poll, #27 in the second, #26 in the third, #34 in the fourth, and #33 in the fifth and sixth.
    • In the VIZ popularity polls, Jack ranked #20 in the fifth.
  • Jack's grimoire design is the background for Volume 28's cover.


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