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The Invasion of the Witches' Forest is an attack on the Witches' Forest by armies from the Eye of the Midnight Sun and the Diamond Kingdom.


As Asta, Finral, Noelle, Fanzell, Dominante, and Mariella made it to where the Witch Queen is, they notice that she is standing over an unconscious Vanessa.[1] Asta asks what the Witch Queen is doing, to which the Witch Queen replies that it does not concern him. Asta then charges at the Witch Queen and Finral uses his magic to warp Asta behind the Witch Queen, but the Witch Queen defends herself with a flock of birds.

The Witch Queen notices that Asta does not have any mana, and asks what is wrong with him. Asta replies that even though he does not have any mana, he is better than the Witch Queen for walking over her family. The Witch Queen then explains why Vanessa had come here to heal Asta's arms in exchange for her freedom.[2]

Invasion of the Witches' Forest[]

Suddenly the Witch Queen notices something and uses her magic to show everyone that two armies are approaching the WItches' Forest. Asta notices that one army is the Eye of the Midnight Sun being lead by Fana, and that other is the Diamond Kingdom being lead by Mars.[3] As Fanzell also notices Mars, the Witch Queen comments that she will blow both groups away.

Outside of the forest Fana comments about how she will kill those who took the magic stone from them, and fires a blast that destroys some of the forest.[4] The Witch Queen sees how powerful Salamander is and thinks about how she will not be able to hold them off by herself. An unconscious Vanessa thinks about what Yami told her about destiny and suddenly notices Asta after waking up. Vanessa is confused why they are all here but suddenly remembers why she came to the Witches' Forest. Vanessa tells Asta to hold on for a second, but Asta tells her that he refuses Vanessa's help. Vanessa and Asta get into an argument which Asta reveals that he still has one last method.

Asta pulls out his sword and strike his arms but it just causes his pain. Vanessa tells Asta that the curse is too deep in his arm to use his swords and how his power alone will not be able to defeat fate. Asta replies that he does not care about fate and will defeat it, which causes Vanessa to remember Yami. Vanessa tells Asta that since he cannot defeat fate alone, he should rely on his friends help while also revealing her plans for escaping.[5] Noelle tells the Witch Queen that if she heals Asta's arms then they will all help defeat the enemies. The Witch Queen says that she will heals Asta's arms and uses a spell to do it, while thinking about how she will obtain both Vanessa and the Anti-magic swords.

After being healed, Asta pulls out his swords and prepares to head to the battlefield. Suddenly Vanessa, Finral, and Noelle attack Asta for being ready to head into battle but notice that their attacks do nothing to him. The Witch Queen tells Asta that she has held up her end of the bargain and now it his turn, to which Asta says that he will. Fanzell expresses how happy he is that Asta's arms are healed and also explains that they are going to face the Diamond Kingdom, to which Asta says that that is fine and not to die.[6]

Outside of the forest the witches are attacking the Eye of the Midnight Sun army but they do no damage to the army. The Eye of the Midnight Sun army charges in and captures some of the witches, but Asta suddenly shows up and frees them. Noelle starts to put out the fires, while the others prepare to fight the Eye of the Midnight Sun army. Asta tells Vanessa to toss him towards the enemy which she does, and Asta manages to easily defeat most of them except Fana and Salamander.[7]

Fana and Salamander show up and launch a blast at Asta, but Asta easily reflects it back toward them. Salamander counters by firing another blast, which causes Asta to be blown away but Finral uses his magic to warp Asta into a net that Vanessa created. Fana charges toward Asta, Vanessa, and Finral, and uses an attack that destroys part of the forest but misses the three.[8] As Vanessa notices how powerful Salamander, suddenly Asta attacks and manages to wound Salamander which Vanessa thinks about how Salamander's body is still made up of mana.

Vanessa says that now is the time to go on the offensive, which Asta suddenly put his sword down and says that he wants to talk things out. Vanessa and Finral asks Asta what he is doing, but Asta ignores them and asks Fana why she hates them. Fana ignores Asta and attacks, but Vanessa manages to pull Asta away from the attack. Finral uses his magic to warp Asta behind Fana, which Fana notices and prepares to attack but Asta easily restrains her.[9] Asta comments about how Vetto's hate caused him to despair and asks why they cannot come to an understanding, which causes Fana to thinks about a friend of Licht's and when the humans had attacked them.

Fana breaks the jewel on her forehead to reveal a third eye and increase Salamander's power which causes Asta to get blown away.[10] Finral uses his magic to warp Asta to safety while Vanessa comments about how Fana gave Salamander a second magic type. Fana and Salamander charge towards the three, which Asta says that he will have to finish this with his finishing move. As Fana and Salamander get close enough, Asta, Vanessa, and Finral get blown away by the intense heat coming off of Salamander. Finral and Vanessa comment about how their magic is useless right now, when Fana and Salamander attack but the three are saved by Noelle who but up a barrier.

Noelle tells the three that she cannot put out the fires until they defeat the source, which Salamander suddenly destroys the barrier. Asta, Vanessa, Noelle, and Finral quickly escape, and Noelle prepares to attack Salamander. When Noelle starts to doubt herself, Asta gives her some confidence by saying that she is strong.[11] Noelle thinks about how Asta always gives her confidence and launches a spell toward Fana and Salamander. As Fana tries to block the spell, the spell easily breaks through the barrier. Fana and Salamander manage to dodge the spell, but Noelle turns the spell and manages to hit Fana and Salamander. Finral and Asta then charge towards a weakened Fana and Salamander.

Fana tries to defend herself by launching a spell at Asta and Finral but Asta easily counters the spell. Fana begins to heal herself with a spell, which Asta notices and asks if Fana has a brother. Fana says that her only family would be the ones from the village and says how she will kill them, which Asta says that Fana will not listen to him and how he will have to defeat her with his finishing move. Finral asks about the move, and Asta explains how its preformed. Finral and Vanessa say that Asta will not be able to preform it without them. Vanessa uses her thread to slingshot Asta towards Fana and Salamander, which Salamander moves out of the way. Finral uses his magic to change Asta's direction, which Salamander launches a blast at Asta. Asta easily counters the blast and manages to defeat both Salamander and Fana.[12] The Witch Queen is watching Asta and the others, and comments about how Asta was not all talk. The Witch Queen then turns her attention towards the Diamond Kingdom army.

As Fanzell confronts the Diamond Kingdom's army, Fanzell asks Mars if he recognizes him which Mars remains silent. Ladros recognizes Fanzell and launches a blast of mana at Fanzell but Fanzell easily counters the blast. Fanzell comments about how Ladros and Mars are different from when he taught them and says that he will have to fix his past with his magic while also releasing his mana. Fanzell asks them to leave but Ladros explains why they are there and that they plan to take it over.[13] Fanzell then charges past both Ladros and Mars and attacks the soldiers. As Fanzell attacks the soldiers, the soldiers are suddenly attacked by the witches from below. As the witches manage to defeat the soldiers, Ladros and Mars watch the battle. Ladros decides to join in but Fanzell easily catches Ladros with a spell. Fanzell asks Ladros to leave again but Ladros replies that he will not.

Fanzell attacks Ladros but it does nothing, which Fanzell thinks about how he will have to attack Ladros with everything. Mars suddenly shows up, which Fanzell uses a spell to launch Mars away because Mars was his strongest student. Fanzell then attacks Ladros with a powerful spell, but Ladros reveals that it had done nothing to him. Ladros explains how he had obtained the ability to absorb and expel mana, and starts to release his mana.[14] Fanzell quickly runs away from Ladros after Ladros wonders if Fanzell had brought someone he cared about to the battle. Ladros launches a spell that destroys the area.

As Ladros looks over the area, Ladros manages to find that Fanzell had protected someone. Ladros is surprised by this and picks Dominante up. Fanzell tries to tell Ladros that he need to use his magic for good, which Ladros replies what he wanted to use his magic for all along.[15] Ladros then launches Dominante into the air and fires a blast of mana, but suddenly Mars blocks the blast and saves Dominante. Mars tells Fanzell that his teaching has reached him which surprises Fanzell. Ladros asks Mars what he is doing and then gets excited after hearing Mars answer. As Ladros prepares to attack Mars, Mariella suddenly shows up and attack Ladros. Ladros easily absorbs the attack and then expresses how he has always hated Mars. Mars suddenly attacks Ladros and knocks him away, but it does nothing to Ladros. Ladros attacks Mars and the other, but Mars easily dodges the blast and use a spell to heal the other.

Fanzell asks why Mars is helping them, which Mars replies that he will explain later and that he is on their side. Fanzell then asks what to do with Ladros, which Mars says that they have to either overload Ladros with powerful mana or use Anti-magic.[16] Fanzell tells Mars that they will need to have Ladros follow them to the other side of the forest in order to test out Mars theories. Mars and Fanzell then blown Ladros away and then head to the other side of the forest. At the other side of the forest, Asta tells Fana to surrender but Fana just releases her mana. Suddenly Fanzell and Mars reach Asta's location with Ladros right behind them. Fanzell calls out to Asta, which Salamander takes the chance too fire a blast at Asta. Fanzell tells Asta to reflect the blast toward him which Asta agrees too. Asta reflects the blast towards Fanzell, which Fanzell redirects it to Ladros who gets hit by it.

Asta asks Fanzell what is going on and why Mars is with him, which Mars says that he is not his enemy. Fanzell tells Asta that he will explain everything later and that they first have to take care of Salamander. Mars recognizes Fana and charges towards her but Asta stops him.[17] Fanzell recognizes Fana too and thinks about how the eye on Fana's forehead might be controlling her. Fana suddenly releases her mana, planning to blow everything up while also firing blasts at Asta and Mars. Asta easily counters the blasts while Mars takes the hits. Fanzell tells Mars to stop Fana, which Mars says that he does not have the right which Asta suddenly hits him. Asta and Mars then get into an argument, which ends when they both agree to stop her.[18]

Mars and Asta charge toward Fana, while Fana is firing blasts toward them. Mars and Asta easily defend themselves and continue to head toward Fana which Asta plans to use his sword to dispel her magic. Suddenly both Asta and Mars are burned, which Mars uses his magic to heal both of them. As both of them continue towards Fana, both think about how the other is amazing.[19] Fanzell tells the others to leave but notices that they resolve to remain which he decides to stay too. Asta and Mars reach Fana, and Asta manages to cut through Fana's mana. After having her mana dispelled, Fana prepares to fight but Mars suddenly hugs her and asks her to snap out of it. Fana remembers Mars and freed from the eye that was controlling her. Both Fana and Mars cry and continue to hug each other.

Afterwards everyone expresses how happy they are with Asta and Mars having freed Fana. Fana then tells them what she remembers while being controlled and the reason why the Eye of the Midnight Sun had come to the Witches' Forest. When everyone prepares to leave to go help Dominante and Mariella along with getting the Magic Stone, Fanzell and Asta suddenly notice a presence. Ladros suddenly launches a spell that injures everyone. Fanzell asks how he survived, which Ladros explains what he did to survive the blast.[20] Ladros then notices Mars and fires a blast at him, but Asta shows up and counters the blast. As Asta charges at Ladros, Ladros asks Asta to stop while also proposing that they should team up with the intent of betraying him. Asta refuses which Ladros uses a branch to fly above Asta. Ladros starts to launch blasts at Asta, and Asta counters the blasts and even reflects them back, but Ladros easily absorbs them. As Ladros starts to gloat over Asta, Asta suddenly throws his sword into Ladros. As Ladros stars to panic about his situation, Asta walks over to Ladros and explains how he got to where he is today.[21]

As Ladros tries to convince Asta to pull the sword out, Asta refuses to and prepares to hit Ladros. Ladros quickly escapes and manages to pulls the sword out of his body. Ladros captures Fana and tells her to release her mana while also attacking Mars. Salamander comes out and attacks Ladros, who absorbs the mana to increase his power.[22] Ladros comments about how amazing the power is, and easily wounds Asta from a distance. When Asta gets up again, Ladros blasts Asta again from a distance. As Ladros plans to attack Asta from a distance, Ladros suddenly notice that a black mass surrounds Asta. As Asta gets back on his feet, Ladros starts to panic and fires a blast at Asta. Asta easily cuts right through it while also charging towards Ladros. Ladros tries to evade, but Asta easily changes direction and defeats Ladros.[23] Ladros notices that all of his mana is done and asks Asta to kill him, which Asta refuses. Asta says that Ladros has to pay for everything that he has done, which Ladros laughs and comments about how he cannot win against Asta.

As the black mass removes itself from Asta, Asta notices that he is in pain and that everyone else is knocked out. Asta plans to carry everyone to safety when the Witch Queen suddenly shows up.[24] Asta asks the Witch Queen to heal everyone, the Witch Queen says that that will not be necessary and uses a spell to capture all the wounded. The Witch Queen uses two more spells—one to take control of Asta and another to heal him. The Witch Queen then comments about how she will use Asta to kill everyone there. The Witch Queen decides to have Asta kill Noelle first causing Asta to walk over and prepare to strike Noelle. However, he suddenly stops himself. Vanessa tries to get the Witch Queen to stop but the Witch Queen refuses to saying that she will make everyone an example. Vanessa thinks about how the Black Bulls are more of a family than the Witch Queen. As Vanessas struggles, she gains a new spell. Suddenly Vanessas magic swells up and her thread creates a cat on top her head.[25]

The Witch Queen thinks that Vanessas power to change fate has manifested and plans to test it by having Asta kill Noelle. Vanessa tells the Witch Queen to stop which the cat jumps onto Asta but Asta still kills Noelle. Suddenly the Witch Queen notices that Noelle is alive so she has Asta attack Noelle again but Asta misses this time. The Witch Queen has Asta stab Noelle which the cat touches Asta and Asta misses instead of stabbing Noelle. The Witch Queen decides to have Asta attack Finral but the cat touches Asta and Asta misses Finral. The Witch Queen decides to have Asta attack the cat but the cat split into two and have Asta hit himself which dispels the magic.[26] The Witch Queen thinks about how Vanessa's power works and uses a spell to take control of Vanessa. The Witch Queen prepares to attack, the cat touches the queen and all of her spells are dispelled. Vanessa walks over to the Witch Queen and says that this power is only used for those she has a bond with.


The Witch Queen thinks about how Vanessa's power could not be awoken while she had Vanessa, which the Witch Queen gets up and tells Vanessa that she can do as she wishes from now on. As the Witch Queen prepares to leave, she notices Nero who is tapping her earring. Once they return to the Witch Queen's throne room, the Witch Queen gives the Magic Stone to them. Asta then asks why the Eye of the Midnight Sun are after the magic Stones, which the Witch Queen explains what the Magic Stones are and that the Elves were the ones who can fully use them. The Witch Queen also explains who the elves were and how Asta's two swords once belonged to the elves leader.[27]

Later as everyone plans to leave, Mars reveals that he is going back to the Diamond Kingdom with a spell he got from the Witch's Queen. Ladros says that he is heading back to help Mars, which the intent to become someone that his teacher can approve of. Fanzell says that they will take care of Fana while Mars is changing the Diamond Kingdom for the better. Fana and Mars both agree to go see the world once Mars is finished. Mars then tells Asta that he will come help Asta whenever he is in trouble which Asta agrees for the same. Vanessa looks back at the forest and thinks about how the Witch Queen had told her that the Witches' Forest is still her home and that Vanessa should visit whenever she wants to.[28]


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