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Humans and Elves vs. Zagred is a fight that occurs in the top room of the Shadow Palace.


As Zagred arrives at the top floor of the Shadow Palace, he notices the door to the outside world and Licht standing in front of that door. Licht declares that he will not let the devil leave. Zagred is amused that even only half-awake, Licht will not forgive him, and shows the new five-leaf grimoire that he took from Patolli.[1]


Licht stands between Zagred and the door

Licht confronts Zagred.

As Licht points his sword at Zagred, the devil comments about how he is surprised that Licht made it this far since Licht's soul is unstable from summoning that thing. Zagred decides to reward Licht by killing him and launches a lightning spear. Licht absorbs the spell into his sword and reflects it back. Zagred uses his magic to create a shield that blocks the spell. The devil then has it rain swords, which Licht manages to block it. Zagred then tries to use his magic to crush Licht, but Licht manages to dodge it. The devil manages to bind Licht's sword in place with his magic and explains how Licht's sword is ill-suited against physical attacks.

Zagred then uses his magic to create an spear, and explains how his magic is capable of summoning physical objects.[2] Zagred bids Licht farewell since Licht has little hope of surviving and launches his spear. Suddenly Charla appears and diverts the spear away from Licht. As the devil is surprised that there are other elves in the Shadow Palace, which Charla explains how she had followed Baval and knew something is wrong when she finds Baval unconscious. Charla then asks if Zagred is a devil, which Yami suddenly shows up and asks if she believes that something like that really exists. Yami then says that he does not like the look of Zagred, while thinking the devil is filled with nothing but malice. Charla asks Yami if he came here to get in their way, which Yami frees Licht's sword and that says that they will talk later once they have defeated Zagred. Charla tells Yami that she will leave him for dead if he cannot keep up, which Yami tells Charla to not harm a hair on her body.

Zagred creates fire to burn Charla's briars, which Yami uses a Black Hole to absorb the fire and then launches a spell at Zagred, but the devil manages to dodge it. Zagred uses his magic to have it rain swords yet again, which Charla blocks with her briars. As Zagred uses his magic to wither the briars, Yami takes this chance to charge and cut off the devil's wing and arm. Zagred laughs and comments about how Yami and Charla have excellent coordination. The devil then uses his magic to heal himself and fire sword at Yami. As Yami manages to counter the sword, he thinks about how Zagred's magic works and that there is some kind of restriction to it.[3] Yami calls to Charla, which Charla uses her briar magic to help get Yami closer to the devil. Yami thinks about what kind of restriction there is on Zagred's magic and tries to test it out by launching a spell at the devil. Since Zagred dodges the spell, Yami reasons that the devil could not use his magic to defend against Dark Magic.

Zagred unleashes flood of magic

Zagred floods the Shadow Palace with his magic.

Suddenly Licht appears in front of the spell and uses his sword to absorb the spell. Licht then fires the spell and manages to cut Zagred's tail, which the devil compliments Licht for being able to move. Yami and Charla think about where everyone stands with how much power they all have and figure that they are one equal footing with Zagred. Yami decides to put pressure on Zagred and charge, which the devil responds by use his grimoire much to the shock of Yami and Charla.[4] Zagred uses a spell that creates some sort of creature, which causes Yami and Charla to think about how truly terrifying the devil is. Yami and Charla decide to attack the creature but it does nothing.

Yami and Charla dodge the creature's attack, which Charla notices that the creature is disintegrating her magic. As the creature is about to attack Charla, Yami manages to push her out of the way but at the cost of his arm. As Yami notices that both his mana and life energy is stolen from the attack, Zagred explains how the magic devours magic until it devours everything.[5] The devil's magic then swallows both Yami and Charla.

As Yami and Charla have been swallowed by Zagred's magic, Charla uses her magic to heal both of them from the devil's magic.[6] Yami and Charla comments about the situation they are in, when Yami wonders if Licht is alright.

Asta, Yuno, and Patolli arrive at the top floor, which Zagred comments about how Patolli's transformation has come undone while thinking that Asta's Anti Magic will be troublesome. Suddenly Lemiel Silvamillion Clover and Secre Swallowtail burst into the room, which Zagred says that he is surprised to see Lemiel again.[7] Yuno informs Asta who Lemiel is, while Secre informs Lemiel who Asta and Yuno are. Lemiel and Secre notices Licht and head over to examine him. After examining him, Secre uses her magic to unseal Licht's soul. Once Licht's soul is unsealed, Licht thanks Lemiel for what he had done back then.

Lemiel, Licht, and Secre head over to where Asta, Yuno, and Patolli are at. Licht talks with Patolli about what Patolli had done, and hugs Patolli while commenting about how even through Patolli mistaking, he did help out their people.[8]

Licht and Lemiel then turn to Zagred, and comments about how they will finally settle things from 500 years ago. As the devil has his creature attack them, Lemiel and Licht each use spell to destroy the creature. While Zagred analyzes what the two had done, Lemiel gets beside the devil and fires a spell. Zagred dodges the spell, but Licht manages to absorb the spell and fires the spell at the devil. Zagred dodges again and thinks about how Licht and Lemiel are to fast for him to counter with his Kotodama Magic. Lemiel manages to land a blow on Zagred, but the devil counters by conjuring a trident and ripping off Lemiel's arm.

As Zagred comments about how nothing can kill him since he has a body and grimoire, Asta shows up and attacks the devil. Zagred thinks about how Asta's sword was able to counter his trident's ability to disintegrate anything that it touches.[9] Zagred uses his magic to force Asta away, and has it rain swords at him. As Asta starts to counter the swords, Lemiel, Licht, Yuno and Patolli show up and help him. Secre then help Lemiel, by using a spell to reattach his arm. Asta is amazed by what Secre did and comments about how he feels that he knows her, but Secre tells him to focus the battle. As Zagred comments about how worthless all magic is against him, Secre tells the devil that he will be take down by the people that he sees as worthless.

Licht destroys Zagred and Shadow Palace

Licht seemingly destroys Zagred.

Zagred says that they should speed things up, but comments about how the only exit is on this floor and that the ones on the lower floor will be consumed by his creature before they finish him. Licht tells Zagred that all their power will finish the devil off, which Licht uses his sword to absorb all of the power of the elves. After absorbing all of the elves power, Licht unleashes a spell that obliterates the Zagred's body.[10] As the others are amazed by what Licht had done, but notices that the devil's heart is still intact. Zagred then uses his magic to restore his body. Asta thinks about how powerful Licht's sword is, and wonders what his sword is capable of doing. Asta decides to unleash his power and releases his Anti-magic. Lemiel notices Asta's sword, which Secre informs Lemiel that Licht's grimoire has become a five-lead grimoire and that another devil might dwell within Asta's sword.[11]

Asta loses control of his power and flies towards Zagred. The devil tries to attack Asta with his trident, but Asta easily cuts right through it. Zagred then has his creature attack Asta, but Lemiel comes to his rescue. Suddenly Asta sends Lemiel flying into the wall. Yuno and Patolli attack the Zagred's creature, which Patolli thinks about how their magic is useless against the creature. Patolli thinks about how his other magic should be able to work, and magic to use a spell to harm the creature. Zagred comments about how even that magic is useless against him, while Asta tries to get his magic under control. Secre checks up on Lemiel, which Lemiel says that he is fine and is amazed by Asta's Anti-magic. Secre says that she should unseal Asta's power, which Lemiel tells her not to since he is sure that it will be fine. Yuno uses the remnant magic in the air to create a sword that is capable of harming the devil's creature, while asking Asta how long he plans to lag behind. Asta replies that he has just figured it out, and uses his Anti-magic to upgrade his sword. As Lemiel thinks about what Yuno had done but wonders who Asta is, which Secre tells Lemiel that Asta is someone that has worked harder then anyone else in the kingdom while not giving up.

Zagred has his creature attack, which Asta and Yuno easily counters the attack. Yuno uses his magic to push Asta towards Zagred, which Asta manages to pierce the devil with his sword. Suddenly multiple mouths appear all over the Zagred's body, and uses them to force Asta away and have his creature multiple faster.[12] While Patolli defends against the creature, Lemiel and Licht tells Patolli that they are leaving this area in his care while they help the others on the lower floor. As Zagred says that its now over, Asta and Yuno tell him that its not finished until they take care of the devil. Secre thinks about how she originally wanted to use Asta but changed her mind after seeing all the hard work he had put in, and tells Asta to win.

Zagred has his creature attack Asta and Yuno, which the two easily counters the attack. Asta and Yuno head towards the devil, but Asta suddenly feels a pain and notices that he is reach his limit. Licht and Lemiel then uses a spell to protect the elves along with those around them, from Zagred's creature.[13] As the creature goes to attack Lemiel, Licht, and Secre, Patolli protects them with a spell. As the creature goes to attack Asta, Yuno comes to his rescue. Zagred sees this and tells them that this is were they will meet their end, and has his creature attack again. On a lower floor, Yami decide to attacks the devil with a spell which Charla decides to help him. Asta, Yuno, and Yami thinks about how they will settle this with one blow.

Asta slays Zagred

Asta slays Zagred.

Secre is watching the two and thinks about how she had thought that Asta would never be able to be like Lemiel. As the creature attacks, easily counters it. Yuno notices Asta and wonder if he is already at his limit. Yuno tells Asta that he will leave him behind if he cannot keep up and head towards Zagred, which Asta quickly chances after him. The devil sees this and thinks about how Yuno cannot cut through his heart, while Asta will will not be able to cut through his heart. Zagred notices that Asta had gotten behind him, and thinks about how Asta used the remnants of the shredded magic in order to get behind him. Asta and Yuno manages to reach Zagred and cut into him. Suddenly Asta's Black Form comes undone, which Asta thinks about how he is has reach his limit. Zagred forces Yuno away, then starts to taunt Asta. Yami then launches his spell and manages to cut the devil in half.[14] While the others are shocked by this, Zagred is confused about how this can happen. Secre uses this chance to heal Asta's wounds with a spell and thinks that Asta should be able to summon his Anti-magic. As Zagred goes to attack, Yuno shows up and stops him. Asta then uses a spell to cut the devil in two.


Zagred says that its impossible for this to happen to him, when the devil in Asta suddenly appears before the other devil.[15] The devil in Asta greets Zagred as his elder, which Zagred wonders who he is. The devil in Asta tells his elder that he does not need to know that, and that it does not matter how strong Zagred was since he will now disappear since he had lost. The devil in Asta then bids Zagred farewell as he disintegrates. Licht, Lemiel, Patolli, and Secre are shocked that the devil is finally dead, which Patolli remembers the past. Secre also remember the past, and thanks both Asta and Yuno for defeating Zagred.


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