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House Grinberryall 「グリンベリオール家 Gurinberiōru-ke」 is the royal family of the Spade Kingdom.[1]


Sun and Moon Magic

The Sun and Moon Magic of the royal family

After two young royals become demons and fought each other, they were sealed beneath the castle, and House Grinberryall stood guard over them.[2] Over the generations, the family has passed down three special magic attributes: Sun, Moon, and Star Magic.[3]

House Grinberryall peacefully ruled over the Spade Kingdom until the Zogratis siblings attacked King Loyce and the royal family.[1] During the attack, the King was killed,[4] but a captain of the royal guard successfully saved the royal heir, Yuno, and carried the infant across the neutral zone to a church in Hage of the Clover Kingdom. The Dark Triad then took over as rulers of the Kingdom.[1][5] Queen Ciel was kept safe and hidden by guards and citizens still loyal to the family.[6]

Ralph Niaflem and his family have served the royal family for generations. His father was the captain who carried Yuno to safety.[7] Ralph joins the Resistance, a group who are loyal to House Grinberryall and seek to reinstate Yuno as the rightful heir and ruler.[1][8]




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