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House Faust 「ファウスト家 Fausuto-ke」 is a former noble family of the Clover Kingdom.[1]


For generations, the family studied devils and performed Forbidden Magic to summon and form contracts with devils. The family fell after Nacht—the next head of the family who had shown great talent—summoned Lucifugus, one of the highest-ranking devils, who killed everyone but Nacht. Nacht's twin brother, Morgen survived long enough to break the relic, canceling the ritual and saving his brother.[2]

Devil training chamber

The Devil-Binding Ritual chamber beneath the house

Following the family's demise, their estate is abandoned and has fallen into disrepair. Beneath the estate is a secret chamber only accessible by Shadow Magic. This chamber is for conducting the Devil-Binding Ritual, and the raised platform has a carved rune array that enables mages to summon 「降魔サモン samon」 devils.[3][4] The countless skulls imbedded in the pillars around the chamber are from those who attempted and failed the ritual and were executed.[5]


  • Faust is a scholar of German legend who summoned and made a bargain with a demon.


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