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If you hurt my friends, I will never forgive you.

— To Rades Spirito and Sally in You Probably Don't Know, But...

Henry Legolant 「ヘンリー・レゴラント Henrī Regoranto[1] is a nobleman[2] and a 5th Class Junior Magic Knight of the Clover Kingdom's Black Bull squad.[3][4]


Henry is a pale young man with long, untidy bluish white hair, which is home to several birds.

His attire consists of a white, long-sleeved shirt and pants. Over his shirt, he wears the Black Bull robe.

While under the effects of Gordon's Curse-Worker's Neighbor spell, Henry's hair shifts into a much shorter cut.[5]



Henry is a compassionate man who cherishes his comrades greatly.[6] He is willing to sacrifice himself to save and protect them.[7]

He also talks very slowly, much to Gauche's annoyance.[8]


Yami finds Henry

Yami finds Henry bedridden.

Henry was born a noble, but his strange illness, which requires him to siphon magic from others, forced his family to live in a secluded house in the Common Realm.[2] Years later, his parents left the house and never returned. After a few months alone, Henry is near death when Yami Sukehiro discovers his room and recruits him into the Black Bull squad.[3][9]

Over the years, Henry watches the other members in the base and comes to consider them all friends.[10] Sometime after Asta joins the Black Bulls, Yami tells the boy about Henry.[11] Asta introduces himself and the two become friends and hang out with each other, unbeknownst to their other squad mates.[12]

Henry emerges from the base

Henry's room emerges in response to attack.

Months later, when Rades Spirito threatens to destroy the base and its members, Henry emerges from his room.[13] While slowly trying to introduce himself, Henry evades and protects his squadmates from No.0 - Michael Caesal's attacks.[14] Henry then rearranges the whole base into a giant bull.[15] Henry dons his squad robe and, using the wealth of mana he gathered from his squadmates, has the base deliver a spinning punch to Michael Caesal and then launch its left fist, smashing the corpse into the ground.[16]

Sally creates a Huge Sticky Salamander to challenge the base. Henry tries to punch the salamander but the fist is caught by the Gel Magic. Sally increases the viscosity of the gel and swamps the base with it, pushing it over onto the ground.[17] The other Black Bulls come to Henry's aid, freeing the base. Rades tries to ambush them, but Henry defends his friends with one last spinning punch, which defeats Michael Caesal.[18] As the Black Bulls celebrate their victory, Valtos reappears and then disappears with the Eye of the Midnight Sun members. Gauche Adlai questions if the base can be fixed, to which Henry expresses doubt.[19]

After being saved from the Arrows of Judgment, Henry and the other Black Bulls notice light coming from the horizon. Suddenly Gauche begins glowing[20] and is possessed by Drowa.[21] The elf turns on Gauche's squadmates and attacks them.[22] Drowa defeats them before departing for the Royal Capital, leaving the base in ruins.[23]

Henry shares meal with Black Bulls

Henry enjoys a meal with his friends.

When Luck Voltia, Asta, Vanessa Enoteca, and Magna Swing return to the base, Henry accidentally absorbs Magna's magic power, so Asta introduces Henry to the rest of the squad. Henry, Gordon Agrippa, and Grey then tell the others about Gauche's possession.[24] Upon her return, Charmy Pappitson finds her vegetable garden was destroyed and demands that the others join her in taking on the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Since the others are weakened, Charmy has Sheep Cook: Master Chef prepare food for all of them. Asta convinces Henry to join them, despite Henry's concern about draining their magic more. Once Henry's magic returns, he reshapes the base into a running bull and carries his squadmates to save the kingdom.[25]

Luck directs them to Hecairo which is under attack from three elves.[26] The elves sense the approaching base and erect a massive wall to block its path, but the base charges through. Henry then shifts the base back into Combat Style and tries to smash the elves, who dodge out the way.[27] Vanessa uses her Red Thread of Fate to defend the base, while Henry prepares a counterattack, launching Magna's, Luck's, and Gordon's spells from cannons and increasing their spells' power. The three elves are hit directly, and before the three can complete a spell to destroy the whole town, Henry launches Asta from a cannon.[28]

After the three elves are exorcised, Rades, Sally, and Valtos reappear[29] and Henry watches the negotiations from inside the base.[30] Once the three agree to join the Black Bulls in saving the kingdom, the base is teleported directly to the Royal Capital.[31]

When a group of elves jump down from the floating dungeon to attack Clover Castle, the base is teleported to inside the castle's courtyard and punches the elves.[32] The elves regroup and attack the base. Using Luck's mana-sensing, Henry hits some of them with elemental blasts from the base's cannons. After avoiding the other attacks with the help of Rouge, Henry punches the remaining elves.[33]

Reve then drops down and pulls the upper section of the base into her Glamour World. Henry is left confused as he can still sense the magic of that section. Patolli and Drowa then combine their magic to break apart the rest of the base.[34] The group lands safely in a pile of cotton that Grey transmuted from Gordon's Poison Magic. Henry warns the others to keep their distance from him because of his magic absorption. Yami yells at them to surpass their limits and handle the elves there while he heads into the Shadow Palace, to which the Black Bulls agree.[35]

Demon-Destroyer Sword frees Black Bulls

Asta's sword frees the Black Bulls.

Drowa summons an array of mirrors and reflects Eclat's Eye Magic, magically binding all of the Black Bulls and other Magic Knights. Asta's Demon-Destroyer Sword surges with Anti Magic and frees Henry, Asta, Gordon, and Grey. Drowa attacks them with beams of light but the Black Bulls defend themselves, with Henry raising a section of wall to block. The Black Bulls declare that they will return Gauche back to normal.[36]

After Drowa teleports Asta up into the air, the other three launch a section of the base around the boy, protecting him from a barrage of attacks. Drowa eventually breaks through, but Asta has managed to activate his black form.[37] Asta flies up to Drowa and accidentally looks into a reflection of Eclat's eye. Henry creates a small version of the base and rockets up to the top of the floating dungeon, and Gordon and Grey create a mirror shell over Asta that disperses Drowa's attack.[38] When Drowa creates a distraction for Asta's black form and a large reflection of Eclat's eye, Henry calls the others into the mini base and Grey transmutes the outer surfaces into mirrors. The base flies at Drowa but he teleports it away and attacks from behind.[39]

Henry sacrifices himself

Henry throws himself at Drowa and Eclat.

Planning to sacrifice himself to create an opening for the other three, Henry jettisons them and dives at Drowa. As the base breaks apart, Henry begins absorbing the elves' magic. It is not enough to drain them completely and Drowa prepares to blast Henry. The others refuse to let Henry die, so Gordon covers the mirror ball with poison, while Asta throws Grey, who is transformed into his Demon-Slayer Sword, at Henry. Grey releases the transformation and crashes into Henry, saving him from the blast. The two land in a pile of cotton.[40]

After Asta exorcises the two elves, Henry secludes himself in a small remnant of the base.[41] Charmy and the other Black Bulls drop down on top of the dungeon and she begins handing out more of Master Chef's food.[42] The Magic Knights gather together down in the Clover Castle. As the group recovers before following Yami into the Shadow Palace, they are attacked by two elves, but Fuegoleon and Mereoleona Vermillion arrive and defeat the elves.[43] As the gate to the Shadow Palace is shrinking, more possessed Golden Dawns attack, so the Black Bulls and Kirsch Vermillion remain to hold them off while the captains, Asta, Noelle, and Mimosa Vermillion fly to the gate.[44] Shortly after, Yuno Grinberryall and a group of Magic Knights arrive and quickly defeat the elves.[45]

Black Bulls barge into courthouse

The Black Bulls crash the trial.

A few days after the remaining elves are exorcised, the Black Bulls barge into the Magic Parliament Courthouse to rescue Asta and Secre Swallowtail.[46] Damnatio shrinks the squad's spells, but Asta uses the Demon-Destroyer Sword's ability to remove the effect. Nozel Silva and Fuegoleon then interrupt the fight and pass on a mission from Julius Novachrono: the Black Bulls will be exiled while the squad investigates devils and monitors Asta and Secre.[47]

A few days later, Henry begins moving the base out of the Royal Capital. A group of Black Bulls is set up near Henry, and they constantly eat Master Chef's food to help power the base's movement.[48]

Six months later, Henry has relocated the base to a position near the Spade Kingdom's border. He is asleep when Asta and Finral Roulacase return to the base to drop off food from the Heart Kingdom. Henry suddenly wakes up and alerts the others when Dante Zogratis levitates the base. Henry rearranges the base and, alongside Gauche, attacks the Dark Triad member. In response, Dante dramatically increases the surrounding gravity, stopping the attacks and slamming the base into the ground. Rouge, however, protects the base.[49] Henry watches as Asta engages in a fight with Dante. When Vanessa uses Rouge to save Asta from being crushed by Dante's magic, Dante draws on 60% of his devil's power and pressures the base from multiple directions. Henry runs out of mana, so sections of the base are separated.[50]

After Yami and Asta defeat Dante, Zenon Zogratis ambushes Yami and captures him. Henry launches from the base in the Mini Bull, and Zenon's Bone Magic shatters the structure. Stranded, Henry watches helplessly as Zenon carries Yami through a spatial portal.[51]

The next day, Henry has managed to rebuild the base. Nacht Faust visits the base and informs the other Black Bulls about the Clover Kingdom's plan to invade the Spade Kingdom.[52]

Three days later, Asta uses his new Unite to defeat the demon sent from the Spade Kingdom. He suddenly drops out of the form but is saved by Finral, who uses portals to drop him onto the roof of the base. Henry and some of the other Black Bulls greet him.[53] They move the base into the Spade Kingdom, and when they approach the capital, Asta flies off ahead of them so he can help Nacht.[54]

After dropping off Finral where Langris Vaude is fighting,[55] the base smashes through the walls of the castle to the ritual chamber. There, Henry has the base punch a modified devil, causing it to break apart.[56] Moris Libardirt attacks them with tendrils that begin disassembling the base and bypass Rouge's protection. Grey, with Gauche's help, transmutes the tendrils into plants, so Moris switches to Gravity Magic, which threatens to crush the base. Gordon uses Curse-Worker's Neighbor to alter Henry's curse, enabling Henry to target a specific person to drain. At the same time, Henry's long hair also dramatically shortens. Henry drains Moris's magic power, uses it to reinforce the base, and then has the base punch Moris, who is smashed into the floor. Afterward, the rest of the Black Bulls show up.[57] The Black Bulls shout for Yami, waking him up. When he laughingly asks if they all like him that much, they enthusiastically affirm that they do, and he echoes the sentiment.[58]

Lucifero uses Moris's magic and life to accelerate the ritual, causing the second gate to open. As the devils pour out, Lucifero takes control of them and merges them all together, and the Black Bulls watch in dismay as the coffins holding Yami and William are pulled into the mass of flesh. While Lucifero's monstrous form breaks out of the castle, Henry absorbs more magic power, begins taking control of portions of the castle, and combines them into the base, enlarging it. The created Ultra Giant Bull then punches Lucifero.[59] Henry creates a large cockpit for the Black Bulls to gather in and assist. When Luck senses the location of the coffins within the monster, Henry alters the base's arms and reaches in the monster in order to grab the coffins, but Lucifero increases gravity, crumbling the arms. Henry also struggles to drain Lucifero's ever-increasing magic power.[60] Henry has the base deliver a Mana Corkscrew to the monster's head while also unleashing a barrage of magic beams, which tear through the monster's body. Henry has the base make another grab for the coffins, but Lucifero quickly recovers and heavily damages the base. However, the Black Bulls do not lose hope because of their faith in Asta[61] who pledged to defeat the monster without hurting the captains.[62]

After Asta slashes the monster in half, the base catches Yami as he falls. The Black Bulls then gather around Yami on the hand and are overjoyed to see him.[63] The tearful reunion is cut short when Lucifero partially manifests from the monster's remains and crushes the area with heavy gravity.[64] Most of the squad is buried and trapped beneath the base's rubble.[65]

After Lucifero is defeated and Yami and Nacht are on the verge of death, Rouge reaches a thread into the rubble, and the rest of the Black Bulls fly out on The Mini Bull through one of Finral's spatial portals. Charmy feeds Mimosa with magic-restoring food so that Mimosa can use her Ultimate Magic, Flower Princess Utopia, to save the captain and vice-captain. With the Black Bulls together again, they thank Nacht for his help and welcome him, which he accepts.[66]

A year and three months later, the Black Bull and Golden Dawn squads take the base to investigate devil activity along the kingdom's border.[67] Yuno defeats the high-ranking devils, but Adramelech escapes.[68] Afterward, Nacht heads back to the Capital. When Nacht returns with Vanessa and Finral, he informs the rest of the squad about the attack on Asta and his apparent death. However, they all refuse to accept that he is dead and head out together to find him.[69]

Battle Prowess[]



  • Magic Power Absorption: Due to a curse,[72] Henry passively absorbs the magic power from others near him. The magic he absorbs becomes part of his own, which he could use to cast his magic spells.[3][9] When outside of his magic house, his magic absorbing becomes more erratic.[73]
  • Large Magic Power: As a nobleman, Henry possesses a considerable amount of magic power. In addition, the absorbed magic power that he does not use to reinforce his frail body, is stored within him, further boosting his own magic power.[9]


Cleverness Friendship
1 4 4 3 2 5
Volume Magic Type Power Magical Wisdom Stamina Vitality
18 800 Wizard 1 4 3 1 3


  • Grimoire: Henry possesses a three-leaf clover grimoire that contains various rearranging magic spells. The covers have outlines of his magic house.[8]



Yami Sukehiro[]

Henry was on the verge of death from his curse when he met Yami Sukehiro, and offered to let Yami have his house when he died. Instead, Yami rejected the offer and made his own offer for Henry to join his squad, and to stay in the base so he can fill it with people, which would allow Henry to continue to live. Henry is very thankful to Yami for doing this, and is thankful for becoming a Black Bull, as being a member has allowed him to be around people once again.


Due to Asta being magic-less, he and Henry can spend time together without risk to Asta and the two have become close friends.[74]

Gauche Adlai[]

Although Henry thinks Gauche Adlai is very creepy,[75] he still considers him a friend and will fight to protect and save him.[15][7]

Notable Quotes[]

  • "You probably don't know, but... I know all of you. You probably don't know... but you're keeping me alive. You probably... don't know me, but... you are... my precious friends." 「君達は知らないだろうけど 僕は君達のことを知っているよ 君達は知らないだろうけど 僕は君達に生かしてもらっているんだ 君達は僕のことを知らないだろうけど 君達は僕の大事な仲間だ Kimitachi wa shiranaidaroukedo Boku wa kimitachi no koto o shitte iru yo Kimitachi wa shiranaidaroukedo Boku wa kimitachi ni ikashite moratte iru nda Kimitachi wa boku no koto o shiranaidaroukedo Kimitachi wa boku no daijina nakamada[76]
  • "If you hurt my friends, I will never forgive you." 「その大事な仲間を傷つけるヤツは絶対に赦さないー Sono daijina nakama o kizutsukeru yatsu wa zettai ni yurusanaī[77]


  • Henry's design was teased early on in the series, as he is shown among the silhouettes of the Black Bulls when an entrant of the Magic Knights Entrance Exam talks about their reputation.[78] He was not included in the anime's adaptation of that scene.
  • Henry's favorite things are small animals and gatherings of all of the Black Bulls.[1]
  • Henry ranked #29 in the second popularity poll, #28 in the third, #50 in the fourth, and #43 in the fifth and sixth.
  • Henry's grimoire design is the background for Volume 17's cover.
  • Henry is the most liked by animals.[79]
  • Henry's surname may be a reference to Lego, a toy brand of plastic building blocks.


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