The Heart Kingdom 「ハート王国 Hāto Ōkoku」 is a country bordering with the Clover and Spade Kingdoms.[1] It is the home of Undine, the water spirit, who formed a covenant with the Country's ruler, currently with Loropechika.[2][3] It is currently in an alliance with the Clover Kingdom to invade the Spade Kingdom.[4]


World Map

Relative location of the Heart Kingdom.

The Heart Kingdom lies to the south of the Clover Kingdom. This country of green and water is rich with resources.[1] The people adapted to the country's strong natural mana and created unique magic.[5] Generations of princesses have used the power of Undine to protect the country. With a Mana Zone that extends over the entire country,[6] the princess herself can monitor everything going on in the country and even assist in sustaining its forests and crops by using her water magic[7] and guards the kingdoms borders with powerful Trap Magic. Nobles of the Clover Kingdom are allowed to submit requests for entry and studying the country's magic.[8]

The kingdom has its own system for rating a mage's skill and talent. It is divided into ten Magic Stages, with Stage Zero at the top and Stage Nine at the bottom.[9]

Nathan Agrippa senses a particularly powerful curse in the Heart Kingdom.[10]



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