Hage 「ハージ Hāji」 is a village in the Forsaken region of the Clover Kingdom.[1]


A demon remains outside of Hage

One of Hage's landmarks.

Hage is a small village in the outskirt of the Clover Kingdom. It is mostly undeveloped with several houses randomly located within a wide grassy plain. One of the notable landmarks within Hage is the huge skeleton of a demon, which is located slightly outside of the village. A statue of the first Magic Emperor, who defeated the demon, was placed on top of the demon's skull. Additionally, the villagers are also able to gaze towards the Kingdom's Noble region unobstructed because of their lower altitude.[2]

Most of the villagers work as farmers where they have patches of land, which they cultivated for agricultural purposes.[2] As they live at the Forsaken region of the Kingdom, most of Hage's residents have low magical powers. Due to this, rarely any of them are able to join the Magic Knights and forced to remain in the village.[3] Furthermore, because they live far away from the Kingdom's main population, the villagers are often discriminated by those who live closer to the Royal Capital.[4]

Notable Venues

  • Orphanage Church: The church in Hage is also a facility that houses several orphans. It is run by Father Orsi and Sister Lily who become the foster parents to the children.[5]
  • Grimoire Tower: The tower holds a large collection of unclaimed grimoires, which would be given to the 15-year-olds during the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony. The ceremony is conducted by Drouot, who is also in charge of guarding the tower.[6]


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