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Gueldre Poizot and Revchi vs. Elf is a fight that occurs at the Magic Knight Headquarter's prison.


Gueldre is freed from his cell and wonders what is going on since he can sense coming from outside of the prison. Gueldre also thinking about how this is a once in a life time opportunity when Revchi suddenly appears. As Gueldre says that he is in a rush and they can reminisce another time, which Revchi replies that he cannot let that slide this time. Revchi then comments about how he had gotten the scar on his face because of the mission he was on with Gueldre.[1] Revchi also says that Gueldre had put all of the blame on him and chased out of the Purple Orcas, which Gueldre replies that it was all Revchi's fault since Revchi was hated in the squad. Revchi says that Gueldre is the same since he was thrown in prison, which Gueldre replies that he had priority himself to reach the top and that it had nothing to do with Revchi. Revchi then comments about how Gueldre has had it hard since his magic allows him to be unharmed, which Gauldre replies that Revchi is deplorable since his magic is capable of sealing other people's magic. Gueldre and Revchi then grab each other and comments about how they each are the best, but people like Asta have to go.

Suddenly an elf breaks into the room and comments about how he had found humans. Revchi notices how powerful the elf is, while Gueldre wonders if the elf is with the Eye of the Midnight Sun.


As the elf says that he will now kill the humans, Gueldre tries to convince the elf that they are not enemies and to be taken to the elf's boss.[2] The elf says that he will not let the humans interfere any more and prepares to attack. Gueldre says that it cannot be helped, which Revchi says that Gueldre is right. Gueldre then uses a spell to turn him invisible and another to do the same with Revchi. The elf thinks about how both Gueldre and Revchi, along with their mana, have completely disappeared and decides to destroy everything around him. Suddenly Revchi seals the elf with a spell, which the elf notices that all of his mana is being sealed.


Revchi asks the elf if he can catch him now, while also commenting about how he can finally see the sun again. Gueldre comments about how it will not end like this, since he will now restore his dignity.[3]


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