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The Guardian Angels 「守護天使 Shugo Tenshi」 are angelic humanoids artificially created by Lucius Zogratis by fusing multiple humans together into singular bodies. They were made to aid him and his Paladins in waging war against the Clover Kingdom and the world at large.[1]


According to Moris Libardirt, Lucius created the Guardian Angels out of "rebels" unfit to be part of the "New World" to come, fusing together and transforming a large number of once-traitorous humans into celestial harbingers of "order" that fight on Lucius's behalf.[1]

Angel countering magic

An Angel counters multiple magic attributes simultaneously.

The Angels take the form of perpetually flying, winged, legless humanoids bearing halos.[2][3] They are endowed with tremendous magic power and multiple magic attributes, with which they can counter multiple different spells simultaneously,[4] on top of the ability to project destructive mana beams that resemble light rays.[3][5]


  • Especially in Judeo-Christian faith, guardian angels are spirits believed to watch over, guide, and protect people.


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