A grimoire魔導書グリモワール Gurimowāru」 is a book that allow their users to cast specific spells that are far in advance of their own natural magical abilities. It is one of the primary sources of power for the Magic Knights and other mages.


Grimoires are magical items that greatly enhance the user's ability to use magic. They also serve as a written record for all of a user's spells. Most of a grimoire's pages are empty at first; as a grimoire owner grows and develops as a person, the grimoire grows and develops with them, and new magic spells are inscribed into the book to fill the blank pages.[1][2][3]

When in use, a grimoire levitates either in front of or beside its owner and follows the mage wherever they go. When the grimoire owner activates a spell, the pages in the grimoire turn on their own until turning to the page containing the spell that the mage intends to use.

Because a grimoire is connected to its owner, a mage cannot use another person's grimoire,[4][5] and a grimoire will disintegrate as its owner dies.[6][7][8]

Mages receiving their grimoires.

Before being claimed by their rightful owners, grimoires are stored in Grimoire Towers, special libraries scattered around the kingdoms. Once a person has turned 15 years old, they can attend the annual Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony in March in order to receive their grimoire.[9][10][5] A mage who misses the ceremony after their fifteenth birthday can travel to any Grimoire Tower and receive their grimoire individually at any time.[11]

Grimoires of mages from the Clover, Diamond, Heart, and Spade Kingdoms have clover, diamond, heart, and spade insignias, respectively, on their front covers.[12][13][14][15]

In the case of the Clover Kingdom, a grimoire with a three-leaf clover is common, while a grimoire with a four-leaf clover is rare. It is said that a four-leaf clover grimoire brings good luck and is only received by a truly exceptional mage.

Five-Leaf Clover Grimoires

A corrupted grimoire.

When the owner of a four-leaf clover grimoire falls into absolute despair, the book is corrupted by its owner's deep despair and hatred, becoming what is known as a Grimoire of Despair 「絶望の魔導書グリモワール Zetsubō no Gurimowāru」.[16] During this process, the clover turns black and develops a fifth leaf.[17]

These five-leaf clover grimoires can be taken and possessed by devils, who use the books to manifest their true powers.[18]

Unlike ordinary grimoires, a five-leaf clover grimoire does not disintegrate upon its owner's death.[19] Instead, it goes dormant until a new compatible user is born and comes of age.

Known Grimoires

Grimoire Magic Owner Affiliation
Abra grimoire.png Fire Magic Abra Clover Kingdom
Alecdora grimoire.png Sand Magic
Restraining Magic
Creation Magic
Alecdora Sandler Golden Dawn
Asta Grimoire.png Anti Magic
Anti Magic Weapon
Asta Black Bull
Augustus grimoire.png Light Magic Augustus Kira Clover XIII Clover Kingdom
Babra grimoire.png Water Magic Babra Clover Kingdom
Ben grimoire.png Copper Magic Ben Benfunk Crimson Lion
Bow grimoire.png Plant Magic Bow Nocde Clover Kingdom
Broccos grimoire.png Red Ochre Magic
Creation Magic
Broccos Diamond Kingdom
Cabra grimoire.png Ice Magic Cabra Clover Kingdom
Catherine grimoire.png Ash Magic
Curse Magic
Catherine Eye of the Midnight Sun
Cesc grimoire.png Shakudo Magic Cesc Azure Deer
Charlotte grimoire.png Briar Magic
Creation Magic
Charlotte Roselei Blue Rose
Charmy's grimoire.png Cotton Magic
Creation Magic
Restraining Magic
Food Magic
Reinforcement Magic
Charmy Pappitson Black Bull
Cob grimoire.png Spatial Magic Cob Portaport Clover Kingdom
Curtis grimoire.png Rock Magic Curtis Warren Silver Eagle
Damnatio grimoire.png Scale Magic Damnatio Kira Clover Kingdom
Dante grimoire.png Body Magic
Gravity Magic
Dante Zogratis Spade Kingdom
David grimoire.png Dice Magic David Swallow Golden Dawn
Dazu grimoire.png Catalyst Magic Dazu Tayak Clover Kingdom
Digit grimoire.png Poison Plant Magic Digit Taliss Purple Orca
Dmitri's grimoire.png Fire Magic Dmitri Brint Coral Peacock
Domina grimoire.png Dominante Code None
Dorothy grimoire.png Dream Magic Dorothy Unsworth Coral Peacock
Elvira grimoire.png Elvira Aguirre Witches' Forest
En grimoire.png Fungus Magic En Ringard Green Mantis
Fana grimoire.png Fire Magic
Crystal Magic
Healing Magic
Creation Magic
Spirit Magic
Fana None
Elf Fana second grimoire.png Fire Magic
Healing Magic
Fana Elf Tribe
Fanzell grimoire.png Wind Magic
Creation Magic
Restraining Magic
Fanzell Kruger None
Finral grimoire.png Spatial Magic Finral Roulacase Black Bull
Floga grimoire.png Fire Magic Floga Heart Kingdom
Forte grimoire.png Fire Magic Forte Gris Crimson Lion
Foyal grimoire.png Mist Magic
Creation Magic
Foyal Migusteau Spade Kingdom
Fragil grimoire.png Snow Magic Fragil Tormenta Azure Deer
Fuegoleon grimoire.png Fire Magic
Creation Magic
Restraining Magic
Spirit Magic
Fuegoleon Vermillion Crimson Lion
Gaderois grimoire.png Stone Magic Gaderois Godroc Spade Kingdom
Gadjah grimoire.png Lightning Magic Gadjah Heart Kingdom
Galleo grimoire.png Spatial Magic
Creation Magic
Galleo Diamond Kingdom
Gareth grimoire.png Iron Magic
Creation Magic
Gareth Crimson Lion
Gauche grimoire.png Mirror Magic Gauche Adlai Black Bull
George grimoire.png Wind Magic
Creation Magic
George Eye of the Midnight Sun
Gepard grimoire.png Black Earth Magic
Creation Magic
Gepard Magic Knights(former)
Gifso grimoire.png Game Magic Gifso Seabed Temple
Gio grimoire.png Water Magic
Creation Magic
Gio Seabed Temple
Goht grimoire.png Restraining Magic Goht Crimson Lion
Corundum grimoire.png Corundum Magic Unnamed human Golden Dawn
Gordon grimoire.png Poison Magic
Curse Magic
Gordon Agrippa Black Bull
Grey grimoire.png Transformation Magic Grey Black Bull
Gueldre grimoire.png Permeation Magic
Creation Magic
Gueldre Poizot Purple Orca
Hamon grimoire.png Glass Magic
Creation Magic
Hamon Caseus Golden Dawn
Heath grimoire.png Ice Magic Heath Grice Eye of the Midnight Sun
Henry grimoire.png Recombination Magic Henry Legolant Black Bull
Jack grimoire.png Slash Magic
Reinforcement Magic
Jack the Ripper Green Mantis
Jien grimoire.png Magic Transcription Magic Jien Du
Julius grimoire.png Time Magic
Restraining Magic
Julius Novachrono Magic Emperor
Kabwe grimoire.png Permeation Magic Kabwe Karyon Clover Kingdom
Kahono grimoire.png Song Magic
Healing Magic
Kahono Seabed Temple
Kaiser grimoire.png Vortex Magic Kaiser Granvorka Purple Orca
Kiato grimoire.png Butoh Magic Kiato Seabed Temple
Kirsch's grimoire.png Cherry Blossom Magic Kirsch Vermillion Coral Peacock
Klaus grimoire.png Steel Magic
Creation Magic
Restraining Magic
Klaus Lunettes Golden Dawn
Ladros grimoire.png Reinforcement Magic Ladros Diamond Kingdom
Langris grimoire.png Spatial Magic Langris Vaude Golden Dawn
Lemiel grimoire.png Light Magic Lemiel Silvamillion Clover Magic Emperor
Leopold grimoire.png Fire Magic Leopold Vermillion Crimson Lion
Letoile grimoire.png Compass Magic Letoile Becquerel Golden Dawn
Licht grimoire.png Sword Magic Licht Elf Tribe
Lily's grimoire.png Water Magic
Creation Magic
Healing Magic
Lily Aquaria Clover Kingdom
Lolopechka grimoire.png Water Magic
Spirit Magic
Lolopechka Heart Kingdom
Lotus grimoire.png Smoke Magic
Creation Magic
Weakening Magic
Lotus Whomalt Diamond Kingdom
Luck grimoire.png Lightning Magic
Creation Magic
Luck Voltia Black Bull
Magna Grimoire.png Fire Magic
Restraining Magic
Creation Magic
Reinforcement Magic
Magna Swing Black Bull
Mariella grimoire.png Ice Magic Mariella None
Mars grimoire.png Crystal Magic
Fire Magic
Creation Magic
Healing Magic
Mars Diamond Kingdom
Marx grimoire.png Memory Magic
Communication Magic
Marx Francois Clover Kingdom
Medio grimoire.png Trap Magic Medio Coral Peacock
Mereoleona grimoire.png Fire Magic
Reinforcement Magic
Mereoleona Vermillion Crimson Lion
Meshu grimoire.png Fire Magic Meshu Clover Kingdom
Mimosa grimoire.png Plant Magic
Creation Magic
Healing Magic
Mimosa Vermillion Golden Dawn
Mohawq grimoire.png Earth Magic Mohawq Diamond Kingdom
Mohl grimoire.png Earth Magic Mohl Silver Eagle
Nacht grimoire.png Shadow Magic Nacht Faust Black Bull
Nathan grimoire.png Black Oil Magic
Creation Magic
Nathan Agrippa Clover Kingdom
Nebra grimoire.png Mist Magic
Restraining Magic
Creation Magic
Nebra Silva Silver Eagle
Neige grimoire.png Snow Magic
Creation Magic
Restraining Magic
Neige None
Nils grimoire.png Ice Magic Nils Ragus Silver Eagle
Nix grimoire.png Fire Magic Nix Green Mantis
Noelle's grimoire.png Water Magic
Creation Magic
Noelle Silva Black Bull
Nozel grimoire.png Mercury Magic Nozel Silva Silver Eagle
Onoby grimoire.png Barrier Magic Onoby Sinho Clover Kingdom
Owen's grimoire.png Water Magic
Healing Magic
Owen Clover Kingdom
Paplo grimoire.png Bubble Magic
Healing Magic
Paplo Espuma Clover Kingdom
Patolli grimoire.png Light Magic
Creation Magic
Healing Magic
Patolli Eye of the Midnight Sun
Potrof grimoire.png Plant Magic Potrof Heart Kingdom
Protobe grimoire.png Earth Magic Protobe Collina Coral Peacock
Puli grimoire.png Wing Magic Puli Angel Blue Rose
Rades grimoire.png Soul Corpse Magic Rades Spirito Eye of the Midnight Sun
Ragus' grimoire.png Lightning Magic
Creation Magic
Ragus Diamond Kingdom
Ralph grimoire.png Fire Magic Ralph Niaflem Spade Kingdom
Randall grimoire.png Air Magic Randall Luftair Crimson Lion
Revchi grimoire.png Chain Magic
Creation Magic
Revchi Salik Purple Orca(former)
Rhya grimoire.png Imitation Magic Rhya Eye of the Midnight Sun
Rick grimoire.png Crystal Magic Rick Cornell Coral Peacock
Rill grimoire.png Painting Magic Rill Boismortier Azure Deer
Risacca grimoire.png Water Magic Risacca Ondell Blue Rose
Rokken grimoire.png Stone Magic Rokken Crimson Lion
Roland grimoire.png Plant Magic
Trap Magic
Reinforcement Magic
Roland Coral Peacock
Ronne grimoire.png Switching Magic Unnamed human (Ronne) Clover Kingdom
Ruben grimoire.png Sandstone Magic Ruben Chagar Crimson Lion
Salim grimoire.png Lightning Magic Salim Hapshass Clover Kingdom
Sally grimoire.png Gel Magic
Healing Magic
Sally Eye of the Midnight Sun
Samantha grimoire.png Sound Magic Samantha Kravitz Witches' Forest
Sarado grimoire.png Earth Magic Sarado Heart Kingdom
Secre grimoire.png Sealing Magic
Healing Magic
Secre Swallowtail Black Bull
Seihi grimoire.png Creation Magic Seihi Clover Kingdom
Sekke grimoire.png Bronze Magic
Curse Magic
Creation Magic
Sekke Bronzazza Green Mantis
Shidan grimoire.png Plant Magic Shidan Eye of the Midnight Sun
Siona grimoire.png Paper Magic Siona Caverly Clover Kingdom
Siren grimoire.png Rock Magic
Creation Magic
Siren Tium Golden Dawn
Sivoir grimoire.png Eyeball Magic Sivoir Snyle Spade Kingdom
Smurik grimoire.png Wind Magic Smurik Heart Kingdom
Sol grimoire.png Earth Magic
Creation Magic
Sol Marron Blue Rose
Solid grimoire.png Water Magic
Creation Magic
Restraining Magic
Solid Silva Silver Eagle
Black Spade Grimoire.png Poison Magic
Creation Magic
Spade Kingdom
Svenkin grimoire.png Skin Magic Svenkin Gatard Spade Kingdom
Theresa's grimoire.png Fire Magic
Healing Magic
Creation Magic
Theresa Rapual Clover Kingdom
Toike grimoire.png Mosquito Magic Toike Eye of the Midnight Sun
Valtos grimoire.png Spatial Magic Valtos Eye of the Midnight Sun
Vanessa grimoire.png Thread Magic Vanessa Enoteca Black Bull
Vanica grimoire.png Blood Magic Vanica Zogratis Spade Kingdom
Vetto's grimoire.png Beast Magic Vetto Eye of the Midnight Sun
William grimoire.png World Tree Magic William Vangeance Golden Dawn
Willie grimoire.png Mud Magic
Restraining Magic
Willie Green Mantis
Witch Queen grimoire.png Blood Magic
Healing Magic
Creation Magic
Witch Queen Witches' Forest
Xerx grimoire.png Ice Magic Xerx Lugner Purple Orca
Yagos grimoire.png Mucus Magic Yagos Diamond Kingdom
Yami grimoire.png Dark Magic
Restraining Magic
Yami Sukehiro Black Bull
Yuno Grimoire.png Wind Magic
Creation Magic
Spirit Magic
Yuno Golden Dawn
Patolli dark grimoire.png Kotodama Magic Zagred None
Zarick grimoire.png Chain Magic Zarick Eye of the Midnight Sun
Zenon grimoire.png Bone Magic Zenon Zogratis Spade Kingdom
Zora grimoire.png Ash Magic
Trap Magic
Zora Ideale Black Bull
Zuta grimoire.png Vine Magic
Trap Magic
Zuta Eye of the Midnight Sun



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