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Goshu 「伍州 Goshū」 is an island region of the Hino Country. It is ruled by the Ryudo Clan.[1]


Five-headed dragon legend

Legend of the five-headed dragon and the heavenly maiden

Goshu is a region along the shore of the blackened sea. In legend, a heavenly maiden stopped the rampage of a five-headed dragon, and the dragon's magic power seeped into the water, turning it black and stagnant, twisting space-time, and connecting to hell.[1] Despite these effects, the water is still fishable and the fish are edible.[2]

The Ryudo Clan has lordship over the region. After gaining notoriety during the age of wars, the Yami Clan was given the role of protectors of the region.[1] Generations later, the Yami Clan is massacred by Ichika,[3] but Sukehiro takes the blame and flees the country.[4]

When Ryuya Ryudo is 17 years old, a plague breaks out in both Goshu and Koshu. As the two strongest of their respective regions, Ryuya and Yosuga Musyogatake are asked to acquire the Tengentsu in order to locate the special herb that will cure the sick. Ryuya volunteers to sacrifice all of his magic power to attain the eye and ultimately locates the herb, saving the people of both regions.[5]

Years later, Shogun Ryuya has the citizens of the region evacuate to the mainland in preparation for the Ryuzen Seven to fight three Paladins, who have invaded the country.[6] The Paladins fly down to Goshu and awaken and purify the five-headed dragon before unleashing it to wreak destruction on the region.[7][8]


  • The region's name contains the kanji for "five" 「伍」 and "region" 「州」.


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