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Gio vs. Vetto is a fight that occurs in the maze within the Seabed Temple.


Vetto crashes Temple Battle Royale

Vetto crashes into the temple.

Gio is preparing to attack Magna Swing and Luck Voltia when Vetto crashes through the side of the Seabed Temple and crushes Gio beneath the whale-shaped aura.[1]

Standing up, Gio compliments Vetto's strength and questions Vetto's reason for coming to the temple. Vetto replies that their goal is to obtain the magic stone and to make everyone despair. He then tells his men to spread out.[2]


Rhinoceros Armor

Vetto blocks Gio's spell.

Gio orders Vetto to leave, and Vetto challenges Gio to make him leave. Gio boasts that he is the strongest of the Temple's priests. Vetto tells Gio that that is enough with talking and that should exchange words with magic, so Gio attacks with Sea God's Hammer. Vetto easily blocks the attack and then blitzes the priest and two Black Bulls, sending them all crashing into the walls and ground.[3]


Vetto then asks if they have tasted the disparity between their magic and declares that he will not let them have any hope.[4]


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