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Ginnojomorifuyu Kezoukaku 「華蔵閣銀之丞守冬 Kezōkaku Ginnojōmorifuyu[1] is one of the Ryuzen Seven of the Hino Country.[2]


Ginnojomorifuyu is a slender woman with long, dark-colored hair that is gathered into a bun on the back of her head. Her bangs cover her forehead and the sides are much longer and hang down loose like two tails. She has two hairpins holding the bun and two flower-like decorations at her temples.

Ginnojomorifuyu wears a light-colored, layered kimono with dark-colored lining and design along the hems and lower part of the sleeves. A dark-colored obi wraps around her waist and is tied with a light-colored cord. On the back of the obi is a large rope tied into a bow. She also wears a pair of jori and tabi.


Bloodthirsty Ginnojomorifuyu

Ginnojomorifuyu's personality shifts after drawing her katana

Ginnojomorifuyu is normally timid and self-deprecating, but as soon as she draws her sword, she becomes bloodthirsty and confident.[3] She has a debilitating fear of frogs.[4]


When three Paladins arrive in the Hino Country, Shogun Ryuya Ryudo sends Ginnojomorifuyu and four of the other Ryuzen Seven members to evacuate Goshu in preparation to fight the Paladins and the awakened five-headed dragon.[5][2] Ginnojomorifuyu is terrified to be facing the legendary beast, so Lily Aquaria offers to make her death painless. However, Ichika Yami tells Ginnojomorifuyu to stop whining and draw her katana, and when she does, Ginnojomorifuyu enters a bloodthirsty frenzy. She then leaps through the air and slashes Lily across the face.[3] Lily attempts to catch Ginnojomorifuyu in a spatial cube, but Ichika uses Black Star to pull Ginnojomorifuyu aside and criticizes her for leaping into battle without a plan. One of the heads of the dragon lunges at Ginnojomorifuyu but only lands a glancing blow.[6] Laughing, Ginnojomorifuyu lands in the mouth of another head. When it closes its mouth around her, she uses Silver Fox in Blood-Dyed Robes and Zetten to cut her way out of the top of the head. At the same time, the other Ryuzen Seven members deal with the other heads.[7]

Asta decapitates five-headed dragon

With the Ryuzen Seven's help, Asta decapitates the dragon.

Lily and Heath Graice then unleash a combined spell that strikes down all five warriors. Ginnojomorifuyu and Ichika are heavily injured but both remain standing, so Yrul summons a Bogeyman, which transforms into a large frog. It terrifies Ginnojomorifuyu so much that she cowers on the ground.[8] After Asta defeats Yrul, Ryuya and Fujio Tenmanyashiki encourage and bolster the Ryuzen Seven from the palace rooftop, rousing Ginnojomorifuyu back into the fight against the dragon.[9] While Ryuya uses his Tengentsu to analyze the dragon, Fujio reinvigorates the other Ryuzen Seven and communicates Ryuya's commands to them. After reentering her Silver Fox transformation, Ginnojomorifuyu runs up one of the necks and slashes at the side of its face, keeping the head from dropping down. With the five heads in position, Asta severs all five simultaneously, killing the dragon.[10]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Snow Magic: Ginnojomorifuyu uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate snow.[11]


  • Enhanced Speed: Ginnojomorifuyu is incredibly fast, being able to leap through the air and cut an opponent before they can react.[3]
  • Ki: Ginnojomorifuyu is able to manipulate her own ki, increasing it to enhance her physical abilities.[12]
    • Zetten: Ginnojomorifuyu is capable of manipulating her ki to concentrate her magic power in her body and subsequently release it.[11]


  • Katana: Ginnojomorifuyu carries a katana that she uses for combat purposes.[3]
  • Scroll: Ginnojomorifuyu possesses a scroll that contains various snow-based spells.[13]



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