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Gimodelo 「ギモデロ Gimodero」 is a mid-ranking devil[1] who serves Nacht Faust, the vice-captain of the Clover Kingdom's Black Bull squad of the Magic Knights.[2]


Gimodelo as a devil familiar

As a devil familiar, Gimodelo appears as a small, dark-colored figure with horns, wings, a tail, and pointed teeth.

When merged with Shadow Magic, Gimodelo appears as a large, black figure with black horns and an orange, dog-shaped mask.[3]


Gimodelo is a cheerful creature, often laughing and teasing others.[2]


Gimodelo appears on Nacht Faust's shoulder when he introduces himself to Asta.[4] The devil criticizes Asta for being short, and Nacht points out that Gimodelo is also short in that form. Nacht then lets his magic disperse, sending Gimodelo away too, even though the devil wishes to keep talking.[2]

Nacht summons masked beasts to hold the captains.

After Nacht interrupts a captains meeting, he summons four masked beasts to stop the captains from attacking him, with Gimodelo holding back Fuegoleon Vermillion. After Julius Novachrono vouches for Nacht, the captains relax and the beasts disappear.[5]

Nacht and Gimodelo unite.

When Asta defeats Liebe and insists on forming a contract of equals with the devil, Gimodelo appears and calls Asta a moron, which which Nacht agrees.[6] The devils cling to Nacht's head and shoulders as Nacht enters the circle and compliments Asta's choice. Gimodelo then gleefully jumps down into Nacht's shadow and emerges in the dog-masked form before merging with Nacht. In his Unite Mode: Canis, Nacht challenges Asta and Liebe as the continuation of their training.[7] Nacht utilizes one of Gimodelo's characteristics, Pack, to create clones of himself and to pressure Asta.[8]

After two days, Asta and Liebe are still unable to unite, so Nacht goes all out and traps them in Dark Prison Hunting Ground. In their desperation, Asta and Liebe manage to unite for a brief moment.[9] Although the resulting attack does not hit Nacht, it removes the union on his arm near the slash. Gimodelo clings to Nacht's shoulder in terror, while Nacht acknowledges his loss.[10] Since Asta and Liebe's union needs more work, Nacht leaves behind Gimodelo to continue their training. The devil is terrified of the possibly lethal attack again, and Nacht's other devils comfort Gimodelo.[11]

The next morning, after Asta defeats a demon attacking the Clover Kingdom, Gimodelo appears on Asta's shoulder and shivers in terror over Nacht's situation.[12] Asta wants to travel directly to the Spade Kingdom, but Gimodelo cannot teleport them that far without Nacht. Suddenly, Asta's transformation comes undone, and as they fall, Finral Roulacase teleports them onto the roof of a building.[13]

Gimodelo hugs the restrained Nacht.

After Asta races into Spade castle and saves Nacht, Gimodelo is relieved to find Nacht still alive and hugs his face. Asta removes the restraints on Nacht's arms, and Gimodelo then watches as Asta fights Lilith and Nahamah.[14] When Asta and Liebe are about to run out of time in their Unite form, Nacht draws on Gimodelo's power and restrains the fused body of Lilith and Nahamah long enough for Asta to catch up and cut them into pieces.[15]

Battle Prowess


  • Pack 「群れ Mure」: When Gimodelo assimilates with Nacht via Unite Mode: Canis, Nacht gains the ability to spawn a group of clones from his shadow.[16]



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